A Miracle for Two Sisters

Let's get these kids home, and then all kids unjustly taken! ALL children belong under the protective umbrella of loving parents. PLEASE remember to like and follow us on Facebook — A MIRACLE FOR TWO SISTERS

No Mr. Flanagan,

skinny girlsYour supervisors aren’t overwhelmed because they are understaffed.  They are overwhelmed because they keep ripping children out of good, loving homes, terrorizing them and the parents, and lying about it to TERMINATE parental rights.  They are continuing to overwhelm the system by doing this, and you keep wanting to ignore the truth, when it’s right in front of you, and being laid at your feet!

If you follow the facts and the truth of the Diegel case, and look behind the curtain of lies, you would see the boiler plate model for all things wrong with your department, and a road map of how to fix it.  This would and could save tens of thousands of children and families in Arizona, right thousands of wrongs, and stop this from ever happening again!

This blog was Dedicated to FLANAGAN, Dir. of DCS in ARIZONA .  We tried to tell you that Flanagan Being Deceived by Kidnappers – Diegel Mother Breaks Gag to Prove LIES .  There is EVIDENCE in there, and here WHO are the real LIARS, ABUSERS, and KIDNAPPERS?!?!? and here Mother gagged to conceal children’s abuse in Foster Care and lots more behind it.  There was information here to help assist you in what needs to be fixed, Mr. Flanagan, STOP Legal Kidnapping: The Case Against CPS, and you ignored CPS: Problem, meet Solution, and every thing else that clearly spells out what is wrong and needs to be done to fix this very, very, most serious problem affecting TENS OF THOUSANDS of children and families of Arizona.

We never blamed you, but we saw you as the fix, IF YOU WANTED TO BE.  We wanted to work with you for something of such importance, of which we were all too familiar with it from the other side, and knew far more of the truth than you can possibly hope to find in going to the perpetrators of these atrocities for your information.  Instead, you ignored Kayla’s Birthday Flanagan CAN get Diegel Sisters HOME for Kayla’s Birthday! these children’s, and all the children in your “Department of Children’s Services” CHRISTMAS – – – Flanagan CAN get Diegel Sisters HOME for Christmas! Do you know that DCS couldn’t be bothered to deliver Kayla and Hannah’s Christmas presents from their mother until more than half way through January, if they even still have gotten them?  They were provided BEFORE Christmas.  Do you know the girls are being starved, (yes you do, how could you miss 25% weight loss, and the irrefutable evidence), and brainwashed, and PUNISHED for speaking their mother’s name?  THAT, IN ITSELF, IS CHILD ABUSE!  Have you personally looked into where they are, who they are with, or even met them?

This has been your response to date FLANAGAN’s (office) RESPONDS when this Arizona’s Brewer/Diegel Sisters vs. Mass’ Patrick/Justina Pelletier was provided to show you how the Governor of Massachusetts, and his department head of similar stature as you GOT JUSTINA PELLETIER HOME, (albeit way after serious, and perhaps permanent damage was done to her!)  You could have looked into this:  A Response to Phoenix Children’s Hospital: Kidnapping is wrong!  You could have started HERE:  Billion Dollar Children – Justina Pelletier Repeat, the very first thing put up on the Miracle page!  You allowed all this to happen without ever pulling the curtain open on your department to SEE what has been going on for years, and years, and years, that needs to stop, and you could stop it:  WHERE IS CHRISTOPHER BROWN?,The Shoars’ Nightmare, The Johnson Story,Who Will Be Next?,And then they came for YOU!, ANOTHER Arizona Kidnapping

YOU KNOW that adding more foster families, adoptive families, and $$$$$$$$$$ is NOT the answer to stopping the ongoing destruction of even MORE families in Arizona, AT A RATE OF 32 CHILDREN A DAY!!!  Investigating and prosecuting those who have lied and wrongfully removed children from their homes and families IS THE SOLUTION.  STOP the carnage, and most importantly, watch at least the first minute of this The TRUTH about CPS/DCF, DSS, DDS, etc. because what they did to that poor 9 year old boy in Foster Care who ultimately DIED from losing so much weight, and being starved to death is EXACTLY why Melissa Diegel had to speak out.  That is what was happening to her girls in your care, and the lies and cover up need to STOP before it is too late.  (Hot tip:  Supervise, read investigate, the supervisors, and start with the ones in the Diegel case to send those girls home NOW.  You will clearly see they NEVER should have been taken in the first place, and every day that passes causes them more danger and trauma.)

THANK YOU State Rep. Kelly Townsend, R – Mesa, who is calling for more oversight and accountability at the Arizona Department of Child Safety.  At least somebody gets it!!!

NIX (CBS5) – An Arizona legislator says there are not clear rules that spell out the conditions under which the state can remove children from your custody.

Now 16-month-old Hannah Osceola suffered a terrible seizure in February of 2014 when she was just 7 months old. Her mother, Shawna Green rushed her to the hospital for treatment.

Just two hours later, police officers and a DCS specialist descended on the emergency room and announced to Green that not only was the state taking custody of Hannah, they were going to her home to remove her other three kids from custody as well.

“I was thinking, what happened? What did I do?” said Green.

Doctors noted evidence of a possible rib fracture to Hannah and reported it to the authorities. It turns out that what doctors saw was a rib deformity from a surgery Hannah had at 4 months old.

“I provided all the evidence. I don’t know why they would do that,” said Green.

It took 16 days and an experienced attorney for Green to get her kids back.

Townsend is proposing a law that would force DCS to set up clear policies that spell out what has to happen before a child is removed from the home.

DCS Director Charles Flanagan told CBS5 last week there’s a backlog of more than 13,000 cases the agency is combing through.

He also expressed concern about an apparent lack of direction for the agency’s investigative specialists.

“One of the biggest problems is they don’t have the supervision, mentorship and leadership they need. Why is that? Because our supervisors are overwhelmed and they’re carrying full caseloads,” said Flanagan.

When asked for comment on the proposed legislation, a DCS spokesperson provided CBS5 with the following statement:

The Department’s standard practice is for the Specialist to consult with their supervisor or supervisor’s designee prior to serving a Temporary Custody Notice. DCS policy does allow for Specialists to remove a child without prior consultation with their supervisor in emergency situations where that is not possible, in order to ensure there is no delay in protecting the child. In such a situation, the Specialist is required to notify their supervisor within two hours of the removal.

Read more: http://www.kpho.com/story/27888351/legislator-calls-for-more-dcs-oversight#ixzz3PNN7qWk5

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