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The Shoars’ Nightmare


ShoarsThe following is both from first hand accounts of people at the courthouse yesterday, as well as information from the Shoars’ Facebook page BEFORE the unconstitutional GAG ORDER was issued by Judge Sinclair.

As reported, around a dozen supporters showed up at Maricopa Durango Juvenile Court (Arizona) to support the Shoars’ family whose 7 young children were taken by DCS over 5 months ago, despite no charges being filed against them.  As of yesterday, DCS had their kids in 4 different foster homes, the younger two children in a Spanish speaking home when the Shoars family’s spoken language is English.  None of the children got to see each other all together except for October 1, 2014, until just recently where they could see each other once a week for 4 hours.

DCS refused to allow the in laws to take the children while the case is going on, even though they came all the way from Minnesota to get them.  The 7 year old son was in Children’s Phoenix Hospital for a week before DCF told the family he was there for having to have tried to cause harm to himself because he thought his parents were in heaven with his little sister.  The other untold psychological and other harm being done to these young children who were taken when their younger sibling died won’t be fully realized for years, but the autopsy done on their little sister, (who died when her parents were not home), is completed, yet unreleased at this writing.

As is frequently common in these DCF cases with kids in Foster homes, two of the Shoars’ children are in a home where the foster mom won’t allow them to call their parents, and it is being said the children don’t want to talk to them.  (Pretty much impossible to believe by anyone, as study after study show that even children abused by their parents still cry out for them and want to see the people whose love they seek)

Two other children are in a foster home where the foster mother is forcing the kids to call her mom, and their real mother and father by their first names.  DCS continues to state that the Shoars children do not want to talk to the parents, but the children tell the parents an entirely different story.  They are crying and begging to come home, the most natural thing any children in these circumstances would be doing, and the more believable scenario.

As of January 16, 2015 at 9:00 a.m. the guardian at litem for the children was trying to terminate the Shoars’ parental rights.  It has been 5 months since the kids were taken, yet there have been no charges filed.  The case manager has not emailed the Shoars for over a month after the case manager tried saying the Shoars weren’t doing anything they were supposed to do, but was proved wrong.  DCS is trying to say the Shoars neglected their two boys because they were not on medication.  However, the mother had met with the doctor on August 15th and August 18th, and it is DCS who still does not have them on medication.   Like so many others forced into these situations, these two boys have disabilities, and have been going backwards since being in the foster care system.sara 2

At the hearing yesterday, it was the same Judge Sinclair that Sara Johnson had about a week earlier.  Judge Sinclair declared in open court at Sara’s hearing to terminate her parental rights, that “Evidence doesn’t matter!”  (DCS has taken 4 of Sara’s children, and adopted 3 of them out.  SEE HERE: https://amiracle42sisters.wordpress.com/2015/01/09/the-johnson-story/ )

Without any charges being filed against the Shoars, and more than 5 months since the children were removed from their home, Judge Sinclair yesterday declared all visitations are now stopped, and the parents, and apparently everyone else, is gagged.  No one is really sure how that all works, with the Constitution and freedom of speech and all, but this is usually how it goes down when the government takes your children and wants to insure the public is kept in the dark.

There were 4 police there, and among the dozen or so supporters was Advocate William Fisher, and his girlfriend, from Washington.  Fisher manages the Fight for Lily Foundation, and is an outspoken advocate for families whose children have been kidnapped by the state.   After the Shoars came out of the courtroom, one of the supporters tried to take a picture of the judge, or the courtroom, or something. Police went up to Sara and got in her face about it, but she showed him she wasn’t the one taking the picture. Just as this was ending and the officer was kicking everyone out of the courthouse, everyone pulled out their phones and started recording what was transpiring. That short video is attached.

ALL Happening in America, Land of the FREE, and Home of the BRAVE… and then they came for YOU.

Please Sign the Petition https://www.change.org/p/thania-ancelmo-freedom-and-justice-for-the-shoars-family

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2 comments on “The Shoars’ Nightmare

  1. Kristle
    January 21, 2015

    I too have found myself in an endless nightmare with DCS after being a victim of domestic violence. My 2 girls were taken from me at what they call a “Team Decision-Making” meeting that was held on Nov. 1, 2013 at the office located off Black Canyon Hwy. and Thunderbird Rd. in Phoenix. They just took them right then and there. I was traumatized! After everything we had already been through, how could they do this? I’ve never had my parenting skills questioned prior to this. Since then, my visitations were cut off in February. I still don’t get to see or hear from them. I don’t get updates on them. NOTHING! I got a horrible Public Defender (or Public Pretender as I call her) who has never reviewed my case outside of court, half the time never returned emails to me, was late to court and was unprepared more often than not. At the last hearing I got a stand in judge who awarded me new counsel, but also granted the motion for my youngest to be put up for adoption! I’m lost and my world’s been turned upside down. I’m the only parent my youngest has ever known, and we’ve never been separated anything like this. There’s been times when I’ve felt like giving up, it feels like there’s no hope and then I think how my girls must feel and know I must keep fighting but it’s very hard.


    • Please continue to follow our page and hopefully attend some of our rallies with other families who’ve been victimized by the system. We are gathering stories from AZ families in hopes to present them to the legislators. Please consider sharing your story with the Miracle page via pm.


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