A Miracle for Two Sisters

Let's get these kids home, and then all kids unjustly taken! ALL children belong under the protective umbrella of loving parents. PLEASE remember to like and follow us on Facebook — A MIRACLE FOR TWO SISTERS

Please join the TRUTH TRAIN

Five Minutes, 3 EASY Steps, HUGE IMPACT!

While Melissa Diegel, the mother of The Sisters, is being aggressively prosecuted, (at tax-payer expense) for breaking an UNconstitutional GAG ORDER to save her daughters’ lives, nothing is being done about the suffering and abuse of her medically fragile children in State Custody.  She is but one of many who cannot speak to the injustices happening in Arizona with an out of control Department of Children’s Services that is ripping children out of loving homes, literally severing parental rights FOREVER … and succeeding in terminating parental rights at a rate of 99.5% in Maricopa County! 

REPEAT:  In Maricopa County, when DCS petitions to terminate parental rights, those rights are terminated 99.5% of the time!

That means when DCS petitions to terminate parental rights in that county, they issue a death sentence on your family.

That means 1 out of every 200 cases, a judge decides contrary to the DCS recommendation of terminating parental rights. 

That means this agency, DCS, has an exceptional record for terminating parental rights — FOREVER!

It is both alarming and barbaric that this agency is allowed to perpetuate such terror on the children and families of Arizona.  It is unbelievable that we have allowed a governmental agency to wield that much power over parents.  How can they possibly be correct that many times … unless the system is 99.5% corrupt and stacked against the parents?

This statistic smacks of corruption, and that is why it MUST be brought to everyone’s attention immediately.  WE, “the people”, must be Melissa’s voice, and the voice of ALL families living this nightmare!  We have sent ALL State Reps and Senators the following lettersLegislators that have responded to our letters will be acknowledged below, but NO LEGISLATOR should be allowed to sit idle while this is happening to their constituents across the state!

PLEASE help us stop these atrocities!  PLEASE CONTACT THE LEGISLATORS WITH YOUR OUTRAGE BEFORE IT HAPPENS TO YOU!  If you can spare 5 minutes to send this letter to Legislators, there are easy instructions and their email addresses BELOW.


Welcome to our Legislator Letter Series! Arizona Children are being kidnapped by the state at an alarming rate, 32+++ children per day, EVERYDAY! Let us join together to tell the Legislators what is happening and what we expect them to do to stop this “Reign of Terror”. That is our theme!

“The reign of terror by DCS against Arizona parents must stop.”

Let’s contact the people who can make this change happen to release all children unjustly taken and prevent these tragedies from reoccurring. As always, please be kind and respectful. We want to make friends with the legislators and work together to … Restore Arizona Families and Rescue Arizona Children!

We’ve made it SUPER SIMPLE, and you can do it in under 5 minutes for each series!


3 EASY STEPS – – – 1, 2, 3, and Hit SEND

1. Pick a letter from the choices below, and copy and paste it into the body of your email that you are composing. You can send as is, tweak the letter to make it your own, or add something to give it your personal touch from there.

2. Copy and paste a group of email addresses from below into either the CC: section or BCC: (preferably BCC:) of your email address

3. Enter a unique subject line, and try to avoid using ‘DCS’ or ‘CPS’ so that the legislators cannot filter emails by specific subject line!

HIT SEND!  YOU’RE DONE — BUT, not before you sign your name, or use ‘A concerned citizen‘ or ‘A concerned parent‘ or ‘A concerned constituent‘ or whatever you like.

SUGGESTION: We recommend emailing in batches, one to the Representatives, the other to the Senators, and they are already grouped for you.


Please leave a comment stating that you sent emails, and definitely let us know if you get any response! It would be great if a few days later you moved on to the Letter Series 2, and then a few days after that, Series 3. Imagine the impact this will make if LOTS of people do it!!!

If you live in Arizona and are concerned about retaliation, please consider signing up for an email account on google for political purposes.



