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Dedicated to FLANAGAN, Dir. of DCS in ARIZONA

(UPDATE:  FLANAGAN has been FIRED.  He did NOTHING to Save the Sisters!  He is no longer relevant, but everything else about DCS is.  READ MORE here: make-way-for-mckay-thank-you-governor/)

Little Hannah is ten years old and has not seen her mother since AUGUST!

Dear Mr. Flanagan:

You stated in an open letter you wrote in the fall for Arizona Statewide:

“I have implemented an “open door/open phone/open e-mail policy” without fear of retaliation or retribution. We welcome your ideas, suggestions and concerns. I believe that we must be collaborative in our efforts to create the best possible child safety system.”

That this must be a collaborative effort could not ring more true.  Without speaking with, hearing and seeing the evidence from people directly affected and in the know, people who have been dealing with, and living with the DCS system in their lives for years, even decades, you are never to know what really is going on.  And we want to help you collaborate, and connect with them, as that is the only means to prove to you things that never make it into the reports you read, answers you get, or into the court records directly derived from the agency that you run.  To that end, we are writing with both suggestions and concerns regarding very disturbing allegations against your department, and we dedicate this site to YOU.  We will continually be updating this site to provide you with essential information you need to fix an agency for which you are in charge, and for which currently, and historically, has run counter intuitive to anything remotely close to the Department of Children Services, and is instead, responsible for the destruction of thousands, if not tens of thousands of children and families across your state.

The issues surrounding the Diegel sisters medical kidnapping, Kayla’s impending birthday, and the violations of DCS that we know, and could prove to be true, (if only you weren’t relying on the kidnappers as your source of information for this case), warrant your most serious attention, and action.  Though we focus on, and have followed the tragedy of the Diegel sisters, which we know can prove to be the poster child(ren) for all that is wrong in the system, we also bring to the table the horrific and tragic cases of the Smith family, and the Johnson family, cases that can bring both transparency and a fix to the systemic and unjust removal of children that has persisted for years in Arizona.  These three cases alone, serve to provide all the insight needed to fix crimes, and a system that has been ripping children, (at a rate of 32 per day in Arizona), from their loving homes, parents, siblings, friends, pets, and everything else they hold dear.  We have gathered our information from both the news, and in conversation with parties close to the cases, but there is also a plethora of information out there to validate the claims that this system needs a total overhaul in order to prevent the further destruction of children and families by the state, specifically, the department you oversee.

We have read the statements released by Phoenix Children’s Hospital, and those released by you and your staff, listened to the recordings made public by Melissa Diegel, and watched the training video for Arizona Family court judges, (a total disgrace, by the way – CNN), in outrage.  We understand you are neither in charge of the hospital, nor the court system, but you are THE man in charge of DCS, and as such have the full power and authority to investigate their wrong doing, and require them to drop charges against parents unethically, and unlawfully pursued.  If after a complete and unbiased independent investigation, you discover that the charges against these parents were falsified, and wrongfully pursued, prosecutions and terminations are swiftly required before any more children and families are irreversibly harmed.

The evidence for such falsification, wrong doing, and outright abuse by DCS in these cases is insurmountable, and you have invited an open door policy “…without fear of retaliation or retribution…”.  You are at a pivotal juncture where you can either change and fix a horrible department that is destructive to the very fabric of society, i.e., the family unit, and parental rights, and make Arizona the leading example of a state that puts a premium on preservation of families, and children, FIRST, or you can turn a blind eye to the truth, the facts, the evidence and the law, all of which is, and has been under attack for years by this department that is literally and figuratively destroying children and families, every waking moment, of every single day.

To date, those that have come to you are being brushed off with statements by you, (your office), stating:  “… Arizona Revised Statute § 8-807 as well as the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA) prohibit us from discussing specific details about a DCS case with persons who are not legal parties to the case. ”  No law should ever prevent you, or others from seeking the truth and facts, and CAPTA has fostered that the biggest source of child abuse is happening at the hands of those charged with enforcing this “Act”.  You can stop this.  You can fix this, and we offer you whatever assistance we may provide in helping you understand, and remedy the tragic situation in Arizona that has the state removing children from their homes and families at a rate that has doubled in the last 4 years alone!  This is a matter of public interest, concern, and urgency, and every day that passes, these children and their families are being further harmed – – – under your watch.

Your office states that you can, and will discuss “…specific details about a DCS case with persons who” [are] … legal parties to the case.”  If this were true, the Diegel case would be out of the limelight, and those children would be home forthwith, most especially, BEFORE Kayla’s 13th birthday, and this loving family would be united for the holidays!  That is what your words, and public interest dictate, but this case would also provide a template for what is wrong, and needs to be fixed, to prevent such a gross perversion of justice from ever happening again in the state of Arizona.  Certain things are already made perfectly clear, but any thorough independent investigation and assessment of this case, with or without speaking with the Diegels directly, would provide evidence that:

–  Dr. Siaw clearly made his report in retaliation for being fired, with the additional incentive of potential financial benefits and notoriety relating to medical studies.

