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Note to AG Horne, and Mr. Flanagan

Tom_Horne_by_Gage_SkidmoreTo AG Horne:  Melissa Diegel is not responsible for the content on this page, has had nothing to do with its inception, and does not write or post anything to this site.  Most of the content on the page is from multiple sources, but we certainly do take things Ms. Diegel has released to the public, and post them here.  In conclusion, like so many other erroneous statements relative to Ms. Diegel, she is in no way involved with this site, and it is simply advocates who want to get her children, and ALL CHILDREN, unjustly taken, HOME.  Please fix this horrible, horrible, horrible system that is destroying children and families across the state, and INVESTIGATE what has gone on for the last decade plus, starting with the egregious conduct of everyone responsible for the lies that were promulgated in the Diegel case.  This would provide you a roadmap to hold people accountable for the lies and misinformation that causes loving families to have their children ripped away from them, will make things right so these atrocities don’t continue, uninterrupted, as they have done for years, and years, and years, and help all children and families similarly situated.  The carnage of families in Arizona has got to stop, and the Diegel case is a good place to START.  Please dismiss this case and prosecute the criminals that have allowed for these precious children, and so many others, to suffer and be tortured~!~  We don’t accept the torture of terrorists.  We hardly will tolerate the torture of our most vulnerable, CHILDREN!Flanagan

To Mr. Flanagan:  A thorough investigation into the Diegel case would help thousands, and thousands of children across the state, because it would show you how it has been done, unconscionably, for years.  The evidence, patterns and practices, and everything you need to fix this very broken system can be found in the Diegel case, and you can be sure, with few exceptions, the same has been done to pretty much every family, across the board.  It’s got to stop, and we are prepared to help you SAVE THE SISTERS, and all other children UNJUSTLY TAKEN.  The time for change is now, the opportunity to do right is all yours.

The first step is to order the release of the Diegel children to their parents, NOW.  There is MORE evidence, (lots more), than this, but this should prove ENOUGH, as should the fact that there simply isn’t ANY evidence to substantiate ANY of the allegations against Ms. Diegel except bad people’s “say so”.  THEY HAVE NO PROOF, but we have all the proof they are LYING:  https://amiracle42sisters.wordpress.com/give-my-daughters-back-melissa-diegel/

Let us know what we can do to help either of you SAVE THE CHILDREN and BRING FAMILIES TOGETHER FOR THE HOLIDAYS.


Children and families are far too important to let THIS be true:

Insider: New DCS agency is falling back to old CPS ways

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One comment on “Note to AG Horne, and Mr. Flanagan

  1. Mom4Love
    December 17, 2014

    Us local moms of medically fragile children are talking about this case and many more. We know the bigger picture here! We are not stupid! Elected officals and people who rely on our children for a pay check better get on the right side of the fence. Your profession suggests the whole path you chose in the first place was to HELP people. Now over the years you have been jaded and faded and all you seek is you own agenda. Follow the money!!!!!!!


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