Representative Emails:

jackerley@azleg.gov,lalston@azleg.gov,randrade@azleg.gov,bbarton@azleg.gov, jbenally@azleg.gov,rbolding@azleg.gov,sborrelli@azleg.gov,rbowers@azleg.gov, pboyer@azleg.gov,kbrophymcgee@azleg.gov,ncampbell@azleg.gov, mcardenas@azleg.gov,hcarter@azleg.gov,kenclark@azleg.gov,rcobb@azleg.gov, dcoleman@azleg.gov,despinoza@azleg.gov,kfann@azleg.gov, efarnsworth@azleg.gov,cfernandez@azleg.gov,mfinchem@azleg.gov, rfriese@azleg.gov,rgabaldon@azleg.gov,sgonzales@azleg.gov, dgowan@azleg.gov,rgray@azleg.gov,ahale@azleg.gov, akern@azleg.gov, jlarkin@azleg.gov,jlawrence@azleg.gov,vleach@azleg.gov, dlivingston@azleg.gov,plovas@azleg.gov,smach@azleg.gov,ddavis@azleg.gov, jmendez@azleg.gov,jmesnard@azleg.gov,emeyer@azleg.gov, dmitchell@azleg.gov,smontenegro@azleg.gov,jnorgaard@azleg.gov, jolson@azleg.gov,lotondo@azleg.gov,wpetersen@azleg.gov,fpratt@azleg.gov, rrios@azleg.gov,trivero@azleg.gov,brobson@azleg.gov,msaldate@azleg.gov, asherwood@azleg.gov,tshope@azleg.gov,vsteele@azleg.gov, dstevens@azleg.gov,bthorpe@azleg.gov,ktownsend@azleg.gov, mugenti@azleg.gov,cvelasquez@azleg.gov, jweninger@azleg.gov, bwheeler@azleg.gov

Senators Emails: 

eableser@azleg.gov,sallen@azleg.gov,nbarto@azleg.gov,cbegay@azleg.gov, abiggs@azleg.gov,dbradley@azleg.gov,jburges@azleg.gov, ocajerobedford@azleg.gov,lcontreras@azleg.gov,adalessandro@azleg.gov, jdial@azleg.gov,adriggs@azleg.gov,sfarley@azleg.gov,dfarnsworth@azleg.gov, ggriffin@azleg.gov,khobbs@azleg.gov,jkavanagh@azleg.gov,dlesko@azleg.gov, bmcguire@azleg.gov,rmeza@azleg.gov,cmiranda@azleg.gov, lpancrazi@azleg.gov,spierce@azleg.gov,mquezada@azleg.gov, dshooter@azleg.gov,stsmith@azleg.gov,kward@azleg.gov, bworsley@azleg.gov,syarbrough@azleg.gov, kyee@azleg.gov

NEW, Start HERE:  Topic is medical kidnapping.

Dear Legislator:

There is an epidemic of medical kidnapping in Arizona. Healthcare providers are calling the Department of Child Safety on parents when they so much as ask for a second opinion, and these parents are losing there children for months, years, but in Arizona’s Maricopa County, FOREVER.  DCS is also called in on parents who have either fired the doctor, or filed a complaint against the doctor, and in many instances doctors can use this as a “loophole” to avoid costly malpractice suits!  Parents cannot pursue the case if their child is in state custody, so unless the laws are changed, this barbaric form of averting medical malpractice is providing a free pass for any and all doctors from ever being held accountable for anything, while destroying lives and families forever.  It must be stopped.  YOU must stop it.

There is ample evidence of exactly this type of abuse for multiple cases, yet between gag orders, closed courts, and sealed cases, these situations never see the light of day.  All the while, these supposed DCS “specialists”, who are often not even completely trained in their own jobs, are then called in and allowed to make decisions on the intricate and subjective questions of medical abuse or neglect that they know nothing about. Many of these cases involve medically fragile children with multiple complex medical issues that involve multiple doctors and specialists. Needless to say, DCS agents do not have the necessary medical knowledge, discretion, or experience required for such critical decisions, and parents aren’t only losing their children because of this, but the children are suffering untold emotional, physical, and medical damage as they are tucked away in foster homes that have even less expertise in these delicate medical issues. DCS simply cannot be allowed to fulfill a duty for which they are neither trained nor qualified.

One simple solution to the problem is to prohibit DCS workers from seizing any children who are being treated by any licensed medical practitioner. This can be done by adding the following to Arizona Law 8-201.01. Prohibitions: “3. A child whose parent, guardian or custodian is following or agrees to follow the treatment plan of any licensed medical practitioner shall not be considered to be an abused, neglected or dependent child under the guise of medical abuse or medical neglect.”

