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Who Will Be Next?

How many children will be too many before there are either none left, or they come for yours?


Jayden was 6 months old when he was taken by DCS in February 2014, and has been in his “Forever Home” ever since, if DCS gets their way.  How nice for the Foster Family who wants to adopt him.  He is now 1 and 1/2 years old, but they have had him for almost a year.  What a “find” for them, and a $6,000. – $8,000. bonus for DCS in the kids for cash program that inspires DCS to take an average of 32 Arizona children a day, EVERY DAY, out of their homes, and into state custody.  The nagging questions are:  1- how much is each kid worth in Federal Funds to Arizona, 2- how much have taxpayers paid to the adopting parents since this baby was kidnapped from his mother, and 3- how much will taxpayers pay to the adoptive parents for the next 18-21 years?  First answered, however, should be what taxpayers spent over the last 5 years of severing Sarah Johnson’s parental rights while she and her mother, the children’s grandmother, fought tooth and nail to stop this atrocity?  Moreover, how can this happen when Arizona law explicitly protects parental rights.
Ariz. Rev. Stat. § 1-601
A. The liberty of parents to direct the upbringing, education, health care and mental health of their children is a fundamental right.
B. This state, any political subdivision of this state or any other governmental entity shall not infringe on these rights without demonstrating that the compelling governmental interest as applied to the child involved is of the highest order, is narrowly tailored and is not otherwise served by a less restrictive means.

The Karla Johnson, (Jayden’s Grandmother), and Melissa Diegel stories are similar stories of State Sanctioned Kidnappings where the children were all taken into state custody, and their battles to get them back rage on.  There are many more stories, such as Lisa Meltzer’s where children have also been taken, and parents spend every waking moment fighting to get their children back, even after the state has farmed their children out for adoption.  And, there appears to be an entire media blackout of these kidnappings occurring in Arizona, facilitating the state taking an average of 32 children a day with little to no notice or reason.

Gagged mother breaks gag to save children kidnapped from Phoenix Hospital.The story of the Diegel Sisters has been picked up by a variety of alternative media, and their Facebook page, A Miracle For Two Sisters, continues to expand daily, but local and mainstream media remains silent, even on the UNCONSTITUTIONAL gag order.  The Diegel mother tried to comply to what was never spelled out in any court order, but after being charged with Contempt of that non-existent order, even in the face of complying, she felt compelled to speak out on Thanksgiving because she had knowledge her children were, and are, in imminent danger is state care.

Leanne Smith’s case, two daughters also kidnapped, has been sealed, and she has been fined tens of thousands of dollars, and punished in untold ways as she seeks to get her daughter’s back, and the case unsealed.  She maintains she has nothing to hide and the sealed case files will reveal the truth.

Karla Johnson has been an active and outspoken advocate to expose what is going on in Arizona relative to the kidnapping of all 4 of her grandsons, and acquired a mountain of evidence of corruption all along the way.  The facts, and evidence in all three of these cases is stunning, and the law is on their side, yet in no way being followed on any level by OUR government. The truth is obscured, or worse, by the very people charged with seeking it, and justice, while lives are destroyed, jobs lost, careers ruined, finances wiped out, children and their childhoods’ stolen, and hearts forever broken. There is an open season assault on families in Arizona by CPS/DCF in conjunction BS CPSwith the court system, and the results are nothing short of disgusting and barbaric.  No family can stand alone against this taxpayer funded Goliath, especially for something as important as the right to parent and KEEP our own children!  People must unite, and fight, BEFORE they come for you.

The Miracle Team is about effecting change to strengthen and preserve families.  Change for all, and change that protects and respects children, families, and Parental Rights.  We will continue to pray for all the families of children so UNJUSTLY taken, but SOS!  If we can’t get this train rolling with every hand on deck, there will be much, much more of THIS >

so we are asking that people share these stories as far and wide as possible.

Another day, Another kidnap

Surely there are many more that we don’t know of, but baby Jayden’s kidnap was one we followed closely, and is tied to the Miracle Team.  The truth of how and what was done by Arizona CPS/DCF and the “legal” system would horrify any human being (with a conscience), and outrage the world if people only knew on what premise babies, and young children, are given out for adoption, and forever separated from their families.  It is barbaric, and beyond belief that this goes on, all day, every day, across America, with so few knowing!  The Miracle Team may appear to be focusing on the two sisters, but the advocates are working tirelessly to free them, and ALL CHILDREN UNJUSTLY TAKEN.  We need a break through, and we need YOU!!!

You can be assured, that if any of the various scenarios of these kidnappings, i.e., false allegations, medical dispute, emergency room visit due to accident, were to happen to you, and you are not in the public awareness where public pressure is brought to bear on every facet of this corrupt, multi-billion dollar child kidnapping ring, the best attorney in the world can’t help you against the powerful government/hospitals/big pharmaceuticals.  And it all happens behind closed doors, in secrecy, and most often, while gagged.

We have only our advocates, and social media, to raise public awareness and outrage TO STOP THESE KIDNAPPINGS!!!  Please help us spread the word!!!  Please join the Miracle Team and make these kidnappings KITCHEN TABLE CONVERSATION until they are stopped!

