A Miracle for Two Sisters

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Governor, Can the Sisters come home now?

call duceyTHIS letter has been RETRACTED due to credibility issues.  Please continue to pray for the Sisters

Dear Governor Ducey:

We have politely and hopefully, waited in the wings for you to get inaugurated, get acclimated to your surroundings, and get through big budgets.  All the while we have tried to educate, enlighten, and endure through what we know can prove to be atrocities, not of your making, but truly of your stopping.  We know you care about children, and value the importance of them, and family, and can fix what has been allowed to happen to them in Arizona for years, if not decades.  We have patiently tried to give you time to address what is so massively wrong, but time is running out for the SISTERS.

There are things occurring that any independent investigation could readily see is patently wrong, unconstitutional, and illegal, but separately, three independent sources have documented their concern for the health and safety of the Diegel Sisters, two of those have recommended their removal from where they are – – – as far back as July 2014!  It is also verifiable that the girls have lost up to 25% of their body weight in state care by being starved, and were covered in bruises.  Think about that for a moment; growing, pre-adolescent girls that should be gaining weight as their body and brains develop and grow older and stronger, were instead, starved of nutrients critical to their brain and physical development, and lost one-quarter of their size/body weight. If that is not alarming enough, imagine their going through this starvation, and associated pain, agony, neglect and abuse in a stranger’s home, surrounded by that stranger’s family, and not allowed to be with their own.

The Sisters have been away from their family, pets, friends, and everything else from their prior 10 and 12 years of their life, going on a year now, in state custody, and each a year older.  Through birthdays, Christmas and every other important holiday and family event, they have not seen their older brother in all that time, and their mother since last August.  August is when the mother was removed from their life for violating her supervised visit by telling them that they had to speak up for themselves, because she could not be there to protect them.  They were visibly emaciated and bruised at that time.  DCS terminated the mother’s visits that day, and moved to sever her parental rights, permanently, the next.  How barbaric does that sound to you, and know it can all be proved, and documented.  The facts and circumstances in this case are all being ignored with the ONLY goal and concern of DCS being to take down, and silence the mother.

We know the task at hand to fix the system that is so very broken and harmful to the children and families of Arizona can not be done overnight.  But stopping to take a hard look at the FACTS, not the FICTION, in the Sisters’ case can.  Moreover, it would bring about what could be a fix sooner than later.  There is that much irrefutable evidence being obscured, ignored, and worse, that proves these Sisters have been harmed, and continue to be harmed, IN STATE CARE, and not while in the mother’s care.

In Massachusetts a similar case went on for 16 months, the majority of that time, ignored by the Governor until he was confronted on camera in the street, and the video immediately went viral.  The family met with Massachusetts’ version of the head of DCS, the next day, and a plan was set in motion for the medically fragile child to go to a medical foster facility in the first step of being sent home, regardless of the courts.  Once there, her parents were given unrestricted access to their child, and she started thriving in very visible ways for the world to see, albeit she continues to suffer long-lasting medical issues from her 16 months in state care where none of her medical or emotional needs were met.  Coincidentally her medical issues were denied, just as the Sister’s medical issues are said to not exist, despite years of medical tests and records to the contrary.

Specifically what occurred in Massachusetts after the Governor’s intervention was that DCF (as DCS is called in MA), did not oppose a motion to dismiss the case which gave the judge no reason not to do so.  It was that simple, no matter how protracted, and this could happen tomorrow.  In terms of getting the Diegel sisters out of where they are now, and into a medical foster care scenario immediately, there is no excuse.  That was recommended by the Medical Review Board on this case months and months ago, so why does no one care what is happening to these girls?

You can do this, and if not you, then who?  This speaks volumes to what no Arizona family should have to endure when it comes to what is best for the children:  (An excerpt from the site Medical Kidnap  Retired Arizona Judge Reveals Corruption in Legal System)

Surely it’s time to question what has happened to our justice system and to wonder if it is possible to return to a system that truly does protect us from wrongs…

Judge Molloy wrote a book … apparently suffering from cancer at the time, and perhaps knew his remaining time on earth was short. The title of the book is: The Fraternity: Lawyers and Judges in Collusionpublished by Paragon House … It is an amazing expose on just how corrupt the American Judicial System is today, and it perhaps gives us a better understanding on how so many judges in family or juvenile courts across the United States are able to successfully remove children from the custody of their parents in medical kidnapping cases.

A lawyer from Tuscon, Arizona, John Fitzgerald Molloy (b. 1917) was elected to the Superior Court bench where he served for seven years as both a juvenile court and trial bench judge. He subsequently was elected to the Court of Appeals where he authored over 300 appellate opinions, including the final Miranda decision for the Arizona Supreme Court. During that period, he also served as president of the Arizona Judge’s Association. After 12 years, Molloy returned to private practice to become president of the largest law firm in southern Arizona. His book has received widespread praise for its candor and disquieting truths.

Please free Kayla and Hannah Diegel tomorrow.  A long over-due baby step is to move them to a medical care foster facility immediately and start reunification with unrestricted access of the family to the girls.  You will be a hero for restoring the “joyful smiles” those girls are famous for, and the world awaits to see.  Please Governor, this is urgent, and the rest of fixing the system will be dramatically advanced when this case is used as the prototype of what is wrong.


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