–  Dr. Siaw was fired by the mother more than a week before he reported the mother to your agency for medical abuse, a ludicrous allegation since the mother subscribed to every medical treatment prescribed by Dr. Siaw, and the other medical professionals of Phoenix Children’s Hospital that now claims the mother is abusing her children medically.

–  Dr. Siaw, much more so than the Diegel parents, needs to be investigated for his neglect and abuse of his young patient(s) prior to their emergency admittance to the hospital, and compelling evidence will show that these children are being abused more than ever in state custody, and under his direction.

–  Dr. Siaw should be charged with malpractice, medical abuse, and most ironically, it is under his direction, not Ms. Diegels, that the over medicalization of these children has occurred, only to be completely stopped by him at the time these children were kidnapped from their hospital beds, and now being resumed because the children lost dangerous levels of weight, and were determined to be malnourished, UNDER STATE CARE, and at HIS DIRECTION.  This is child abuse.  This must be stopped, NOW.

–  Numerous individuals, including the CASA worker, and others, voiced concern for the neglect, abuse, and lack of proper medical treatment received by the Diegel sisters when in state custody, and under your authority, all of which was patently ignored, all of which was dangerous to ignore, all of which showed physical signs of abuse, that couldn’t be ignored, yet was ignored anyway, by people working under your supervision and direction.  All of this amounts to more abuse under state care than will ever be proved under the parents’ care.

–  The father’s legal rights as prescribed by law, and the rules of your agency, have been entirely ignored, as too has other “kins”.

–  The fact that your subordinates have moved for termination of parental rights, one of the most sacred of rights we are innately born with, without any reason, evidence, or even a trial or finding of guilty of ANYTHING, is appalling, and is one of the most egregious assaults against children and families any government agency could ever contemplate.

–  It is also in direct violation of your agencies’ rules and THE LAW,  and in violation of so many rights that DCS has no business infringing on, let alone violating.  The short list is due process rights, parental rights, medical rights and MORE.

–  The legal abuse by persons under your employ is overt, severe, and needs to be investigated and prosecuted to set the bar so this can’t continue as the protocol for your agency, in violation of the law, and as is being done to each and every case that comes into the system.

–  These violations of existing laws and rules by your department go to the heart of violating this Nation’s most basic civil rights, and are being done to destroy every family that has any involvement with DCS, with very, very few exceptions.

Is that an agency you can be proud to lead?  Meeting with and  investigating just the Diegel case, let alone the Johnson and Smith cases, will show you everything you need to know to FIX this agency, and stop the atrocities currently committed by those you employ!

The evidence is all there for YOU to see, and time is of the essence as thousands of children and families are suffering for things they did no wrong, and all the wrong and illegal things are being covered up by, and for your agency, and with impunity.  We are prepared to work with you, and for you to bring change to this most critical agency, and help you to lead the way for all children, in all states throughout the country, by simply doing what is right for those children and families right here in the state of Arizona.

Check back here often as we continue to try and reach out to you, add to this post, AND continue to add more information to help you.  Reach out to us, and we are yours to help you fix this atrocity, any time, night or day!  CPS: Problem, meet Solution

Flanagan CAN get Diegel Sisters HOME for Kayla’s Birthday!


Send this beautiful child HOME to her family that loves her! Dedicated to FLANAGAN, Dir. of DCS in ARIZONA

“I have implemented an “open door/open phone/open e-mail policy” without fear of retaliation or retribution. We welcome your ideas, suggestions and concerns. I believe that we must be collaborative in our efforts to create the best possible child safety system.”


4 comments on “Dedicated to FLANAGAN, Dir. of DCS in ARIZONA

  1. Vickie Van Scyoc
    December 6, 2014

    This is great except I could not find an email or an address anywhere. If this was in a change.org fashion, we could easily sign and share….Could someone send out the email?


  2. Mr. Flanagan does not have an email but we have been contacting his office via phone. Please visit A Miracle for Two Sisters on FB where contact information can be found on the page. Thank you Vickie for your thoughts and support.


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  4. Lawrence Espinoza
    January 21, 2015

    Mr. Flanagan does have an email
    My children also have been kidnapped and my parental rights supposedly terminated. Im here and the phoney baloney court procedings were the most asinine set of court hearings Ive ever witnessed. And just because someone repeats a lie three times, it does not then become the truth.


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