Sara’s story – Today’s victim(s)

Today’s victims are the same as yesterday’s, and they will continue to be victimized every day that the state of Arizona takes custody of their children.  Yesterday they, the state, changed the case plan from reunification to severance and adoption stating that “EVIDENCE DOESN’T MATTER”!  Sound like Nazi Germany to you if it can be proved Sara never did anything wrong?  It can be proved, and has been as much as said by the very people who took ALL 4 of her babies.  The state also refused to give custody of her child(ren) to the grandmother Karla Johnson. The reason:

The maternal grandmother, Karla Johnson, is not an appropriate placement for the child as it would not be in the child’s best interest for him to be placed in her care. There is doubt regarding whether the maternal grandmother would be able to protect the child from harm as she has been hostile when speaking with the Department and she has filed paperwork under “color of law” claiming that her 4th Amendment rights have been violated.”

REALLY??? They can now kidnap your kids because of reporting the laws being broken to kidnap them?  A very similar explanation was given by the judge in the Pelletier case, (see more below), the gist of which was they were rude to the people who stole their child from them.  In any of these cases we are yet to be made aware of any PROOF of neglect or abuse!!! 
If you think there is something missing, or another side to this story, the EVIDENCE would prove otherwise.
If you think there is no retaliation from government officials that steal your kids, the EVIDENCE would prove otherwise.  (Even in the more renown case of Justina Pelletier, DCF would cancel the once a week supervised visits, without notice, in retaliation for protesters outside the facility, even with the world watching.  Mother’s day was another blatant example of retaliation the agency took no shame in, denying Justina seeing her mother, while all the other children in captivity were allowed to see theirs.  As a final, and blatant action just prior to Justina’s release, they scheduled her Sweet 16 Birthday Party, that activists so strived to get her home for, at the same time as a well publicized rally to FREE JUSTINA was to occur at the State House with her family’s support and presence!)
ALL these actions are done in retaliation, and to insure all of us of – – – WHO IS IN CHARGE OF OUR KIDS – THE GOVERNMENT!!!  The latest news is that, almost immediately after the hearing of issue herein, the CPS caseworker Annie Williams completely cut off the Grandmother’s visits with Jayden, discontinued in home visits between Sara and Jayden, and have now changed visits to a CPS office clear in Tempe, (over an hour away).  This retaliation and pure abuse of power is a common occurrence to further impose on, and hold parents hostage to even seeing their children, by an agency that kidnaps their children, all under the guise of “best interest of the child”.
Evidence Matters
What would you do if you heard the words, we are going for severance and adoption of your parental rights?
How would you function as a parent if you knew your child was being physically abused while in the CPS system?
How would you feel if you had to say goodbye for the last time, while your child clung to your legs and cried and screamed?
What if today was the day your parental rights were terminated FOREVER?
For too many parents in Arizona, goodbye is a nightmare that becomes a reality! Many supporters showed up today for the Johnson family to help encourage them, as the state continued to willfully tear their family appart.
This hearing was set to maliciously remove the fourth grandson of Karla Johnson. Although police officers and federal marshals were there (for scare tactics) they did allow supporters to enter the courtroom to witness the abolishment of Sara’s (Karla’s daughter) parental rights today.
Melissa Diegel (Mother of the Two Sisters):  “It was absolutely sickening to see injustice happening to not just my family, but to witness it happen first hand to another family. I was able to see first hand that evidence was never able to properly be viewed in Sara’s case, that laws were not properly followed, and that financial gain to the state is surely of higher priority than the true value of family.”
In the state of Arizona the numbers for children that are returned in Maricopa County, if they have a state appointed attorney are nearly 0%. Data has been collected over a period of years, by advocates for the cause, showing the staggering numbers. You either have a system in complete disarray or complete corruption on your hands!
It was recently learned that children are sleeping in shelters. Just children, without their parents. Children that have been taken away from their families only to sleep in shelters, by themselves, at night. Is money of that much value? Are children truly just products only to be moved around from place to place? How sickening that children’s lives don’t have more value.
In today’s tragic hearing Sara makes it clear in her conversation with Judge Sinclair some of her final wishes: “If my rights are going to be terminated. I want my son to be placed with my family. I want my son to be placed with my mom.”
“At this point it’s an administrative decision and so there is a process for that.” -Judge Sinclair
Yet the law mandates children should be placed with family members first. Today judge Sinclair issued that little Jayden be adopted out to the foster family. Sara also asked:
“Where is the competent witnesses? How does the state have enough evidence to switch the case plan from severance to adoption?”
“It’s not a matter of evidence Ma’am.” -Judge Sinclair

How many children will be too many before there are either none left, or they come for yours?

To learn more about The Johnson Story go here:

Family wages 5 yr Battle to get Kids back from AZ CPS / DC

What Can YOU Do to HELP?Lions


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  1. marriessa badgley
    July 7, 2016

    Hello my name is marriessa Badgley my son is almost two and I am fighting dcs as well I have been for almost a year now I was homeless and trying to stay at a shelter but they kicked me and my female fiance out and dcs took my son well since then I have been assigned a lawyer that defends dcs in most of her cases I have gone to most of my parenting classes u .a and hair folicial test four times and passed been to all but four visits and been to all court hearings now I have a good job and will be moving into my own house and graduating from the parenting class yet my case plan today was changed to severance and adoption my court date is the 19th of this month at 2:30 I don’t know what to do can anyone help ?


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