A Miracle for Two Sisters

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t4Now that we’re seeing or learning more and more of Medical Kidnaps like the Diegel Sisters, and cases like the Shoars, and the Johnsons popping up in Arizona, it is remarkable that neither local, nor main stream media cover these stories (except for this brief clip by Fields Moseley). It is all the more remarkable when you consider that Mosely’s facebook page indicates that the Tonya Brown story received the most comments, and shares over almost every other story, and in most cases, by a wide margin. Conventional wisdom is that the media goes where the public appears most interested. Yet with the Tonya Brown story there wasn’t so much as a follow up on what appeared to be a story of very wide interest.

The Miracle Team set up the interview with Fields Moseley, and another local station, the night before Tonya Brown’s final court date fearing that the Judge would take the unconstitutional measure to gag Tonya the following day. As suspected, she was gagged, and the clip below ran sometime after the gag order was issued. The other station did not run anything about the story, nor did any other local or main stream media, but it was said in the interview that did run, that the court would make a decision on whether or not to terminate Tonya’s parental rights before Christmas.

Like so very many of the children in Arizona who are taken by the state at a rate of 32 children a day, everyday, little Christopher, who had not seen his mother in the prior 12 months, would spend Christmas away from all those who raised and loved him. Unless appealed, little Christopher will never see his mother again, as Tonya’s rights were terminated. Even if appealed, the chances of overturning such a decision are highly unlikely, especially if left to a public defender. The people of Arizona should start taking note of how quietly, and atrociously parental rights are terminated, and swept under the rug as though nothing at all happened, and the fact that this is but one of many that were the result of Phoenix Children’s Hospitals’ actions.

t1One would think that such a story, i.e., the severance of parental rights, permanently, would be huge, but the opposite is just the case while enormous coverage is given to the fact that “for the seventh straight year, Maricopa County Superior Court is on track to be the largest National Adoption Day event in the United States.” It’s absolutely frightening that this is going on at all, but with so little attention paid, these destroyed and shattered families are on their own to fight the Goliath of a tax payer funded government, and the clout of Pheonix Children’s Hospital and their research at all costs programs.

That Tonya Brown, after a 5-day trial, over a 6-month period, had her parental rights TERMINATED, t2and that her beloved son will be adopted out, is an outrage enough. But, there is actually an as big, if not bigger story here, on so many levels.  One, none the least of which should be, that she had a public defender. An investigation into how this whole process is orchestrated would shake any normal person to their core.  Among other things, it would show that dependency cases  in Maricopa County that have public defenders, have a rate of returning children to their parents of almost zero percent.  It would also, in most every instance show, that the road to such results is a kangaroo court worthy only of third world countries.t3

IF this is still the America that was once great, it is sure not the state that adopted, and professes to hold Parental Rights in any great esteem.

Wake up people, and stand up for those that are going through this now, because if not stopped, then they will come for you as they have for the Diegels, the Johnsons, the Smiths and thousands more, without anyone even knowing it is going on behind closed doors, and gagged.  This is NOT in the best interest of Arizona children, and it is certainly not justice. It is pure evil and barbaric insanity.


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