Additionally, any parent, guardian, or custodian accused of medical abuse or neglect shall have the right to obtain a letter of testimony from a licensed medical practitioner indicating that the child is currently being treated by a licensed medical practitioner, or that the parent agrees to the treatment plan of an alternative licensed medical practitioner of the parents’ choice. The parent, guardian, or custodian shall have sufficient time to obtain such testimony prior to any removal of the child by DCS, except under immediate life-threatening circumstances requiring immediate admittance to an emergency room.  Otherwise, the child remains under the parents care and supervision until DCS has obtained testimony from a licensed medical practitioner claiming such necessary immediate action, and such report shall become public record.

If the parent, guardian, or custodian is able to present testimony that the child is being treated according to the treatment plan of any licensed medical practitioner, DCS shall immediately release custody of that child back to his parent, guardian, or custodian.

These changes will protect children and families from fraudulent, malicious, or mistaken reports that cause the unnecessary, traumatic, and life-altering experience of forced separation — especially during a time of illness when the presence and support of family, as well as a safe and stable environment, can be the most critical aspect to health and recovery. Additional benefits include reducing the workload of an already overburdened DCS system, and creating a healthier and happier society by reducing the destruction of Arizona families.

I encourage you to write, support and pass this legislation to protect the children and families of Arizona against the unconstitutional medical kidnappings currently occurring at an alarming rate in this state.


Existing Law:
8-201.01. Prohibitions
Notwithstanding any other provision of this chapter or chapter 4, articles 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 of this title:
1. A child who in good faith is being furnished Christian Science treatment by a duly accredited practitioner shall not, for that reason alone, be considered to be an abused, neglected or dependent child.
2. A child whose parent, guardian or custodian refuses to put the child on a psychiatric medication or questions the use of a psychiatric medication shall not be considered to be an abused, neglected or dependent child for that reason alone.

Proposed Addition:
3. A child whose parent, guardian or custodian is following or agrees to follow the treatment plan of any licensed medical practitioner shall not be considered to be an abused, neglected or dependent child under the guise of medical abuse or medical neglect.


For those of you who made it here, PLEASE come back in a few days and do the next Letter — THANK YOU! AND, stay tuned …. after we get letters sent, to comment on their facebook pages, tweet them, and call them. Try just ONE facebook party, and we assure you it will be fun and satisfying. Please invite everyone you know who might be interested in this cause to join us. Let us effect some change and stand up for the children!!!

* Legislator Letter Series ~ Letter 1 *

Our first letter is focusing on the closed courts and gag orders. We want open courts and jury trials. We want gag orders eliminated! Optional subject: Closed courts and gag orders assist fraud and corruption in DCS!

If you didn’t send it yet, you will find it here.

**Legislator Letter Series ~ Letter 2**

********************* Letter Series – Bill Support **********************

Information on the bills: HB 2047 – requires supervisor approval before a DCS agent can remove children

HB 2049 – prohibits experimentation on state wards,
HB 2283 – requires a warrant for a DCS agent to enter a home without consent, eliminates prayer or leaving for 2nd opinions on medical treatments as grounds for abuse, neglect, or dependency; requires the corroboration of three licensed physicians before DCS can remove a child for medical neglect.

If you didn’t send it yet, you will find it here

***Sample Letter Regarding Untrained, Overzealous DCS Agents, and Supervisor Approval***

*** Legislator Letter Series ~ Letter 3 ***

If you didn’t send it yet, you will find it here.


6 comments on “Please join the TRUTH TRAIN

  1. barbara
    February 4, 2015

    it happens everywhere bye bye kiddos as i see it…there trafficking our kids ugh


  2. Barbara Sonin-Robbins
    February 4, 2015

    Governmental hijacking if children for monetary and political gain??? WHAT IS HAPPENING TO OUR AMERICA???? Wake up, America!! BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. bjoerszaz
    February 13, 2015

    I have emailed the legislators. I have got two automated responses, i don’t know what district I’m in. What do i do now?


    • Tammy
      February 16, 2015

      If you go to azleg.gov on left side pretty close to the top it will say, ” how do I find my legislator “, or something like that. Hope this helps


  4. bjoerszaz
    February 13, 2015

    I have emailed the legislators, I’ve only got two automated responses. It tells me to find out the district and email them the word reply


  5. Tammy
    February 14, 2015

    This needs to stop. I can’t even imagine the pain these families are having to endure. .. I thought you might be interested to know that I have sent the first 4 letters to our representatives and as of today I’ve only recieved (1) response, and that was just an automated reply acknowledging that they recieved my letter. I will keep you posted.


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