A Miracle for Two Sisters

Let's get these kids home, and then all kids unjustly taken! ALL children belong under the protective umbrella of loving parents. PLEASE remember to like and follow us on Facebook — A MIRACLE FOR TWO SISTERS

An invitation to Arizona Legislators

*******  Your presence is formally requested to  *******  join the AZ Stuffed Animal & Umbrella RALLY on April 9, 2015, to show your support and concern for the 17,000 plus children in state custody.

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These children are in state custody in Arizona without a voice.   YOU ARE THEIR VOICE and THEY CAN’T HEAR YOU! 

There is precedent for you to speak out, and UP for Arizona children.  When Justina Pelletier was taken by the state of Massachusetts, public servants did not stay silent, the GOOD ones anyway!!!

IF NOT YOU, THEN WHO?lonely Republicans17,000 Children missing their parents, pets, and stuffed animals – many not even getting “visits”! Parents are UNCONSTITUTIONALLY GAGGED.  Who can speak for these children?  WHO WILL SPEAK FOR THESE CHILDREN?

A Miracle For Two Sisters's photo.
A Miracle For Two Sisters's photo.

A Miracle For Two Sisters's photo.

Some animals are treated better than CHILDREN in state care! BE THEIR VOICE – SHOW YOU CARE!

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