A Miracle for Two Sisters

Let's get these kids home, and then all kids unjustly taken! ALL children belong under the protective umbrella of loving parents. PLEASE remember to like and follow us on Facebook — A MIRACLE FOR TWO SISTERS

National UMBRELLA Rally – Across America!

 u10Marking the 2nd Anniversary of the Medical Kidnapping of Justina Pelletier.

Viral Umbrella Rally & Umbrella Strolls at various locations!

Help us bring awareness to the illegal kidnapping of children by Children’s Hospitals and corrupt Child Protective Services across America as

rose w umbrella“ALL children belong under the protective umbrella of loving parents” 

February 14th


12 – 3pm

 From everywhere in America! u8

There will be “boots on the ground ” for a peaceful umbrella stroll to take place at 

Phoenix Children’s Hospital

Boston Children’s Hospital

Connecticut Children’s Medical Center

and Lurie Children’s Hospital

umb kidsbut people across the country are encouraged to organize their own rallies concurrently at hospitals where loved ones were kidnapped, or in front of state houses across the country – – – Let us know where your rallies will be, and we will promote!

Please post thisumb flag event on your wall and send pictures to A Miracle for Two Sisters of you and your families or yourselves under an umbrella decorated with pictures of children who have been unjustly taken. u blk & whIn addition to organizing a rally near you, hang an umbrella on your fence or in your yard to show support. Be creative and send your pictures to US!!

We must bring this conversation into every living room and stop the destruction of families by CPS.  They take your kids, and bleed you dry, all in the name of “Children’s Services”!!!umb meltz

One in 17 … or 1,000 of every 17,000 children devastated by this, may have been high risk to require potential removal from their homes, but the system is so inundated with cases that never should have been opened, never mind families ripped apart, there is a greater risk that the children most in need will get overlooked, and NO SERVICES! LET THAT SINK IN FOR A MOMENT!  umbrel K&H

******LESS THAN 1,000 of the almost 17,000 children in state custody in Arizona, should ever have been even considered to be removed from their home – – – or rather – – – over 16,000 children and families LIVES DESTROYED for no viable reason except DCS practices.****** 

These children are traumatized as they are ripped from their homes for no reason, and with no understanding of what is going on.  They are separated from everything they know, from their parents, pets, schools, friends, and everything they hold dear.  They are thrown in with strangers, often separated from their siblings, and subjected to everything from experimentation with psychotropic drugs, to bullies, child abusers, and are 8 times more vulnerable to sexual abuse than children outside of foster care.  All the while the families are emotionally and financially devastated, and often destroyed to the point of losing everything as they fight for THEIR children back. 

All too many of these parents lose these children FOREVER, and taxpayers fund their adoptive family to raise them while their parents’ hearts have been ripped out and never again heal from such a barbaric, and draconian experience, all at the hands of the State.  u11

These families are destroyed by spurious allegations that are railroaded by deceit because of a financial agenda, and an agency that can never be proved wrong because the balance of power is all on their side.  Parents don’t stand a chance as the agency has set the narrative to fulfill that agenda! Nothing could be more wrong than the state destroying children and families, and in Arizona the state leads the country in doing just that!  AND, that number keeps going UP!!!  Parents who can’t afford the $50,000 to $100,000 for a private attorney to fight for their rights, LOSE THEIR KIDS TO THE STATE, AND THEY GET ADOPTED OUT, when this is the reality of what is really going down >>>>>READ:

The FED IV-E funding puts a price tag on average of $6000 per month per child in incentives to the state.  Please read: Child removal for money?  and view this video Also see: The TRUTH about CPS/DCF, DSS, DDS, etc.

Note:  these references only federal money, not child support which states do in fact charge in case of removal. Take that in for a moment. THEY steal your children, and then charge you for their care while denying you your children, and double dipping! With state’s respective deficit…this provides a big incentive. The WRONG incentive.

No doubt some children are in abusive situations, but they will not be helped. They will be lost in a system so screwed up it’s become a revenue stream. Who will stand up for the children???

Please read: Child removal for money?  and view this video Also see: The TRUTH about CPS/DCF, DSS, DDS, etc.

u6Don’t know the story of the Sisters? START HERE: here

Stand with us in our efforts to raise awareness of these atrocities, BEFORE THEY COME FOR YOU!

#Miracle42S AMiracleForTwoSisters.org  #Johnson



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