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Important Bill HB 2283 ~ Action Needed Now!

Letter04_02sp2This week or not at all!

PLEASE call and then follow up by sending out these emails!

It is regarding House Bill 2283, which requires three (3) unaffiliated doctors to corroborate allegations of medical neglect before DCS can take custody of a child. It also prevents DCS from taking children into custody due to parents seeking a second opinion or for religious treatments such as prayer.

Use the following scripts for calls, talking points, or emails.

There is another, longer email below.   Please send it as a  follow-up to calls.  If you can, send out a different text below periodically the next few days.  Thank you!

~ To All Representatives ~ Emails Below ~

Sample Script #1 for calls/emails:
I am contacting you to request support for House Bill 2283. Arizona Law guarantees the right of parents to direct the health care of their children, but DCS is ignoring that law. HB 2283 protects parents seeking a second opinion from overzealous DCS workers. It also requires corroboration from multiple physicians before DCS can take children due to alleged medical neglect, protecting parents from false reports by physicians. Lastly, it provides another safeguard to religious freedom by prohibiting DCS from taking children simply because parents choose to pray for their healing. These seem like basic freedoms, but they have become necessary defenses against an overreaching government agency. Please support HB 2283.

Sample Script #2 for calls/emails:
I am contacting you to request support for House Bill 2283. Arizona Law guarantees the right of parents to direct the health care of their children. DCS, however, is ignoring this law and taking children from parents when they should not. HB 2283 protects parents against DCS by prohibiting DCS from taking children due to a parent seeking a second opinion, a single doctor alleging medical neglect without corroboration, or a parent praying for their child. These are basic rights that are currently being violated. Please support HB 2283.

Sample Script #3 for calls/emails:
I am contacting you to request support for House Bill 2283. There is no reason that parents should not be able to seek a second opinion for medical treatment for their children without fear of DCS taking their children. Please support HB 2283.

Sample Script #4 for calls/emails:
I am contacting you to request support for House Bill 2283. DCS should always have to get the opinion of multiple physicians before they take children away from parents based on the allegation of medical neglect. Please support HB 2283.

Sample Script Email:

Dear Representatives,

I am writing to ask for your support on House Bill 2283. I implore you to speak with your fellow representatives to promote its’ passage. There is no reason that parents should have their children taken from them by the state over a difference of medical opinions when Arizona law is clear in guaranteeing parental rights, including the right to direct the health care and mental health of children as a fundamental right. Yet, children are being taken on that basis quite frequently.

Medical kidnappings are on the rise. Physicians, as mandatory reporters, can make one phone call to the Department of Child Safety and cause children to be taken from their parents over simple disagreements on medical treatments. These calls can be motivated by physicians not wanting to lose customers, physicians desiring to gain subjects for drug trials or genetic testing experiments, physicians merely being offended or insulted by questioning parents, or physicians avoiding a medical malpractice suit.

The law indicates that the role of DCS is to “protect children.” In such capacity, DCS has been granted the power to remove children from abusive or neglectful situations. However, in cases of medical neglect, it is only where the neglect “causes unreasonable risk of harm to the child’s health or welfare”. Some physicians and case workers are abusing this clause. In order to discourage the unjust taking of children, HB 2283 must be passed. The devastation to both families and children is tremendous when DCS takes children who are not in danger. The resulting trauma has life-long effects.

I will be watching for the outcome of this bill and I look forward to hearing your position on it. I hope that you will encourage other representatives and committee members to support it as well. Thank you.

A concerned citizen

AZ Rev Stat § 1-601
A. The liberty of parents to direct the upbringing, education, health care and mental health of their children is a fundamental right.
B. This state, any political subdivision of this state or any other governmental entity shall not infringe on these rights without demonstrating that the compelling governmental interest as applied to the child involved is of the highest order, is narrowly tailored and is not otherwise served by a less restrictive means.

We’ve made it SUPER SIMPLE, and you can do it in under 5 minutes for each series!



3 EASY STEPS – – – 1, 2, 3, and Hit SEND

123 press send1.  Copy and paste the email text into the body of a new email.   Personalize it and add your signature.

2.  Copy and paste a group of email addresses (listed below) into the BCC field.

3.  Enter a unique subject – avoid using CPS or DCS.


SUGGESTION: We recommend emailing in batches.  Email addresses are grouped for you below.


Please leave a comment stating that you sent emails, and definitely let us know if you get any response! It would be great if a few days later you moved on to the Letter Series 2, and then a few days after that, Series 3. Imagine the impact this will make if LOTS of people do it!!!

If you live in Arizona and are concerned about retaliation, please consider signing up for an email account on google for political purposes.



Representative Emails:

jackerley@azleg.gov,lalston@azleg.gov,randrade@azleg.gov,bbarton@azleg.gov, jbenally@azleg.gov,rbolding@azleg.gov,sborrelli@azleg.gov,rbowers@azleg.gov, pboyer@azleg.gov,kbrophymcgee@azleg.gov,ncampbell@azleg.gov, mcardenas@azleg.gov,hcarter@azleg.gov,kenclark@azleg.gov,rcobb@azleg.gov, dcoleman@azleg.gov,despinoza@azleg.gov,kfann@azleg.gov, efarnsworth@azleg.gov,cfernandez@azleg.gov,mfinchem@azleg.gov, rfriese@azleg.gov,rgabaldon@azleg.gov,sgonzales@azleg.gov, dgowan@azleg.gov,rgray@azleg.gov,ahale@azleg.gov, akern@azleg.gov, jlarkin@azleg.gov,jlawrence@azleg.gov,vleach@azleg.gov, dlivingston@azleg.gov,plovas@azleg.gov,smach@azleg.gov,ddavis@azleg.gov, jmendez@azleg.gov,jmesnard@azleg.gov,emeyer@azleg.gov, dmitchell@azleg.gov,smontenegro@azleg.gov,jnorgaard@azleg.gov, jolson@azleg.gov,lotondo@azleg.gov,wpetersen@azleg.gov,fpratt@azleg.gov, rrios@azleg.gov,trivero@azleg.gov,brobson@azleg.gov,msaldate@azleg.gov, asherwood@azleg.gov,tshope@azleg.gov,vsteele@azleg.gov, dstevens@azleg.gov,bthorpe@azleg.gov,ktownsend@azleg.gov, mugenti@azleg.gov,cvelasquez@azleg.gov, jweninger@azleg.gov, bwheeler@azleg.gov

Senators Emails: 

eableser@azleg.gov,sallen@azleg.gov,nbarto@azleg.gov,cbegay@azleg.gov, abiggs@azleg.gov,dbradley@azleg.gov,jburges@azleg.gov, ocajerobedford@azleg.gov,lcontreras@azleg.gov,adalessandro@azleg.gov, jdial@azleg.gov,adriggs@azleg.gov,sfarley@azleg.gov,dfarnsworth@azleg.gov,  ggriffin@azleg.gov,khobbs@azleg.gov,jkavanagh@azleg.gov,dlesko@azleg.gov, bmcguire@azleg.gov,rmeza@azleg.gov,cmiranda@azleg.gov, lpancrazi@azleg.gov,spierce@azleg.gov,mquezada@azleg.gov, dshooter@azleg.gov,stsmith@azleg.gov,kward@azleg.gov, bworsley@azleg.gov,syarbrough@azleg.gov, kyee@azleg.gov

May GOD save the families of ARIZONA! az census cps map


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