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Medically kidnapped Jaxon’s PRESS RELEASE

Parents face daunting custody battle with the State of Missouri after their child was medically kidnapped by a local hospital
Independence, Missouri, February 25, 2015:

The Adams family is yet another family that has fallen victim to the disturbing trend of “medical kidnapping” which is occurring across the United States. Medical kidnapping is a term used to describe children being taken into state custody after parents disagree with a course of treatment recommended by a doctor, or in the case of the Adams seeking a second opinion and/or a change in medical care. Upon being informed of the same, the physician then places a “hotline” call to child protective services and reports “medical abuse” by the parent. These physicians frequently allege that one or both of the parents suffer from Munchhausen’s by Proxy also known as Factitious Disorder Imposed On Another (“FDIOA”), a mental illness whereby a caregiver fabricates symptoms of illness in another under their care (i.e., children, elderly adults, disabled persons, etc.). FDIOA is a diagnosis made upon the parent and/or caregiver, not the child, and it is difficult to diagnose and often requires prolonged evaluation of the individual allegedly suffering from the disorder. In medical kidnapping cases, it is a doctor at the children’s hospital attempting to affix this FDIOA label to the parents and in many cases the doctor attempting to do so has never met the parents of the child, as is the case with Jason and Tiffany Adams.

The Adams’ son, Jaxon, was taken into state custody on September 17, 2014, after doctors from Children’s Mercy Hospital placed a hotline call alleging Jaxon’s parents were medically abusing him. Jaxon had been under Children’s Mercy Hospital’s care for a number of years. In July and August of 2014, the Adams were becoming more and more dissatisfied with Jaxon’s medical care and sought to transfer his treatment to the University of Kansas Medical Center in addition to changing his primary care doctor. However each time the parents attempted to remove Jaxon from care at Children’s Mercy Hospital, the new physician would receive a phone call from one of the Children’s Mercy doctors and the new physician would refuse to treat Jaxon. Jaxon’s parents followed the recommendations of the physicians at Children’s Mercy and based upon physician recommendations, Jaxon underwent a number of procedures and tests. The physicians now claim that the tests and procedures were “unnecessary” yet admit that the physician ultimately has the final decision as to whether a procedure is performed. So now the Adams find themselves in the position of having to defend themselves for medically abusing their child when all they did was comply with physicians’ advice. Not only did the Adams’ fall victim to the physicians at Children’s Mercy Hospital; however, the have also been savagely victimized by the Children’s Division of the State of Missouri Department of Social Services. They have suffered countless indignities, they are not allowed to talk to their son or Skype with him, and on a number of occasions they have not been allowed to visit their child. In the month of February, they have only seen their child one time using only two units of the twelve units allotted. As a result, Children’s Division is in violation of a Court Order with regard to visitation. The situation with Children’s Division has devolved to the point where the Adams have requested that the Missouri Department of Social Services do an investigation as to how their case is being handled as well as how cases are being handled in Jackson County, Missouri.

j as superman SEE also:  Medically kidnapped Jaxon’s story hauntingly similar to too many

It is frightening how much these story lines are the same with SO MANY OTHERS across the country!

Missouri boy put into foster care after parents sought second opinion on medical diagnosis  


One comment on “Medically kidnapped Jaxon’s PRESS RELEASE

  1. powerpacks4you
    March 6, 2015

    What if all families shunned all social services child protection workers? I mean shun all of them from EVERY family, community, or other function. How about we start treating them as the plague they are, and keep them away? Do not invite any CPS worker to family functions, Sunday dinners, church socials, community events, etc. Treat them as an infectious disease and take away THEIR family and community life. When one attends a public function, shun them. Move away from them. Leave them alone, unsure what is going on and why they are being treated this way. Turn about is fair play. This would be an eye for an eye. SHUN THEM! KICK THEM OUT OF YOUR FAMILIES AND GROUPS! ISOLATE THE CPS WORKERS FROM THE REST OF THE WORLD!


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