A Miracle for Two Sisters

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WHO’s kids were these?

FosterCareStatsCould their home have possibly been THIS BAD? Another foster care to adoption horror story that would never happen if the system wasn’t being overloaded with kids that never should have been removed from their homes in the first place.  Less kids pumped into the system means less strain on the need for foster homes always deemed in such short supply –  Children sleeping overnight in Arizona DCS office buildings.   If only children most at risk were taken, then there would be more likelihood they are placed in the best homes with the most qualified people.   Instead, people of all ilks, and questionable quality can become foster parents.  Some states, like Massachusetts, approve foster parents with criminal records.  Many states maintain other questionable practices and overlook more obvious signs of abuse and or neglect in foster parents than ever tolerated with biological parents where kids have been removed – – – which is precisely what happened here.

It would be so simple if it weren’t for the huge industry that has been built up around the taking of kids. 

It’s not a hard concept to understand, i.e., that throwing money at the problem for more social workers, and more foster homes only makes the problem worse.  This is evidenced by decades of this having happened, and the system just getting bigger and worse as systemic problems go unaddressed.  But it feels good, and it sounds good to all those who aren’t in the know.  They convince themselves they are “helping” abused or neglected kids, “society’s most vulnerable”.   Wake up folks.  It is unconscionable that this state sanctioned kidnapping is allowed to continue, unchecked, when reality is that the more kids taken, the more homes and services needed, and the system perpetuates itself in both requiring more funding, and garnering it.  The result is child protective agencies are doing far more harm than good, and families are being destroyed for generations to come.

Even after huge scandals make the headlines, the default position never changes.  Hire more social workers because they are understaffed, and overwhelmed.  Pay more to foster homes because there are just not enough of them.  The answer is never taking less kids, or sending those that don’t belong in the system home.  Here is an example of a “Child Protection” agency’s intervention.  You have to wonder how bad the home they were taken from really was, if even bad at all, and what these children’s parents had done that came close to this.

We will never know as protecting the “confidentiality” of the child is more important than anything else, including safety, transparency or accountability – always.

Nurse’s assistant sentenced for torturing two adopted childrenAdoptive mother sentenced

A Los Angeles nurse’s assistant was recently sentenced after pleading no contest to two counts of torturing a 7-year-old girl and 8-year-old boy.  She had adopted these children after being their foster-mother, despite a history of child abuse investigations going back to 2001.  Callers to the county’s child abuse hotline twice reported that she was abusing her own biological children, but social workers decided the allegations were without merit.

Who’s children were these before this monster was allowed, by child protective services, to foster and adopt them? 


In December, Ingrid Brewer, 53, pleaded no contest to two counts of torturing the 7-year-old girl and 8-year-old boy she had adopted after serving as their foster-mother, according to the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office.

The children told deputies that Brewer beat them with electrical cords and a hammer and locked them in their bedrooms when she went to work as a nurse’s assistant at UCLA Medical Center, Hudson said.

Before Brewer’s adoption of the two children was finalized, county files contained at least nine investigations of alleged abuse involving Brewer over the previous 12 years, according to a person familiar with the investigation.



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