A Miracle for Two Sisters

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Mr. Flanagan, STOP Legal Kidnapping: The Case Against CPS

(UPDATE:  FLANAGAN has been FIRED.  He did NOTHING to Save the Sisters!  He is no longer relevant, but everything else about DCS is.  READ MORE here: make-way-for-mckay-thank-you-governor/)

Legally Kidnapped: The Case Against Child Protective Services

Child Protective Services Whistleblower, Carlos Morales, exposes the dangerous tactics and overt corruption that he witnessed as a CPS investigator. Through keen insight, analysis, war stories, and interviews with attorneys & judges, Carlos Morales speaks truth to power in this shocking book. Unlike anything ever published, he breaks down exactly what families should do to protect themselves from this monolithic agency that has destroyed the lives of children & parents. Parents across the country have already used his legal recommendations and saved not only thousands of dollars on lawyer fees, but also protected the future of their family. It is imperative that people understand Child Protective Services in order to save their families, and this book accomplishes that in a gripping and thought provoking manner.



Carlos Morales’ expose on Child Protective Services is absolutely essential information for parents and activists to understand. We need more people liken him in the world.        We Are Change Founder, Luke Rudkowski


Carlos Morales is a God-send to parents in need of help. His work saved my family in court, and his analysis of Child Protective Services is revelatory. His work inspires rebellion and hope, and is necessary for every American to understand.   Lin Jacobs, former Child Protective Services victim

ABOUT Carlos Morales

Carlos Morales is a former Child Protective Services investigator, author of Legally Kidnapped: The Case Against Child Protective Services, president and founder of Child Protective Services Victim Support, the host of the Truth Over Comfort Podcast, and a committed legal advocate for family reunification.

Since leaving his career as an investigator, he has actively helped families throughout the country fight for their children in and out of court. His pursuit of a radical overhaul for child protection programs has taken him from university lecture halls, to television and radio studios, and the pages of a variety of publications.


Please go here to HELP SAVE THE SISTERS where a call to action is spelled out of what can be done to help!   

Don't let this child with a family that loves, wants and misses her, turn 13 in state custody/Foster Care!  Send the sisters HOME!  Put Governor Brewers # in your phone and call it 6 times a day until these girls are HOME!<br />  Phone:  1-602-542-4331 (hit #1 to connect to human)Flanagan CAN get Diegel Sisters HOME for Kayla’s Birthday!

What Can YOU Do to HELP?Lions


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2.  HELP us raise the legal fees for an attorney:  http://www.gofundme.com/MiracleNeeded

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SIGN the Parental Rights Petition HERE

turquoiseNo human beings in the United States of America can stand by idle while these atrocities are committed against families, especially when the truth OR a 10 minute phone call can get these girls home where they belong.

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A Miracle for Two Sisters

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2 comments on “Mr. Flanagan, STOP Legal Kidnapping: The Case Against CPS

  1. larain22
    December 3, 2014

    These girls need to be with mom! If you had children you could understand what it is like. It is like having yoir arms cut off wothout anethesia and it is that day eveyday. Give this family a chance to be a family and let these children have a mother that loves them.


  2. Thank you Larain for your comments. We find this to be just as outrageous as you do. Please visit us at A Miracle for Two Sisters on FB where we have updates and new articles and posts about this case on a daily basis.


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