A Miracle for Two Sisters

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We BELIEVE ~ that DUCEY Cares!!!

aThe contrast in Governors, and the HOPE for the Diegel Sisters.

Nicholas George Winton rescued 669 children, (mostly Jewish),  from German-occupied Czechoslovakia on the eve of the Second World War, in an operation later known as the Czech Kindertransport. [The most heart-rendering video of him can be seen here.  IT. IS. AMAZING. ]  He not only arranged for their safe passage to Britain in the most precarious of times and circumstances, but he found homes for them as well.

We know Governors can save ducey childreneven more children – – – so much more easily than what Winton could, and under far easier circumstances.  Governors run their respective states, have Executive Powers, AND, the heads of the Child Protection Agencies that hold so many children’s fates in their hands, serve at the pleasure of the Governor.

Here’s praying that the NEW leadership of Arizona will SAVE the Sisters!

The below video went viral almost instantly, and within hours of this confrontation, the family spokesperson for the (JUSTINA) Pellietier family was contacted by Polanowisz’s office, the Massachusetts equivalent of Arizona’s former Flanagan, and now McKay.  A meeting was had between the family and Polanowisz the following day that initiated the action that resulted in Justina’s return to her parents after a grueling 16 months in state custody!  And so it was that this unexpected confrontation with Massachusetts’ Governor Deval Patrick was the turning point that lead to Justina’s freedom, a case that parallels the Diegel Sisters story on so many levels.

Sadly there was so much pain, agony, torture, and even permanent medical abuse and damage that was allowed to occur before this monumental confrontation, and even more sad is that while Brewer and Flanagan had the Justina example to guide them, they turned their back on the Sisters in the wake of very much the same KNOWN damage occurring to them, and with all else that is known.  Both also did nothing for the almost 17,000 children in state custody at last count, and Arizona is known to take more children from families, (35 children a day, EVERYDAY), than most other states.az census cps map  Troubling and frightening statistics come out almost daily about the plight of Arizona’s children, but so too do changes in the administration that give great cause to BELIEVE:  Make Way for McKay! Thank you GOVERNOR!

As cited below, the similarities of the Diegel sisters’ story, to the more nationally known Justina Pelletier story are staggering, and in the end, it was the GOVERNOR OF MASSACHUSETTS that got Justina FREE and home.  While Arizona’s former Governor Brewer turned her back on the sisters, and as is becoming more apparent under her tenure . . . ALL CHILDREN as seen in the startling graph above,  WE BELIEVE!

REGARDLESS of past administrations atrocities to children under their carebelievein the

bill of rightsArizona’s Parental Rights Statute,

and the NEW Administration.

(For those unfamiliar with Justina’s story, SEE here, and know Justina Pelletier’s legal nightmare should frighten all parents)

A Summary of the similarities of both cases:   The respective states for both Justina, and the Diegel Sisters took over all medical care and decisions for these children, and as is allowed under Federal Law, children in state custody may be used for research and drug trials without their, or their parents’ consent.  In both cases the parents were not allowed any input, or medical records during their children’s captivity.  In both cases, the parents and children were restricted to once a week, supervised visits, which were tightly controlled as to what they were allowed to discuss, or do in those one-hour visits.  In both cases, the children were abruptly pulled off medical treatments that were previously prescribed as vital to their health, including critical vitamins and/or nutrition.  Justina would spend the next 16 months under state custody, and the Diegel Sisters were taken during that time, and are still in captivity. Ironically, this was when the real abuse, in state custody, began in both cases.

Through Boston Children’s, DCF would charge the Pelletiers with “medical abuse” for following the diagnosis and treatment prescribed by Tufts Medical experts.  Through Phoenix Children’s, DCS would charge the Diegels with “medical abuse” for following diagnosis and treatment prescribed by the very doctor who claimed the medical abuse against them!

Lou Pelletier “It’s David against Goliath. I am fighting the DCF and Harvard University – and their pockets are deeper than mine.”  

Meliss Diegel is up against the Goliath of DCS and BIG pharmaceutical, (while Brewer sat on the Board of TGen!)

Both the Justina and Diegel Sisters cases were similar in that BOTH were medically kidnapped from children’s hospitals.  Both had parents accused of medical abuse, (which is basically the go to accusation to kidnap children over medical disputes).  Both have rare genetic diseases, and serious GI issues. Both have been labeled with mitochondrial disease.  Both required alternative methods to obtain proper nourishment.  Both had Cecostemies.  Both are suspected of being involved in research studies.  Both had/have visible signs and documented proof of abuse under the states’ care.  Both had/have failing health under state care.  Both had/have UNCONSTITUTIONAL gag orders on them.  Both parents violated those gag orders to save their children.  Both had Governors that remained silent while serious, likely permanent damage occurred, and both Governors had announced their intentions not to run for Governor another term.

