A Miracle for Two Sisters

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Dear Legislators,

Hopefully you have been reading the tragedy of families being destroyed by CPS across the country.  The time to act is right now to HOLD HEARINGS AND TO TAKE BOLD ACTION to stop the conspiracy of the courts and the reign of terror! Time is running out for many families whose children have been torn away and put up quickly for adoption.  It’s barbaric that this could be allowed to happen to a single family, and yet it is happening in droves, reminiscent of another time that history paints as one of the most immoral and inhumane eras in time.  A time when children and families were herded into cattle cars, often to never see each other again.

Make no mistake: judges have been trained to know, as seen on video, that the state receives vast financial incentives not only from foster care, but also from increases in adoption.  States get millions in a federal initiatives to increase adoptions, but some states receive no adoption incentive funds at all by studying their systems and focusing their efforts and resources in scheduled family programs and in-home support to encourage reunification.  THIS must be done in ALL states, as these children who belong to parents are being literally stolen from them by CPS or whatever alphabet name assigned to various states’ Child Protective Services.

Meanwhile, the adoptions marketplace is a slick operation, with an easily accessible website where children from loving families are primped by state volunteers for glamor shots, so strangers can shop for the child of their choice like one would shop for a dog or piece of clothing. This is very sick, and draconian, i.e., kids up for grabs, pick your sex, hair color, age and more.

The sinister conspiracy between judges and courts creates true urgency! Judges have been caught training other judges to check off neglect boxes for any families who come into their courts in order to ensure federal funds.  [SEE  Child removal for money? and part of the video is here]. Here is an alarming example!

Most frightening of all is that when DCS petitions the court to terminate parental rights, those rights are terminated 99.5% of the time in Arizona!  For cases in Maricopa County, when DCS petitions the court to terminate parental rights, those rights are terminated 99.7% of the time!  Meanwhile families who retain private attorneys to save their children, and get their own children out of the vice grip of DCS are spending up to $300,000.00 to succeed when apparently the chances, for cases like the Diegel sisters, is 0.3 % of prevailing.  This is a NATIONAL DISGRACE!

But it gets worse. Throughout the country we know that without evidence or understanding of why these children were taken, without ever allowing parents to present their own evidence or that of doctors, and often based on the lies of social workers, parents are gag ordered.  This creates a snowball effect, because the details of all these cases are never made public.  Therefore there can be no public outrage or outcry about the criminal nature of the parents’ constitutional rights being denied — parental rights, freedom of speech, right to a fair and hasty trial, right to fair representation, right to limited search and seizure, and so many more. Additionally, there is NO DUE PROCESS.

The worst part is that the judges will postpone trials that have gag orders to reach the time limits of parental objection in order to reach easy termination of parental rights. As you read this, parents are waiting on the clock with no recourse as the courts count down the days when they can terminate rights on a parent. This is sinister and criminal. In many other states, courts, CPS, and parents are working together on plans for how parents can keep their children and families together. But in very many other states, parents and children are herded like cattle through a system that ignores their rights and could care less about their case. All that often has to happen is that someone called on them–could be a doctor, an anonymous tip, even someone taking revenge on the family–and there will never ever again be another opportunity for this family to reunite. Once parental rights are severed, children are herded through the system and slated for adoption.

Tragically, unelected officials very often threaten any advocates or legislators who speak out about cases in which a judge has illegally issued gag orders. The system is corrupt and under a great conspiracy for money and power.

Won’t you ask yourself if you have been raised to this position to make an immediate difference at such a time as this?

We are hoping and praying that you recognize this calling and the urgency to end this cycle of tragedy that churns forward by the day.  Please schedule emergency hearings to stop this assault on children and families in your state, for which YOU ARE THE ONLY ONES WHO CAN STOP THIS HOLOCAUST OF FAMILIES. 


A Concerned Citizen



  1. carmen payan
    May 31, 2015

    Hear the cries of the children


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