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MORE families fighting to be FAMILIES

cps harmNo matter what state you are in, the stories are the same, and when government/CPS comes into your life, your life is a living nightmare whether they take your kids or not, but when they take your children, which they do more often than not once involved,  a whole other nightmare begins for both the parents and children alike.  The children are ripped from their parents with no explanation, very often told false reasons, and brainwashed, and parked with strangers.  These strangers might be good or bad people, but regardless, severe emotional trauma is suffered by the children immediately, and is ongoing, and study after study has shown that ALL kids fair better even in bad homes, than they do in foster care.  Thus begins what so many will never completely recover from, if they overcome it at all.

The CPS nightmares are starting to add up for too many American families where they take the kids first, investigate later, and all the while push so hard for the narrative to fit their agenda.  Families are virtually powerless against the tax payer funded resources that currently have almost 500,000 children in state custody.  Hundreds of thousands more have either been returned after months and/or years of abuse in state custody, or adopted out from their loving families never to be seen again, until maybe, if not too brainwashed and damaged, they find their way back home.  Study after study has been found that children, even in abusive homes, fair better than in state custody where they are six times more likely to suffer abuse and neglect ranging from severe emotional abuse to physical and sexual abuse at the hands of strangers and a system that is irrefutably broken and causing more harm than good.

Are there cases where children need state intervention and can be helped or even saved?  Absolutely YES, but the system, as functioning can be proven to be causing more harm than good.  It’s taking far more children than ever should be ripped out of their homes and traumatized, very often for life.  One study puts the number of children unnecessarily removed from their home by the state as 17 children for every one that should be removed, but there is reason to believe that even those children, left in the home with resources and close supervision, would fair far better than under state care.  Far too many lives are ruined by government agencies that put the fear of God into anyone who has had to deal with them to get their children back.  Those that never have experienced this total destruction of their children and families under the guise of “protecting children”, better start waking up, because it is happening to more and more families you would never imagine it could happen to.

CPS/DCS/DSS, or whatever the various state has named their “Child Protective Services” is becoming more and more emboldened, even in the face of more and more of their atrocities coming out.  More and more kids, for more and more reasons are being ripped from their homes and shoved into homes of strangers, often families much worse than from where they came.  It is happening to good, loving families, and can one day happen to you whether it’s the sick child you seek a second opinion for, the healthy child that has an accident, or as in these 3 cases, the child with medical explanation that all too often is fought and ignored by an agency determined to be proven right at all costs, and at the expense of the precious children they are charged to protect.

PHOTO: Bria and Andrew Hubers daughter Kenley was also diagnosed with EDS by Dr. Michael Hollick.

Very rare is the situation where it can be said:  “It was very fortunate for Andrew Huber that the assistant district attorney assigned to this case was an intellectually honest, capable individual who ultimately arrived at the proper conclusion and … dismissed this case in Andrew’s favor,” attorney Prospere said.

Andrew Huber was separated from his 3-month old daughter for nine months, until the child abuse allegations were finally dismissed when their child was properly diagnosed with EDS. – See more at: Rare bone disease leads to bogus child abuse allegations

Far more common is prosecutors doubling down in conjunction with CPS, confident that the courts will rubber stamp everything they want, to prove they were right all along – regardless of the facts.  The Michigan family with the mother on the run, and the father convicted of child abuse and facing prison was reported on here:  Attorney calls CPS actions “Legal Terrorism”. the burns familyThe mother, cleared of all charges, has gone into hiding so that CPS can’t take her baby from her, again.  Their baby, Naomi Burns, was taken for 7 months when she was 2 months old, and their story is very much one of a middle class American family, a registered nurse, and a commercial airline pilot, completely destroyed by CPS.  The family, like tens of thousands of others, is pleading for the public’s help:  A Family Torn Apart

Maine Mom Hopes Diagnosis of Rare Syndrome Will Exonerate Dad of Child Abuse Charges

Parents are fighting to prove their young son suffers from a rare medical condition that could explain his multiple fractures and help clear his father of child abuse charges.

Brandon Ross, 25, is accused of injuring his son,Ryder family Ryder, when the boy was just 2 months old.  His wife Cynthia, has never been charged, but she is not allowed to be alone with her kids, Ryder, now one years old, and their daughter Rozalynn, now 3 years old.  Brandon is allowed twice a week visits with his children under strict, often draconian state supervision, and Cynthia only visits her own children with her mother while they are housed Cynthia’s father, a registered foster parent.

Brandon was indicted in June 2014, and is awaiting trial while he and his wife fight to clear his name.

They said their son was diagnosed with a rare syndrome called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS), which can cause extreme elasticity of the skin and flexible joints that are unstable and prone to dislocation.

“This is my new job. My new job is to re-unite my family,” Cynthia Ross, 24, told ABC News’ “20/20.”

Their full story is set to air on “20/20” –  Friday, March 13 at 10 p.m. ET. on ABC News



And here are 10 Things You Should do if CPS is Investigating You umbrellasA Miracle for Two Sisters

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