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CONFIRMED! “very common” – States needlessly take custody of OUR children!

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9 comments on “CONFIRMED! “very common” – States needlessly take custody of OUR children!

  1. Roseann McMenemy
    February 10, 2015

    How did this happen in America? I guess If I think about that question the answer is very clear and I am as guilty as the next for putting my trust into the hands of our government. I believed that people in power fight for our justice but after witnessing the evil bestowed upon Justina Pelletier and her family I can see how very wrong I was. As with many who stood up for this wrong I felt the rejection so very deeply with our legislators, aside from Lombardo and Lyons, and from our Governor and Attorney General at the time. I never realized the bias in our media and the non existing true investigative reporting. This was a case with so much corruption on so many levels I couldn’t understand why someone in Massachusetts didn’t jump at the chance of digging in and exposing this horrendous act of snatching a very ill young woman and locking her up in a psych ward with less rights of a criminal. Even after the evidence was clear as her pictures spoke a thousand words, and she was literally dying NO one in authority acted to save her. I will never forget the day Governor Patrick was confronted by the family spokesperson on camera. Shaming him into finally setting the goal of reunification under the direction of his Health and Human Services Director.
    It will be two years on Valentine’s day that the State of Massachusetts took custody of Justina. Have we learned from her tragedy? Absolutely NOT! In fact I believe that Medical Kidnapping is on the rise in every state. The fact is that “money is the route of all evil” and there is much financial incentive for States and Hospitals to continue to snatch our children.

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  2. stop the maddness in Boston Massachusetts DCF
    February 11, 2015

    FINALLY they are realizing the “CORRUPTION” !!! it was never about needing more social workers, & or more money, it is about CORRUPTION, & Deval Patrick looked the other way for years. No one was ever held accountable, he would hesitantly offer a head of the agency up on a platter as a show of concern for the public, but would not address the real problem which is the corruption of the un derlings…the social workers, the obudsman, & the whole system of secrecy & lies while placeing “gag orders” on the parents when they tried to speak out about being denied “due process’ & civil rights…the Boston DCF is an atrocity to freedom, in the United States, the amount of corruption in that agency is so immoral, i can not understand how those social workers & all their co-horts who swear to their lies, can live with themselves…the only explaination i can come up with is that they are socipaths motivated by money…our tax-dollars, funding their crimes against humanity.

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  3. stop the maddness in Boston Massachusetts DCF
    February 11, 2015

    my nephew volentarily paid for, took, & passed with flying colors, a lie detector test about the false charges made by a government money scammer & the Boston DCF, ..then. he offered to “pay” for the false accusor to take the same test, but of course, she “”REFUSED ”… & the DCF has his lie detector test results, but “”of course, they ignored that, & continued to help the false accusor keep up the scam…even thoug in the beginning of the kidnapping, DCF’s “own” paperwork said “”UNFOUNDED””… then they proceeded with their usuall unethical tactics to facilitate the lie… they have NO CRUPLES…..INFACT, AS ALL THIS WENT ON FOR OVER 2 YEARS, THE FALSE ACCUSOR, & THE BOSTON DCF SOCIOPATHS, all sat together in court, laughing & joking & making up more & more lies, treated my nephew (the father of the children) inhumanly rude & rediculed him, & plotted against him from every angle they could., now the false accusor, is living lavishly on our tax payer money she is also known for foodstamo & housing fraud in the past, (DCF knew this, but they were fine with that)….https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9yJPc4mpzGU&feature=youtu.be


  4. stop the maddness in Boston Massachusetts DCF
    February 11, 2015

    please view my nephew’s video descrbeing his “nightmare” with the Boston DCF here, .ps (DCF also knew their was previous to their snatching his children , he had applied for custody of his children in Florida, which is whereour whole family live but they lied to the judge & said there were no previous proceedings that would superceed his taking the children,” more purgery.”.. & they continue to threaten him with jail for speaking out, even though the case is not in their court anymore, but it is now in appeals court….they do whatever the false accusor wants them to do, because they know she grew up in their system, & knows how to :work the system” just as they taught her…they should all be prosecuted, yet they are all raoaming around freely, to destroy people’s lives with a smile… it is absolutley beyond discusting that they lie, & lie in court, & the judge just keeps trusting them anyway… follow the money..the root of the evil…


  5. stop the maddness in Boston Massachusetts DCF
    February 11, 2015

    of course, they do not want to be exposed, so please watch this video…the viseo they are threatening him to take down…the children are his children but because they illeegally kidnapped them they think his children belong to them…they want to still, continue to deny him his Constitutional rights…they should be deported to a country where there is no constitution, because they IGNORE the CONSTITUION in their “secret” “private”” tormenting parents” chambers that they call a courtroom..it is not a courtroom, it is a room where crimes against humanity, & purgery ,are regularly practiced……https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9yJPc4mpzGU&feature=youtu.be


  6. stop the maddness in Boston Massachusetts DCF
    February 11, 2015


  7. Linda
    February 12, 2015

    My parental rights were terminated for no reason never did drugs drank NO abuse in my kids case judge cps and foster agentcy adopted my 3 kids out now im trying to sue them and reverse the adoption CPS is kidnappers and they need to pay… parents need to step up and fight.


