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ANOTHER Arizona Kidnapping

Way to go Flanagan.  Flanagan Being Deceived by Kidnappers – Diegel Mother Breaks Gag to Prove LIES  Are there NO LIMITS to what your people will do, for the holidays, no less.  Mr. Flanagan, STOP Legal Kidnapping: The Case Against CPS Seriously, YOU need to start looking at the FACTS, not what the kidnappers feed you.  Dedicated to FLANAGAN, Dir. of DCS in ARIZONA  We will spoon feed the facts to you, if only you would take the time to care!!! Mother gagged to conceal children’s abuse in Foster Care  You can’t do better than this?  FLANAGAN’s (office) RESPONDS  There is no mystery to what the problem is, NOR what the solution is.  CPS: Problem, meet Solution  How easy it would have been, based on the facts, to get Diegel Sisters HOME for Kayla’s Birthday! 

Meanwhile, another day, another 32 kids ripped from their loving homes in the state of Arizona, and, whatever you do, BE VERY CAREFUL TAKING YOUR CHILDREN TO THE HOSPITAL.  You could lose them . . . forever!!!

Valley family claims DCS wrongly removed children after booster seat accident

A Valley family’s lives were turned upside down right before Thanksgiving.

At the center of the chaos is a child booster seat and the agency once known as Child Protective Services

… The family says the whole thing was an overreaction by the newly-created DCS, who showed up to the hospital in the west Valley where the baby was first taken before being transported to Cardon.

“Surprise (Ariz.) police came in, (DCS) came in and told my wife she was going to prison,” the boy’s father told KTAR News on Monday. “They just started threatening here — basically trying to force a confession of something that didn’t happen.”

According to the family, the case worker, Tiffany Hughes, did not access the child’s full medical records, contact the baby’s pediatrician or check with other close family members to see if there was history of child abuse before deciding to remove the family’s four children from the home.

READ MORE AND LISTEN TO RADIO STATION HERE:  http://ktar.com/22/1789697/Valley-family-claims-DCS-wrongly-removed-children-after-booster-seat-accident.

Happening Everyday in America – WHO’S NEXT?

What Can YOU Do to HELP?Lions


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3.  Email DCSDirector@azdes.gov these articles (to FLANAGAN), and everyone else you can!


4.  HELP us raise the legal fees for an attorney:  http://www.gofundme.com/MiracleNeeded

SIGN the Parental Rights Petition HERE

turquoiseNo human beings in the United States of America can stand by idle while these atrocities are committed against families, especially when the truth OR a 10 minute phone call can get these girls home where they belong.

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  1. Vickie Van Scyoc
    December 12, 2014

    I love the chart, can this posted where it can be printed?


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