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Melissa Diegel testifies at State House TODAY

speakMelissa Diegel, mother gagged from speaking about her daughters’ kidnap from Phoenix Children’s Hospital, [SEE Mother gagged to conceal children’s abuse in Foster Care] testified before the Judiciary Committee this Wednesday in the House of Representatives.  It wasn’t easy.  She was the last to be heard on behalf of Senate Bill 1459.  After getting there early to sign in at the kiosk, the computers crashed after she entered her name.  After everyone who was signed up spoke, Melissa was able to show her ticket that she had signed up, despite her name not reflected on the list, and testified in favor of SB1459.

Melissa spoke of how it was the Legislators job to insure children felt safe going to school, and children affected by the restraint and seclusion that SB1459 addresses, did not and could not feel safe.  By way of background, restraint and seclusion in Arizona schools had no restrictions in terms of what they could and couldn’t do as children were locked in padded rooms, often closets, for hours at a time.  With little to no oversight and many districts ignoring the rules that were in place, the first bill came out requiring parental notification and use only with prior permission of imminent danger.  State Rep Kelly Townsend sponsored the first bill and it was signed in to law in 2013.

More restrictions were and are needed as many children subjected to this form of punishment were harmed emotionally and physically.  Children have even died from this, most of them special needs, most with no voice.  This new bill expands protections for children and PASSED with overwhelming support in the Senate.  It is now making its way through the house, but still needs YOUR support!  We thank the sponsors of the bill, Kelli Ward and Catherine Miranda.   Here is an update to the story.

Senate Bill 1459 would regulate the use of seclusion and restraint in Arizona schools   A new bill making its way through our state legislature would regulate the way schools can restrain and seclude children.   abc15.com|By Elizabeth Erwin

Many lobbyists continue to fight to repeal the restrictions Townsend’s bill accomplished, and many of these lobbyists are the same ones sabotaging the desperately needed change in DCS.  Abuse by the state is abuse, and many more reform bills are needed.  PLEASE help us lobby the Legislators for desperately needed changes to protect our children, and parental rights.


take 5 minutes to help us stop the atrocities . . . happening all across the country where children are being taken into state custody at an alarming rate, and parental rights are being severed, and families destroyed – – –  FOREVER! 

123 press sendEVERY letter received, counts, and every letter details a different aspect of a very broken system that has a dramatic, and devastating impact on children and parents for generations to come.  Let us join together to tell the Legislators what is happening and what we expect them to do to …

STOP the reign of terror by CPS, DCS, DCF or whatever they want to call it!

HELP us contact the people who can make this change happen to release all children unjustly taken and prevent these tragedies from recurring.

We’ve made it SUPER SIMPLE.  Pick a letter from the Truth Train link above, follow the instructions in the blue box, HIT SEND and YOU’RE DONE!  Be a voice for the children, and be a voice for all the families UNconstitutionally GAGGED!


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