A Miracle for Two Sisters

Let's get these kids home, and then all kids unjustly taken! ALL children belong under the protective umbrella of loving parents. PLEASE remember to like and follow us on Facebook — A MIRACLE FOR TWO SISTERS

Dear Governor Ducey:

We respectfully request your attendance at

apr 9this AZ RALLY to show your support and concern for the 17,000 plus children in (technically) your care. 

Will you join us?

Governor, We take seriously your commitment to our most vulnerable, and that you would want what is best for them, and to fix the system that is well renown for being dysfunctional and broken. Nothing is really more important than saving children and families from harm, and very much harm is being committed against them under “color of law”. We implore you to come and meet and talk with parents regarding their experiences with DCS. We know you can’t do anything there, and then, but please come hear some of their stories and put faces to the names of this devastated families. Learn what is happening so that you can do more to protect children and innocent parents in Arizona. Your presence is desperately wanted and needed. These children, parents, and families have no recourse and no voice in the current process. Their rights and due process are being ignored, and we expect you don’t know half of what is happening to them in your state, under your watch. Please come, and learn.

Please attend the Arizona Children’s Rally on April 9th in support of children, parents, families, medical freedom, the Constitution, and the Rule of Law. This is your state and the future of your families and your children depend on this issue. What could be more important than being a voice for the children who have none, and the families that are so adversely affected by a system well documented for doing more harm, than good. You can fix this! Do you want to?

The legislators have also been invited and their presence requested.  These children are in state custody in Arizona without a voice.  


lonely RepublicansThere is precedent for you to speak out, and UP for Arizona children.  When Justina Pelletier was taken by the state of Massachusetts, public servants did not stay silent, the GOOD ones anyway!!!  


THIS video went viral almost instantly, and within hours of this confrontation, the family was contacted by the Department of Children and Families, (DCF), and they had a meeting the following day with the head of DCF.  At this point in time, it had been well over a year since Justina’s kidnap from BCH.  But so it would be that this unexpected confrontation with Massachusetts’ Governor became the turning point that lead to Justina’s release.  Previously the Massachusetts Governor had remained silent on the Pelletier case, but when pressed, said it was “in the courts”.  Everyone knows who’s in charge of appointing the Director of DCF, and that the Director serves at the pleasure of the Governor.  Moreover, everyone knows that the Director oversees all aspects of DCF, and it was DCF and DCF only, that put the Pelletier case, and all others IN THE COURTS!!!  Some arguments just can’t fly, and the “in the courts” argument is one of them.  Nothing gets in the courts until someone puts it there.  DCF puts all their cases there, and then controls the narrative and agenda.  Same everywhere, unfortunately, except in the very rare occasion you get a good judge that actually cares about the rule of law, and best interests of the children.

call ducey17,000 Children missing their parents, pets, and stuffed animals – many not even getting “visits”! Parents are UNCONSTITUTIONALLY GAGGED.  Who can speak for these children?  WHO WILL SPEAK FOR THESE CHILDREN?

A Miracle For Two Sisters's photo.
A Miracle For Two Sisters's photo.

A Miracle For Two Sisters's photo.

Some animals are treated better than CHILDREN in state care! BE THEIR VOICE – SHOW YOU CARE!

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We are hoping and praying that you recognize this calling and the urgency to end this cycle of tragedy that churns forward by the day.   Continue reading

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2 comments on “Dear Governor Ducey:

  1. chazzidy lackmann
    June 14, 2015

    im looking for help to return my kids home from cps rail roading my family …were a low class family but kids miss us and we miss them dearly its not fair how they can just run over people and just break up happy homes please help me I an be contacted email cmljmvkjv@gmail.com please someone help me !!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Anne
    August 1, 2015

    This just breaks my heart. Have you tried contacting some of the 2016 USA presidential candidates? I’m thinking specifically of Dr Ben Carsons who has spent his life helping children, but also maybe some of the others who are speaking out on other hot issues like Mike Huckabee and Rand Paul. They can all easily be contacted via Facebook. This should be of great concern to all Americans.




    Also Franklin Graham (CEO of Samaritan’s Purse, a humanitarian organisation that works with children; and he is the son of Dr Billy Graham). He speaks out very candidly on hot USA political issues. He would be horrified if he knew of this: https://www.facebook.com/FranklinGraham

    You have an audience of several million people right there.

    Sending prayers that your girls come home soon. Big hug!


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