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Medically kidnapped Jaxon’s story hauntingly similar to too many

j as supermanIt’s a travesty of epic proportions.  All across the country children are being medically kidnapped as parents seek second opinions, or alternative treatments, and to cover up medical malpractice.  With one phone call to a government child protective agency, doctors and/or hospitals can have children removed from their parents and change a family’s life forever.  Unlike any other time before, doctors, with the help of government, hold the power over their patients and can cause parents to literally lose custody of their children.  What used to be considered the norm, i.e., advocating for the best care for your child, has now become a crime, (without any criminal charges ever being brought forward).  The punishment is losing your children for months, years, and all too often, forever.Diegel-sistersThis happens behind closed doors with HIPPA and “confidentiality” as the excuses to conceal what’s going on, and those that try to speak out, often because their children’s lives are put in danger, are “gagged” by court order.  SEE Lou Pelletier: Father charged for speaking about his daughter’s kidnapping, and Melissa Diegel: Mother gagged to conceal children’s abuse in Foster Care.

Through Justina Pelletier the country learned that Federal Law allows children in state care to be used as lab rats, incentivizing doctors and hospitals to claim medical abuse against the parents to access their children for research and drug trials.  justina-pelletier-665x385 There are so many instances where this is being done, but the well endowed hospitals, and taxpayer funded government have the abundant resources to cover this up, while parents are consumed with fighting for their children’s lives, and getting them back.  There is really little hope or opportunity to expose the crimes being committed against these children and families under the aforementioned scenario, and very many would describe it like this:

Even as a victim it is embarrassing to wake up to a nightmare where one is embroiled with the child welfare system so you keep quiet, or are even “court ordered” to keep quiet.  This needs to be exposed for what and who they really are; liars, thieves and murderers responsible for ruining our children by trafficking them through the dirty Foster Care system where they are more prone to neglect and physical, medical, sexual and emotional abuse than anything in their homes.  They are destroying our families with inhumane disgraces and robbing us of our physical, mental and financial well-being while they reduce us to nothing.  All the while they use our children as pawns in this sick scheme under the guise of “protecting” them, and our children, like us, are acquiring much disregarded and continual pain and suffering, all at the hands of “our” government!  People think only Hitler did such things, and here we are – – – powerless against this evil in the United States of America.  How did this happen?”

The fact is, government is very busy taking children, and it’s become a multi-billion dollar industry. In Arizona they’re taking 35 children a day, everyday, SEE: Shocking things about Arizona CPS, so much so they don’t even have places to put them: Children sleeping overnight in Arizona DCS office buildings.  In Massachusetts, think Justina, but know there are very many more:  Did Hospitals Find The Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow?, and look with whom they are warehousing them:  DCF clears 557 convicts to live with foster kids in ‘13. California, Thousands’ of Babies Kidnapped By County CPS, and so it goes across the country.

When will ALL parents realize this could happen to anyone, and stand up and speak out for the parents this is, or has happened to?  Lives are being completely turned upside down and shattered, families destroyed, and all with our tax dollars.  It’s an atrocity and violates our most basic rights, and few attorneys will go up against the all powerful Child Protection Agencies.  Of the few that will, even fewer of those will even try to do right by the parents, and get their kids back.  (They work with the other side to accomplish their agenda).  Therefore, getting an attorney who will stop this nightmare, let alone expose it, is exceptionally rare.  The Press Release, A MUST READ, is one of those rare examples.   It pertains to 8 year old Jaxon’s medical kidnap, but mirrors the very many more that have gone before and are going on as we speak.  Read it HERE as insight into what is happening to the Diegel Sisters whose mother is gagged, while the state is pulling out all the stops to send her to jail to keep people from learning the truth.  

The horrific story of Isaiah Rider is another medical kidnap from the same state as little Jaxon, albeit they kidnapped 17 year old Isaiah from a Luries Children’s Hospital in Chicago.  CPS did this despite Isaiah being a resident of Missouri, and having reached the age of emancipation in his home state.  This video shows a Kansas City-area lawmaker who wants to ensure that the government cannot interfere with a parent’s ability to seek effective medical treatment for a child and brings forward a bill named Isaiah’s Law.  KRCG 13  In addition to being gagged and the government unrelenting in their pursuit to quash Melissa Diegel’s free speech rights, there is a media blackout in Arizona, the state with the highest rate of children taken by the state.  Most telling is Arizona has adopted a parental rights statute that insures parents rights to direct their children’s medical decisions and upbringing, yet legislators have yet to get involved with the horrific circumstances in the Diegel case where the facts defy everything Arizona’s statute is deemed to protect.  The Legislators won’t even bring forward a bill that simply makes experimenting on children who are wards of the state against the state’s law.

Here is little Jaxon being removed from his home: Jaxon

It is highly recommended that people video tape when CPS comes for your child, and it indeed helped bring national attention to baby Sammy, which no doubt helped get him returned in the long run:  http://www.ksdk.com/news/article/377456/28/Baby-taken-from-parents-who-wanted-2nd-doctors-opinion-

Isaiah, the Diegel Sisters, Justina, and so many many more were taken from the hospital where one day the parents are just told they can’t see their children even to say good-bye, and are escorted by police out of the hospital.  It took 16 months and massive public outcry to get Justina Home.  Isaiah and the Diegel sisters were taken when Justina was still in captivity, and 11 months later, they are still not home.

(below, a comment left on Jaxon’s FB page)

JM from A Miracle for Two SistersAmerica needs to wake up and look into what is happening in this case and many other cases around the country. These parents followed doctors orders only to be blamed in the end for what the medical community originally recommended for this child. Is this not upside down? Had they not followed orders they would have been blamed for medical neglect….follow doctors orders and they are blamed for medical abuse. There is no winning. One needs to ask oneself WHY all these medical kidnappings throughout our country are occuring with children with feeding tubes? Why are all the parents being accused of Munchausen’s? Munchausen’s is a rare disorder 2 out of every 100000 people could POSSIBLY have it yet. Yet, amazingly 2 people married to each other just so happen to have this extremely rare condition and they just so happen to have a child with feeding tube issues and they just so happen to be dealing with a children’s hospital (same as all the other medical kidnappings) way too many coincidences for way too many children in our country.
This is so unbelievable in its enormity and reality. People need to know.

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