  8. Richard Wexler
    February 12, 2015

    A Brief Analysis of the Casey Family Programs Northwest Foster Care Alumni Study
    By Richard Wexler, NCCPR Executive Director

    For a printable pdf version of this publication, click here

    Imagine for a moment that you went to a doctor and he told you the following:

    · 80 percent of my patients don’t get any better.

    · A lot of the time, they get worse.

    · One-third of the time, I commit malpractice.

    But, the doctor continues, if you’ll just pay me even more money than I already get and build me a fancy new hospital, I’m sure I can reduce my failure rate to only about 60 percent. Do we have a deal?

    Odds are you’d look for another doctor.

    But what if all the other doctors told you the same thing? And what if none of them let on that there were, in fact, better treatments with fewer side effects?

    Odds are you’d be furious.

    Now, consider a study released on April 7, 2005 by a large, Washington State-based foster-care provider, Casey Family Programs, and Harvard Medical School. The study used case records and interviews to assess the status of young adult “alumni” of foster care.

    When compared to adults of the same age and ethnic background who did not endure foster care:

    · Only 20 percent of the alumni could be said to be “doing well.” Thus, foster care failed for 80 percent.

    · They have double the rate of mental illness.

    · Their rate of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder was double the rate for Iraq War veterans.

    · The former foster children were three times more likely to be living in poverty – and fifteen times less likely to have finished college.

    · And nearly one-third of the alumni reported that they had been abused by a foster parent or another adult in a foster home.

    The authors went on to design a complex mathematical formula to attempt to figure out how much they could improve these outcomes if every single problem besetting the foster care system were magically fixed. Their answer: 22.2 percent.

    Even if one argues that foster care didn’t cause all of these problems, clearly foster care didn’t cure them. Yet the authors of the study recommend only more of the same: Pour even more money into foster care to “fix” it to the point that maybe the rotten outcomes could be reduced by 22.2 percent.

    At a two-and-a-half-hour briefing for advocates, there was barely a word about keeping children out of foster care in the first place.

    Why, then, do we continue to pour billions of dollars into a system which fails 80 percent of the time and actually abuses at least one-third of those forced into it?

    We do it because, over 150 years, we’ve built up a huge, powerful network of foster-care “providers” – “a foster care-industrial complex” with an enormous vested interest in perpetuating the status quo. They feed us horror stories about foster children whose birth parents really were brutally abusive or hopelessly addicted. But such cases represent a tiny fraction of the foster-care population.

    As is documented in NCCPR’s Issue Papers, far more common are cases in which a family’s poverty is confused with child “neglect.” Several studies have found, for example, that one-third of foster children could be back home right now if their parents simply had adequate housing. (See NCCPR Issue Paper 5).

    Other cases fall on a broad continuum between the extremes, the parents neither all victim nor all villain. What these cases have in common is the fact that the children would be far better off if states and localities used safe, proven alternatives to foster care – alternatives that don’t come with an 80 percent failure rate, and a 33 percent risk of child abuse. (See Twelve Ways to do Child Welfare Right).

    Nearly as disturbing as the study’s findings is how the study authors attempted to spin them.

    The finding about the rate of abuse in foster care is not mentioned in the press release accompanying the study. It’s not in the Executive Summary. It’s not in any of the glossy material that accompanies the report. One must dig it out of the report itself, on page 30. (The full report is available here)

    During the entire briefing for advocates, I waited in vain for the study authors to even mention the issue of abuse in foster care. When I finally asked about it, at the very end of the briefing, one of the researchers tried to blame birth parents, speculating, without a shred of evidence, that maybe the foster children had been abused during visits.

    But that is contradicted by the study itself, which states:

    “One third (32.8%) of the sample, however, reported some form of maltreatment by a foster parent or other adult in the foster home during their foster care experience, as recorded in their case files” [emphasis added].

    If anything, this underestimates the true rate of abuse, since a major problem in foster care is foster children abusing each other (see NCCPR Issue Paper 1), and those cases apparently were not counted in the study.

    Of course, some will rush to conclude that because family foster care has failed so badly, we should go back to orphanages. There’s just one problem with that. Over a century of research is nearly unanimous: The outcomes for children warehoused in orphanages are even worse. (See NCCPR Issue Paper 15).

    Though the authors try desperately to ignore the obvious, their study is one more indication that the only way to fix foster care is to have less of it. Until we realize that, foster care systems will continue to churn out walking wounded – four times out of five. times.


  9. margie torres
    September 23, 2015

    My right were Terminated. I Complied with everything never did drugs and also got tested for alcohol tested Negative..I live in San Antonio,Texas 4of my children got Adopted


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