A Miracle for Two Sisters

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11,595,884 Views of a teenager REUNITED with her father.

THIS received 11,595,884 views.  That’s how much the public appreciates children being reunited with their parents.  It is the emotional reunion of a daughter with her father on leave from serving in the military.  The stark difference between this teenager, and, for example, Kayla Diegel, is that the teenager in the video lived in the nurturing and loving environment of her home, with her mother, while missing her father desperately.  Main stream media doesn’t even cover the fact that tens of thousands of children are kept away from their parents BY THE GOVERNMENT, with no criminal charges filed, and very often no evidence or viable reason to devastate families the way they are doing, EXCEPT $$$$$$$$$$.

skinny girlsKayla and Hannah are in Foster prison where 3 independent sources have expressed concern for their well-being, 2 of which recommended the girls be REMOVED from where they are – – – months ago!  This was around the time that the mother’s “visits”, (if they can even be called that), were terminated because her daughters had lost dangerous amounts of weight and were covered with bruises.  At that last visit the mother tried to tell her then 12-year-old daughter to speak up for herself and get her needs met, because the mother wasn’t around to do so for her.  She knew that there were strict restrictions on what she was allowed to say to her daughters in the tightly controlled, supervised visits, but she feared for their lives as they wasted away.  DCS’s response to the mother’s and other third-party concerns for the children – terminate mother’s visits that day, and file to sever parental rights the next day! turquoise

DCS’s response to the Medical Review Board, The DCS Review Board, and the CASA worker’s concerns and recommendations – Inundate the parents with threats, motions and contempt charges for the mother’s exercising of FREE SPEECH to save her children, and ignore anything related to concerns for the girls well-being.  We know when the new DCS Director McKay gets to investigating ALL of this, the girls will be sent home.  We can only hope it is in time before more damage can be done as was done to Justina, and before the real abusers and criminals sever the parents’ rights to their children, and the children must suffer a lengthy appeal while their childhood is lost forever.  http://foxct.com/…/justina-pelletier-facing-more-medical-p…/

Yes, it’s true.  Kayla turned 13 Nicole Cartalemi Drury's photo.in state custody where we know she is still being abused, has been starved so as to lose 25% of her body weight, and did not see her mother on her birthday, or since last August.  DCS has documented that Kayla is having major issues over not seeing her mother, and more.  It’s not about the children with DCS, it’s about the agenda, and the narrative must follow the agenda.  What could DCS possibly be telling these girls about their mother to explain that she’s not there, after being there every night and day for their entire lives until Phoenix Children’s Hospital kidnapped them, and DCS promulgated a narrative to fit their agenda.  It’s sick.  It’s demonic.  It’s state sanctioned kidnapping, and it’s happening all across America to tens of thousands of children.

When a child goes missing or gets kidnapped, the story immediately gets local to national attention, and the public rallies behind the family with heartfelt compassion and resources to help find that child, and bring them home.  When the state kidnaps a child, and in Arizona it is being done to the tune of 35 children a day, it is done behind a veil of secrecy, and all resources of the state, funded by your tax dollars, are used to perpetuate and facilitate the kidnapping, and to conceal, gag, malign and discredit the parents who, just like any other parents of a kidnapped child, have just experienced the most heart wrenching, traumatic, and devastating event of their lives.

h - bday 10This is Hannah, celebrating her 10th birthday at home, just before being kidnapped by the state.  Now Hannah will have her 11th Birthday in Foster Prison, and like Kayla, has not seen her mother in 6 months.  Both have been in state custody, with less rights than criminals in prison, for 11 months!  Both girls have not been home to see their brother, pets, friends or family in all this time.  The Sisters were not with their family for Thanksgiving when families travel across the country to be with loved ones, or Christmas, or New Year’s, or Valentine’s Day, Birthdays and so much more.  Like Kayla who turned into a teen in a foster home where we know she is not loved, while her entire family’s hearts painfully ache to see her, be with her, love her, hold her, and most especially, celebrate her Birthday with her, Hannah will now turn 11 without her loving family surrounding her on her special day.  We don’t know where she is, and can’t even get presents to her, or even send her a Birthday card.


h bday 6


One comment on “11,595,884 Views of a teenager REUNITED with her father.

  1. Kathye
    June 24, 2016

    Where do you turn to if you don’t have the 9,000 for an attorney to help your fight w cps? I’ve been doing this for a year and few months I’ve missed my granddaughter 2 ND birthday Christmas etc cps never responds to me requesting visits won’t approve me for placement cuz 2013 I was pulled over no ticket issued but my license suspended and my granddaughter wasn’t even conceived at that time let alone born


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