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The TRUTH about CPS/DCF, DSS, DDS, etc.

Take one (1) minute to learn what is happening to the Diegel sisters, or under 7 minutes to learn even more about the financial incentives of states to kidnap kids, and the WINDFALL for some Foster Parents to starve and [fill in the blank] medically fragile children!!!  Yes, this is from another state, but SAME FEDERAL FUNDING, and same M O of how it works.  This video is too true, and frighteningly familiar to what can be proved is going on in ARIZONA, and across the country, and especially concerning, in the Diegel case.

Same crimes against children and families, different day, all by the government, and paid for by YOUR TAX DOLLARS, all while parents speaking out to save the children are GAGGED, and prosecuted by YOU.

AND here, brought to you exclusively from ARIZONA,

Arizona CPS Caseworker Turned Whistle blower Reports on Abuse of Power

Meanwhile, Arizona’s former CPS Child Welfare Administrator, Director Clarence Carter, states adamantly that “there is not” any issue with CPS caseworkers bullying parents.  He then stayed on at the helm until way after CPS was abolished by the Governor, and any investigation could have proved Carter’s claims to be untrue ALL DAY LONG.  Just talk to anyone who has been on the other end of CPS/DCS.  Months after the below aired, Governor Jan Brewer abolished CPS because of a reported 6,500 plus reports of child abuse and neglect that were never investigated.  The head of the agency at the time, Carter, only recently resigned when the new governor took office.  If that’s not telling of how concerned government was about Arizona’s children and families under Brewer’s administration, what is?  The only change to date?  The letters of the alphabet to represent the agency, (CPS to DCS), and a new man in charge – Flanagan.
Are these government agencies overseeing Arizona’s foster care system even trying to get to the truth, and help these children and families?  If so, SHOW US.  All we get to see is pleas for MORE $$$, MORE CPS workers, MORE foster homes, and adoptive homes while investigations and prosecutions is everything that is needed to stop the taking of 32 children a day from Arizona families. In this video, (under 4 minutes), a child dies and CPS doesn’t even know, and court documents show judges admitting children were removed from parents simply because the caseworker “got ticked off” at them.  Again, a true investigation, a forensic audit of the last 10 years, would prove this happens more frequently than anyone would ever want to know, and children and families’ lives and futures hung in the balance in the most destructive of ways.

Imagine, kidnapping children, terminating parental rights, adopting children out, because of lies, fraud, and getting ticked off, coming from case workers there to protect children, and families, and PAID FOR BY YOU.

See here what really goes on, what is known to go on, and hasn’t changed a bit – – – except for the speaker, a former Senator, who was since murdered.

(Under 11 minutes)


And here, the crime of all crimes, Judges training Judges, (right here in Arizona, and posted on their government training website), how to remove children from their homes and families for the most financial reward and compensation.

Please read: Child removal for money?  and view this video wherein you can hear:

Judge Brain specifically tells his students:

If you are removing a child, a contrary-to-the-welfare finding is mandatory. If you do not make that finding when you remove a child from a placement, you forfeit federal funds. You can get away with it under State law; you can catch up later; things will get fixed. But…the federal government says if you didn’t make that finding right at the outset, first time through, you’re not going to get any federal money for those services, ever.

He went on to talk about private child removal orders. Sometimes one member of the family seeks to remove a child from the home of another.

If you don’t go through and check some boxes or make a finding somewhere in the original orders, CPS is going to have a kid they can’t pay for.

Note that carefully: check some boxes. Judge Brain says those words fifty seconds into the video. After that, an officer with the Arizona Department of Economic Security describes such a case.

A Facebook user, commenting on the video, said:

I saw this video on the azcourts.gov website over a year ago and immediately wanted to burn down the juvenile courthouse with the judges in it. It’s funny how those dependency training videos for new judges are not there on the revamped site anymore. It’s full of incriminating statements by the crooks spearheading the whole scheme.

[credit source: http://www.conservativenewsandviews.com/about/ ]


One comment on “The TRUTH about CPS/DCF, DSS, DDS, etc.

  1. Candice Block Lombardi
    January 22, 2015

    Everyone in the United States needs to know about this ongoing evil that breaks apart families and destroys lives. Federal officials must do something about the misuse and abuse of the system by judges, case workers, hospitals and more!


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