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Are Parental Rights DEAD?

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2 comments on “Are Parental Rights DEAD?

  1. SamSam
    March 19, 2015

    Something similar happened to us. The state took our two kids. Somehow they reasoned that my oldest was safe with my mom, but my youngest wasn’t. He needed to be in foster care (he was a baby, so I’m sure they were thinking $$$$$). It’s easier to terminate parental rights when kids are babies. It couldn’t possibly have had anything to do with the fact that the woman who desperately wanted to adopt my son was good friends with my case supervisor who was involuntarily removed from the case AFTER her decision on placement was implemented for the conflict of interest. Such a bunch of bull shit. I was also lied to about court dates so they could say I wasn’t showing up and terminate. My lawyer called my one morning and said, “Um… You’re on the court roster today. If you aren’t there, they can terminate on the spot.” So I drove as fast as I could to get there. The look of surprise on my case worker and the foster mother’s faces was priceless. The case worker had managed to inform the foster mom (who didnt need to be there) about the court date days before, yet couldn’t manage to inform me, the person who actually had something to lose at this court date.


  2. Barbara Sanders
    March 26, 2015

    Watch out Parents, 6 yrs ago We were told that 2015/2016 The U.N. would take over All the Kids and that they (the UN ) would tell the kids what to eat and what to dress in. also that the kids were to tell their teachers if their parents disagreed with them in any way, if so the the law would put the parents in prison. Also even Oboma said the children should do community service to pay for their own schooling, the age i think was 9 up..the younger would only have to work 30 min. then increase as they got older.. So see Look out parents, Next they plan on putting you in Jail…Whaat can be don’t
    Surrender your intire life to Jesus Christ (The one that Loves you and Paid your sin debt, with His Blood on Calvary) Yes all this has happend before and Here it is again ,,Do you know about Hitler? Just saying..But God promised in 2 Chron.7::14, He promised, He can TURN This Entire Thing around..Trust Him…


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