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A Christmas Message from the MIRACLE TEAM

To all the families out there that we know are struggling through this very difficult season and time through no fault of your own, but a system so evil it is designed to steal your kids, and incentivizes the destruction of families:
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          We know your pain, and will continue to try and raise awareness through the A Miracle for Two Sisters, the Johnson, and the Smith families, and we will work tirelessly to change this corrupted and abusive system that is an assault on Parental Rights, Children’s Rights, Free Speech Rights, Due Process Rights, and so much more under agencies inappropriately named acronyms for Child Protective Services and other misnomers like DSS, DCF, DCS, etc.  There is no greater assault on families than what is being done under “color of law”, and we must work together to raise public awareness of what is really going on and damaging hundreds of thousands of children and families across America.
            Deborah Elizabeth Maddison says best how painful these holidays, and all days are for those suffering this assault on their loving families, separated from those they love most in this world:
       As we are heading into the holiday season, a time when family and friends look forward to being together and celebrating, I would like everyone to remember that there are hundreds of thousands of others who are suffering. They have lost loved ones, or are alienated from their own children, and for us, the holidays are a time that only magnifies the pain we feel all year, and the many reminders of all the fun things we could and should be doing with those we love is a dagger to our hearts.
       We are fighting for change, because dying a slow death from grief is not living, it is just another form of dying, and this type of abuse cannot continue any longer. Everyone of us matters, everyone of our children needs and loves us, just as much as we need and love them. Please take care of yourself during this difficult time of year.
       Please don’t give up, and know you’re not alone. We are here for anyone who needs to reach out, and we will never stop fighting, for you, for ourselves, and most of all for our children.
She and Tracy Baxter are wonderful people, and incredible warriors who every Thursday do a powerful show “to prevent these tragedies from happening over and over again.”  There mission statement is:
We are the strength for those who are powerless
We are the voice for those who are silenced
We are the hope for those who have none
We are the knowledge, which gives us the power
We ARE the revolution,
We ARE the change.
We need to Stand Up,
We need to Speak Out
Our time is NOW.United we fight
For Our Kids

Go to www.naasca.org/forourkids for very many episodes where they provide invaluable facts and research of what it going on and bring in several guests for every show, covering the very many aspects of this nightmare occurring all over North America.  There is, for example, a riveting show where Melissa Diegel broke her Gag Order over Thanksgiving,

knowing that her children were being starved, and none of those who can, were/are doing a thing to stop her children’s KNOWN abuse and neglect IN STATE CUSTODY.  There are 17 other episodes, all of which warrant a listen if there is any interest or hope of stopping the horrors born out of this corrupted system.  Much more information can be found at For Our Kids | NAASCA.org – National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse

The Miracle Team wishes each and every one of those families out there, the HOPE, JOY, and LOVE that we know you deserve.  We will continue to do our best to effect change, and work toward the goal of wishing each and every last family of children UNJUSTLY TAKEN, A Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year united with your loved ones. 
May God Bless America, and YOU!from our family

One comment on “A Christmas Message from the MIRACLE TEAM

  1. Mary Bissell
    December 25, 2014

    I am constantly amazed by the number of people I see every day telling their stories of losing young relatives wrongly. It’s amazing that such as thing could be happening without general knowledge of it. Merry Christmas to all of those families, and especially to the children who are suffering.


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