And so the similarities continue between the two cases except that Gov. Patrick was from one of the bluest states in the country, and the state-run by Gov. Brewer was very red.  The Arizona Governor had a reputation of standing up to the President, and the Massachusetts Governor had the reputation of being “mini me”, (a phrase coined for being a miniature of, or President Obama “wanna be”).  No one expects child abuse, or kidnapping to be partisan, and yet, those who railed against Justina’s captivity and demanded her freedom were almost exclusively from the right side of the aisle.  By that standard, Brewer should have been the one to readily FREE THE SISTERS, while Deval was the more likely one to ignore the calls from the right to FREE JUSTINA.  And yet, we saw just the opposite occur in much the way we see no hearings or public outcry from the predominantly red legislature of Arizona, while the very small handful of minority red legislature from blue Massachusetts came out swinging at every turn.  lonely Republicans

Massachusetts Reps Lyons and Lombardo were the two most outspoken legislators, and did everything from filing a bi-partisan Resolution to free Justina, (Pelletier Resolution As Filed), to attending vigils, rallies, and, in fact, were the ones who spearheaded the event at the Massachusetts State House when Justina’s father spoke at a hearing the entire legislature was invited to attend.  (LEFT:  The lonely, outnumbered Republicans, Lombardo, Lyons, O’Connell, Diehl – from left to right – speaking out for Justina at a rally in front of the statehouse).

To their credit, a small number of Arizona legislators ARE trying to pass important legislation that will be too late to help the Sisters, but may help others down the road.  Any and all support for them, and their bills would be hugely helpful: Please join the TRUTH TRAIN

There is a certain irony that such a similar cause, so championed by the Right in one of the bluest states, would be so ignored in a state with so many Republicans, but partisanship should play no role what-so-ever when it comes to the concern and safety for our most vulnerable.  In this video, Lyons makes a powerful speech on the floor of the house for Justina/parental and human rights that no parent/freedom loving/Constitution respecting person, all of which Brewer claimed to be, should not embrace.

santaUntil Patrick was cornered (see above) he maintained “it is in the courts”, and that he had no jurisdiction over “judges’ decisions”.  Brewer, on the other hand, remained silent on anything to do with this state sanctioned kidnapping of young, medically fragile girls known to be in danger, and being abused in state custody.  It is well-known, however, the corner office oversees the agencies that promulgate the false accusations and misinformation that take children into state custody, and advance these cases in the court.  And those agencies are under the Executive Branch.  Justina home for ChristmasThe public needs a more acute awareness that it is the embattled child protection agencies across the country that drag these cases through the courts, not the other way around.  Therefore, “it’s in the courts”, just doesn’t fly.  The ultimate control of such is from the Executive Branch, i.e., the Governor’s Office, that has the complete ability to fix what’s broken, and send innocent children home that are being treated worse than prisoners who have actually committed crimes.  It was ultimately, and long months of resisting the mounting public pressure, that the Massachusetts Governor finally did say the words that Justina should be sent home, and then took the action that lead to her being set free.  (Unfortunately it was long after Justina’s health had deteriorated to where she may never recover, and nothing will ever compensate for the holidays, birthdays, and time missed!)

skinny girlsIn but another similarity in the Diegel and Justina cases, one month before JUSTINA’s kidnapping by the state by the State of Massachusetts,  John Polanowicz was sworn in as Secretary of the Executive Office of Health and Human Services (EOHHS) by Governor Deval Patrick, (January 22, 2013).  His predecessor, also a Patrick appointee, stepped down in the wake of some high-profile crises.  Similarly, Charles Flanagan was appointed by Governor Brewer to take over Arizona’s failing agency, and the sisters were kidnapped just prior to that.  Polanowicz committed to empower and support all children, and families across the Commonwealth.  Flanagan claimed to have implemented an “open door/open phone/open e-mail policy” without fear of retaliation or retribution, welcome ideas, suggestions and concerns, and collaborate on efforts to create the best possible child safety system.”  After seeing no indication that anything has changed in either agency – – – at least Justina was sent home.

It is important for all to realize that like both Flanagan and Polanowisz, those running the Child Protection Divisions in almost all states are part of the EXECUTIVE BRANCH of Government.  They serve at the pleasure of the Governor, and it is inexcusable, and unacceptable for any Governor to claim they cannot help. 

Very much damage, emotionally, physically, medically, and financially, was suffered by the Pelletiers, and prayers are still needed as Justina just barely made it home this Christmas, being hospitalized for several months this year due to what is very likely the severe mistreatment, and lack thereof, in her 16-month captivity in state care in Massachusetts.  She was imprisoned and denied her family last Christmas, just as the Diegel sisters were this past Christmas.  There is no lack of evidence that the Diegel children are in danger, and suffering greatly under the state’s care, not to mention the barbaric practice of denying these families visits with their sick children when children most want their families love and comfort to get through their literal and physical fears and pain. 

So, where are the Diegel Sisters now, and

What if the Diegel sisters could speak for themselves???

There is no chance of this happening as the mother has not seen her daughters since last August, and their sibling has not seen them since they were taken in April!  PLEASE WATCH:  In new video, Justina Pelletier begs to go home  by WCVB Channel 5 Boston

and then – Justina Pelletier Finally Gets to Go Home – AOL On  

Justina Pelletier returned home after a bitter custody battle between her family, doctors and the state of MA…

Governor Ducey, PLEASE Save the Sisters NOW – – – we promise there is much evidence to justify such emergency action!!!

turquoiseNo human beings in the United States of America can stand by idle while these atrocities are committed against families, especially when a 10 minutes of helping in our Legislator Letter Series can effect major change.

What Can YOU Do to HELP?


First and Foremost –Lions

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