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Jennifer Mallory a/k/a Jenn A Mallory alias’ for Dianne Marie Jefferis

Diane - Jennifer - Copy

The recent rant of Diane Marie Jefferis who primarily posts as Jennifer Mallory, more recently Jenn A Mallory, but also uses Sara Roy and a host of other names has prompted a response.  Countering all the BS in her misleading, if not outright false, rant would be counter productive, much as the rant itself is.  There are, however, two core themes handily refuted, so might as well do so since the topic was raised by her.

1-  If the goal of this page was self promotion, or to promote this blog, why is no name (except the “Sisters”), anywhere to be found, and no promotion of it having occurred since April 1, 2015?  April 1st is when Jennifer, Melissa (Deigel), and Bethany painstakingly copied everything on this blog authored by the owner, (of which none of the 3 were), and opened it up under a new page as their own.  They did this by changing one letter in the title, and then promoted the new site as theirs for almost a year before the author and owner of all the content demanded they take it down.  This demand was made not only because it was a copyright they were infringing on, and using as theirs, but they were concurrently maligning the owner/author of this blog the whole while they had stolen and were using the work product.  Melissa went so far as to pretend to barely know the author/owner while stating “she briefly” helped with the Two Sister’s page, and that she hardly knew me.  Such blatant lies went unaddressed despite pleas from many to expose Melissa as the liar she was.

Jennifer/Diane, was a retired manager of Friendly’s Ice Cream with little self esteem, attached to the hip of Melissa, a brilliant and calculating puppet master.  But where is this self promotion, or promotion of the blog “Jenn” speaks of as being my main concern? today 494

The only time my name was used in all the things done on behalf of the Sisters, which was A LOT, was when I dealt with the media and/or legislators, behind the scenes, and there needed to be a contact person for them to speak to.  Otherwise I was happy to remain nameless, as none of this effort was about me.

Contrast that to Melissa Deigel who made me the spokesperson for the family when she was gagged, but seeks the spotlight and name recognition in all she did and does after officially breaking the gag, which commenced on Thanksgiving day 2014, but was ultimately made moot about a year later.

2- Point number two in need of refuting requires some background.  Whatever scheme was set in motion before the phone call that lead to the blow up of the original Miracle Team in April of 2015, I cannot speak to.  All I know is that the demise of the team was stunningly on the eve of Melissa’s first hearing on terminating her parental rights when the only thing Melissa seemed to care about is that her story, with her byline, completely unrelated to her, be published.  Why that was an unreasonable request was quite simple.  Melissa had never met or even spoken to the family involved, so it made no sense to run with a story she wrote on them when someone who was deeply involved with the family had already written it!  And so, on that issue alone, the Miracle Team was blown up, today 499that particular night, by way of phone calls and emails from Melissa and Jennifer to the rest of the team, filled with lies about me.

Fortunately, all involved didn’t believe a word of the lies, but it would be three days later that dear friends/team members would find the words to tell me what had been going on behind my back.  It was then that we all knew we had to get away from this evil and their evil plotting, and never looked back except to notice all the red flags we had missed in our blind devotion to help Melissa.

That on the very day of Melissa’s TPR hearing, the main concern, effort and all energy of Melissa, Jennifer and Bethany was focused on copying everything in this blog, and recreating it to promote as theirs on the Miracle page was stunning, to say the least.  The next shocker would be when Bethany bragged about how she did it, and how the other two would have taken forever the way they were trying to do it until she figured out how to get it done far more easily.

The ensuing evil that I, and the rest of the original Miracle Team watched commence made this overt theft of copyright pale in comparison.  FYI, only two changes were made to this original material on their bootlegged version.  One was a title change to one of the stories, the other an addition of one (1) article related to Angel Cook.  Everything else remained exactly as it had been posted and/or created except that the format was somewhat scrambled due to their not knowing how to steal it properly.

It was almost a year after the blowup of the original Miracle Team when it was demanded that the fake version of this blog be taken down due to a particularly vicious attack on my character. The once blindly devoted to Melissa, and the sisters, the original Miracle team was continually bewildered with flat out lies too obvious to ignore that continued to surface  once the blinders were off.  The reality of who was who, and what was what continues to haunt us, but Melissa got her “journalist” designation, and has blown up several more teams since.  Note you have not heard any of this until now because it was even hard for the original team to accept how we had been manipulated and used as tools for so long.  And, who wants to expose a mother fighting for her children, or at least appearing to be all about THAT?

Whereas the truth behind the blow up of the Miracle Team may be harder to show without releasing the slew of emails and PMs that would substantiate it, Jennifer/Diane’s premise that my goal was to promote this page for my own self promotion or gain is readily seen as the  lie it is.  Nowhere do I attempt to take credit for, or put my name on anything, even now, or back then, when I spent months around the clock working on and/or creating it and the articles, in addition to everything else involved with helping Melissa.  Nothing has since been done since the blow up to further promote this blog, and nothing was done before then to take any credit or put my name out there for self promotion.  Period.

What mattered then, at least to me, was getting the sisters and other children home to their parents.  What matters now, apparently, is destroying all advocates, and in effect any hopes of unity to go after the real enemy and save children and families from the unconscionable carnage that is being perpetrated against them by our tax dollars under the auspices of CPS.

There is more – much, much more, but chew on the above for now and question the motives of those spending so much time and effort to destroy a movement desperately needed to help children and families.  To be continued, if I feel like it, or am moved to further respond with facts.  (The pictures above were all from when Melissa, who hardly knew me according to what has been screen shot of her posts about me, spent days and nights at my house with most of the original Miracle Team pulling out all the stops to celebrate her 40th birthday, and make her feel supported and loved.  No effort or expense was spared, but there again goes the saying “no good deed goes unpunished”).

Gads, the things you learn and come to know in hindsight, when it’s too late.  Rant over for now.  PS Jennifer/Diane:

today 503

The Famous Cake

When I can find it I will scan and post either of the two 6 and 7 page, typed, small font, letters you snail mailed me to recruit me to help Melissa.  I never did finish reading them, they were so crazy, but I did come in to help in spite of them.  One thing is sure, I and the others should have listened to the Justina admins when they repeatedly warned us to have nothing to do with Melissa.  Seemed they were right all along!

Update:  Mallory was wrong again.  Said I inadvertently posted under my name on a site she claims I admin, and then she said I deleted the post so she offered screen shots.  Nope, wasn’t inadvertent, and nope, what she claims was deleted is still there!  Curious as to why one would make so much stuff up when it’s so easy to get it right.


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