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Will a new administration stop the carnage of families?

Part 2 of  Shocking things about Arizona CPS!

Hopefully for Arizona, a new administration with a Governor professing ducey childrenhis commitment to protecting children as a top priority, can bring about sweeping changes for these devastated children and families.  Already the new Governor has fired the former head of DCS appointed by former Governor Jan Brewer, and a new team is being put in place.  These people can easily distance themselves from such an unscrupulous agency and atrocious past, but not if they fail to learn from its history.  What may be the most enlightening investigation on Arizona’s CPS history comes From Lifting the Veil: Examining the Child Welfare, Foster Care and Juvenile Justice Systems.  It provides a critical analysis of issues of concern to those seeking meaningful reforms of the child welfare and foster care systems.

Here are some shocking and challenging things you will find:

– A letter written to Arizona legislators describing chronic mismanagement and underfunding in the department. This letter was written 51 years ago.

– Less than 15 years ago, 2003 – 2005, the state hired consultants to “maximize” federal dollars designated to help families. These consultants for what the state called its revenue maximization project–or “RevMax” project–were NOT doctors, or nurses, child development specialists, social workers, detectives, law enforcement, health professionals, experts in the field, or even department heads weighing in. These were outside financial efficiency consultants with no knowledge of the field, paid by the state of Arizona to read confidential case files, dig into how the federal systems worked in terms of payouts, and finding the ways to maximize revenue.

mcKayOur children belong to us, not the state.  If the state wishes to use federal funds to help children and families succeed, all the better.  But our children are not for sale, and ALL children belong under the protective umbrella of loving parents – NOT THE STATE.

Make Way for McKay! Thank you GOVERNOR!

Part 3:  What did the state-commissioned “RevMax” study find?


A Miracle for Two Sisters

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One comment on “Will a new administration stop the carnage of families?

  1. Laurell Randle
    August 17, 2016

    My child was snatched from me over hearsay I’m so depressed and don’t know what to do the lied me constantly I have all kinds of false allegations against me first I’m mentally incompetent they took my baby from me claiming I am dangerous my child screams every tie she is with me begging for me I may not see my child for a monthsecond at time the coated parents and the scared her so bad my baby has had 8 asthma attacks and had pneumonia 6 times they are killing me child slowly and don’t give a fuck, that is why theysent that parent aid over to my house to yank on my child to to pry her out of my arms because parent wanted the visit to end my 8 year old daughter early because parent aid did not my daughter to talk to her I’ll father that thanks to DCS and ebony house collaboration with DCS the abuser name is Shawn tell at least that the name she goes by i reported her and the demon still has her job


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