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***BREAKING – Another Hospital Kidnap?

$$$$YOU decide.  The article does not make clear if this newborn is about to become CPS/DCFs latest addition!

“GLENDALE, AZ – …Glendale police say the couple was at Banner Thunderbird Hospital around noon when they were told by a social worker that Child Protective Services was going to take away their two-day old baby.”

According to the article, the couple were gone when nurses came to the room to check on them.  WHO WOULDN’T RUN with the kidnappings occurring in Arizona?  The article further stated that the hospital was put on temporary lockdown, even though it would go on to state that no crime had been committed and that the baby was neither sick, injured or in any kind of health danger.  So what is going on?

Hospitals have adopted all kinds of security procedures hold tightthat are claimed to be for the protection of mothers and infants.  Newborns are now saddled with ankle bracelets that before were used exclusively for criminals under house arrest.  Mothers are comforted by these security measures on the belief that a kidnapper won’t be able to come in and remove their newborns from the hospital.  When the statistics are ever tallied up, and the truth known, it will more likely be that these “security devices” are to insure that YOU don’t take your babies from the hospital if they can have their way, and the number of babies kidnapped by strangers FROM the hospital, is far outnumbered by the number of babies kidnapped BY the hospital.  The wake-up call will come when these new mothers realize that their children, are not their children as they thought.  For the most spurious of reasons and allegations, they can be taken by the state, in Arizona, at a rate of 32 children a day, EVERY day, and no ankle bracelet will protect any mother or child from that!  People are oblivious to how often these takings result in the permanent termination of parental rights, and the children are adopted out for cash incentives to the state.  How easily this is happening, and how little control you have in stopping it is dizzying, if only the public were to know the silent torture and destruction of both the children and their families that is going on behind the scenes, in closed courts, with gagged parents, each and every day, at an alarming and increasing rate.

The article leaves us all wondering, will the parents get to keep their newborn baby, or will it become the possession of the state.  Read the full article HERE and draw your own conclusions.  Even if the baby went home with the parents now, will DCS take it when they find them?  Will they have to stay on the run?  Will DCS come for it in six months?  A  year?  When?

Wake up America, those ankle bracelets are not to protect your baby or you, any more than CPS/DCS alphabet soup initials are there to protect children and families.

Is Rep Kelly Townsend the only one who will speak out?

I want to talk to this couple! Enough is enough!

Police are searching for a mother and father who they say snuck their baby out of a Valley hospital Wednesday.
abc15.com|By abc15.com staff

STAND WITH A Miracle for Two Sisters to stop State Sanctioned Kidnapping, and help us get all children UNJUSTLY taken, back home where they belong.

Umbrella Rally for Children Unjustly Taken
Sunday, February 1 at 11:30am
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and, SIGN the Parental Rights Petition HERE

turquoiseNo human beings in the United States of America can stand by idle while these atrocities are committed against families, especially when the truth OR a 10 minute phone call can get these girls home where they belong.

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One comment on “***BREAKING – Another Hospital Kidnap?

  1. Alban
    January 23, 2015

    I am going out on a limb here to suggest, it is not just the money – it’s the genetic material and the being of the children. Blood draw – they’ve got the genetic material. Injection – the child has the genetic material that can alter and – you can let your imagination take you there for the rest. They are after the newest children, the cleanest children. Not only this, but removing them disrupts their own divine plan. It’s bad.


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