A Miracle for Two Sisters

Let's get these kids home, and then all kids unjustly taken! ALL children belong under the protective umbrella of loving parents. PLEASE remember to like and follow us on Facebook — A MIRACLE FOR TWO SISTERS

Holocaust. It happened then, it can happen again.

Obama marks Holocaust Remembrance Day:  http://www.usatoday.com/story/theoval/2015/01/27/obama-international-holocaust-remembrance-day-statement/22395157/

H2Yesterday was Holocaust Remembrance Day, but the Holocaust cannot be forgotten on any day.  Of the Holocaust, no words can do justice to the horror of millions of innocent lives lost, the how, or the why.  We remember that it happened, therefore we must remember it can happen again… Child Protective Services in the United States is already separating healthy families for profit and even facilitating medical experimentation on children with rare illnesses when hospitals recommend that it happen. Even if parents and doctors with second opinions object, experimentation on children without permission has been legalized for those who become wards of the state! Even now, a sinister practice is growing wherein hospitals and Child “Protective” Services, (CPS), are SACRIFICING the health and lives of children who are wards of the state to pharmaceutical research … for research that would supposedly benefit the field of medicine and the lives of others. Sound familiar?  Did Hospitals Find The Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow?

hitlerBack then, they never foresaw the end result, but how can people in Arizona, or the nation, sit back now and allow what is happening with CPS/DCS?

Most of them don’t know. Others don’t believe it. Then you have the government saying “The children are our top priority.” People are so judgmental and and quick to think that people different from them must be bad. It happens so slowly and in stages … until the people have little power left to stand against it.

Genetic research abuse?

Lab rat. Why do we treat wards of the state like this?Herr Doktor Mengele, rufen Sie Ihren Anwalt! Jemand plagiieren Ihre Ideen. No, we’re not trying to invoke Josef Mengele from beyond the grave. But if he ever worried about scientific plagiarism against himself, he might want to get legal advice. CNAV today received a lead on what might be an abuse of power to dwarf anything Josef Mengele or his superiors did. It involves legally kidnapping children with rare genetic diseases to do genetic research on them without parental consent. And whether these specific allegations are true or not, someone ought to change the law that lets this happen, and fast.

Kayla and Hannah Diegel . . .


 u10$$$$$$$ They take your kids, then bleed you dry, all in the name of Department of Children’s Services!!!

Arizona DCS rips 32+++ Kids a day from their families!!!
That’s hundreds a week, and thousands a year – – – all paid for with YOUR tax dollars.

One in 17 … or 1,000 of every 17,000 children devastated by this, may have been high risk to require potential removal from their homes, but the system is so inundated with cases that never should have been opened, never mind families ripped apart, there is a greater risk that the children most in need will get overlooked, and umbrel K&HNO SERVICES! LET THAT SINK IN FOR A MOMENT!

******LESS THAN 1,000 of the almost 17,000 children in state custody in Arizona, should ever have been even considered to be removed from their home – – – or rather – – – over 16,000 children and families LIVES DESTROYED for no viable reason except DCS practices.****** 

These children are traumatized as they are ripped from their homes for no reason, and with no understanding of what is going on.  They are separated from everything they know, from their parents, pets, schools, friends, and everything they hold dear.  They are thrown in with strangers, often separated from their siblings, and subjected to everything from experimentation with psychotropic drugs, to bullies, child abusers, and are 8 times more vulnerable to sexual abuse than children outside of foster care.  All the while the families are emotionally and financially devastated, and often destroyed to the point of losing everything as they fight for THEIR children back.  

All too many of these parents lose these children FOREVER, and taxpayers fund their adoptive family to raise them while their parents’ hearts have been ripped out and never again heal from such a barbaric, and draconian experience, all at the hands of the State.

These families are destroyed by spurious allegations that are railroaded by deceit because of a financial agenda, and an agency that can never be proved wrong because the balance of power is all on their side.  Parents don’t stand a chance as the agency has set the narrative to fulfill that agenda! Nothing could be more wrong than the state destroying children and families, and in Arizona the state leads the country in doing just that!  AND, that number keeps going UP!!!  As of Sept. 30, the state’s child-welfare agency reported 16,990 children living outside of their parents’ homes, a 13 percent increase compared with September 2013.   

Parents who can’t afford the $50,000 to $100,000 for a private attorney to fight for their rights, LOSE THEIR KIDS TO THE STATE, AND THEY GET ADOPTED OUT, when this is the reality of what is really going down in ARIZONA >>>>>READ: No Mr. Flanagan,

Again, as of Sept. 30, the state’s child-welfare agency reported 16,990 children living outside of their parents’ homes, a 13 percent increase compared with September 2013. The insanity must be stopped.

The FED IV-E funding puts a price tag on average of $6000 per month per child in incentives to the state. Assuming these numbers are correct, and the accepted dollar amount is correct: The Arizona State child welfare and adoption services would have generated for Arizona approximately $1.019 million dollars a month or $1.222 billion dollars a year. Could this possibly be the reason that AZ takes more children into state’s care than any other state in our country, or is it that AZ has many more abusive parents than any other in our nation?” 

Note:  these figures include only federal money, not child support which AZ does in fact charge in case of removal. Take that in for a moment. THEY steal your children, and then charge you for their care while denying you your children, and double dipping! With Arizona’s billion dollar deficit…this provides a big incentive. The WRONG incentive.


No doubt some children are in abusive situations, but they will not be helped. They will be lost in a system so screwed up it’s become a revenue stream. Who will stand up for the children???

Please read: Child removal for money?  and view this video Also see: The TRUTH about CPS/DCF, DSS, DDS, etc.

Miracle Needed to defend against the Tax Payer funded Goliath resources – PLEASE Donate here  or through PAYPAL.


in support of Arizona families who’ve lost their children to DCS. 

Umbrella Rally for Children Unjustly Taken

Sunday, February 1 at 11:30am
Super Bowl – 1 Cardinals Way  – – – Glendale, AZ

***Umbrella Rally – – –  Super Bowl Sunday***

Umbrella Marchoutside of the stadium in support of Arizona families who’ve lost their children to DCS. Join us in our efforts to raise awareness. Meet the families who’ve been victimized by the system. Please follow the link and sign up whether you can physically attend or virtually attend in spirit showing your support for these parents 


Don’t know the story of the Sisters? START HERE: https://amiracle42sisters.wordpress.com/about

Stand with us in our efforts to raise awareness of these atrocities, BEFORE THEY COME FOR YOU!

#Miracle42S AMiracleForTwoSisters.org
#LegalCrimes www.LegalCrimesAZ.com


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