A Miracle for Two Sisters

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Where have all the good people gone?

Thanksgiving 2010“Where have all the good people gone?”  Lyrics from a song … and yet, where have all the good people gone?  Where are all the good people in Arizona?  Where are the good, the brave, and the just DCS workers, DCS supervisors, DCS management, court-appointed attorneys, law enforcement officers, judges, legislators, and citizens?

How can anyone learn of even the possibility of just one child who was not abused or neglected, being taken from a loving mother or father or both … removed from the safety and security of their home and all they know and love … and not be incredibly moved?  Send this beautiful child HOME to her family that loves her!

How can a DCS worker visit a home and demand a child out of the arms of a mother or father, while they beg and plead and cry and scream and fall to their knees … when that worker knows that no crime has been committed?  How can they not be moved and see what they are doing?

How can a law enforcement officer, sworn to uphold the law and the constitution, hired to protect and serve the citizens, stand by and watch silently?  How can an officer allow, approve, and enforce the unconstitutional act of DCS workers entering citizens’ houses without a warrant and inspecting or interviewing children, and then taking custody of those children … when that officer knows that no crime has been committed or reported?  How can such officers live with themselves as they witness and enforce such violations, acting in complete opposition of all they represent?

Kayla - beautyHow can a DCS supervisor approve such removals when they know that the accusations do not even approach any type of abuse or neglect, but consist of vague observations of “poor parenting skills”, dirty dishes, or simply requests for second opinions in medical treatments?

How can a prosecutor work for the attorney general’s office and agree to press charges against parents that they know have committed no crime, perpetuating and making final the separation of families for no reason?  How can they knowingly prosecute the innocent parents and sentence these innocent children to an abusive system, in which they are much more likely to experience abuse than in the home from which they were taken?  How can they ignore the exculpatory evidence that clearly illustrates the innocence of parents and still proceed with prosecution? Kayla laughing

How can lawyers, paid by the state to represent those among society who cannot afford private attorneys, advise parents to sign away their parental rights, knowing that they are betraying the very trust of those parents, working in direct opposition to both the interests of the parents and the children, and full aware of the consequences?  How can they take assignments and proceed to neither meet their clients nor consult with them nor work for them, knowing full well that their inaction will need to the destruction of those families and a lifetime of trauma to that child?

laughingHow can a judge sit in a position of authority and, without looking at evidence or listening to a parent speak, make rulings that are in complete opposition with justice?  How can a judge sit in the courtroom, where he or she has been entrusted with the lives and the safety of children, in the presence of parents and grandparents with tears streaming down their faces, begging for their children, and rule — without just cause or evidence of abuse or neglect — that those family members should never see their children again?  How can those judges not see and know the pain and torment they are causing to not just the families, but to the very children they are charged to protect?smiles

How can a legislator, upon hearing about such occurrences, turn away or tend to other issues, while children are being taken against their will from their families and homes like in some Nazi invasion?  How can any other mundane issue take a moment of a legislator’s time away from this priority?  How can they not be consumed and tormented at the thought of innocent parents losing their children to a state agency with no crime having been committed?  How can they continue in their daily work once aware of the crimes of the state that are being perpetrated daily upon their own constituents … the very ones they are elected to serve?

k 4th

How can anyone, who claims even the smallest slice of any religion or goodness or compassion, permit, even through silence or inaction, the state to take advantage of the poor, the widows, the fatherless, the children …. “the least of these”?   How can anyone claim to love another  and yet turn away from helping a brother?  h 4th

How can anyone with a shred of human kindness not be appalled at the thought of these accusations and these experiences?  How can any normal, decent human being not want to reach out and end this suffering and comfort these children and parents, and reunite these families, and prevent these atrocities from recurring?

k todlerIs everyone in this entire system so utterly selfish and self-serving and arrogant that they care not for another human life?  Is everyone simply bought and bribed and paid for? What advantage or job or payment or price was big enough?  hannah todlerWhat reward was received or what job threatened?  So someone receives money, or keeps a job … meanwhile that child is certainly traumatized and most likely abused beyond what you could ever imagine … truly abused …. for just some money or for a job.

How much was that child’s life worth?

Where have all the good people gone?




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