A Miracle for Two Sisters

Let's get these kids home, and then all kids unjustly taken! ALL children belong under the protective umbrella of loving parents. PLEASE remember to like and follow us on Facebook — A MIRACLE FOR TWO SISTERS

Phoenix Children’s Hospital DONATE NOW

day 3aYes, ’tis the season when Phoenix Children’s Hospital, (PCH), pulls at the heartstrings for donations and has special fundraisers, and the likes, even though they get millions in Federal Funding, millions more in private donations, hundreds of millions from big pharmaceuticals, and have a contract with the Department of Children’s Services, (DCS), to get compensated for every child they turn over to them by reporting the children’s parents for abuse or neglect.  Contrast that to the families who have their children turned over to DCS and need $50,000 to $100,000 to retain an attorney in an effort to get these children back from DCS.  They are the ones that need the donations, especially during this painful season when these ripped apart families suffer so emotionally while the rest of the world ‘celebrates’ and makes great efforts to be together with family for these holidays!

Toyland – Presents for Kids in the Hospital over the Holidays  Toyland – Celebrating Holidays in the Hospital You can make a child’s holiday wish come true – support our Toyland event!  phoenixchildrens.org

Apparently the “You can make a child’s holiday wish come true” only applies to those children that PCH doesn’t medically kidnap, and systematically rip from loving homes, destroying their lives, families, Christmases, and more.  A Response to Phoenix Children’s Hospital: Kidnapping is wrong!  The children once under their care that are now guinea pigs are shoved into K&H hospitalgroup homes, or strangers’ foster homes, where DCS has unilateral control of their fate and future.    And that’s where the Diegel children, and so many others will spend their Christmas, denied the love and affection of their families, with strangers every night and day, and all special days and holidays.

Meet the precious, adorable, wonderful Hannah Diegel, hkidnapped last April from her hospital bed at PCH.  Dr. Siaw, who had been overseeing Hannah’s medical care since before her brain surgery, was fired by the mother a week before Hannah was admitted to PCH, and kidnapped a few days later.  Taken to the emergency room because food was backing out through her nutrition feeding tube as a result of no place else to go, an X-Ray revealed the painful bowel impaction Hannah had been suffering the week prior, while Dr. Siaw could not so much as be bothered to return a phone call to the mother, or check in on Hannah during the entire period he proscribed a hospital grade laxative that this ten year old child would end up being on, (and receiving no nutrition all the while), for 22 days!  How or why skinny girlsDr. Siaw was allowed to come in the next day and take over this poor child’s care a week after a formal request was made for a different doctor/opinion, is beyond comprehension. He now maintains control of this child’s care to date, (as well as her sister, Kayla’s), and is responsible for 10 year old Hannah losing 20% of her body weight, and 12 year old Kayla losing 25% of hers, all under Dr. Siaw’s supervision, and in state custody, basically being starved, and who knows what else.

And so began the retaliatory process of what is now becoming so common among Children’s hospitals across the country.  It has been named a “Parentectomy”.  This is a process by which the parents are stripped of all parental and medical rights to their children, and as wards of the state, hospitals can perform research and drug trials on them without the child or parents’ consent.

today 037      Think Justina Pelletier as the most renown instance of this, and know there are thousands more the public is unaware of.  Justina was held captive by Boston Children’s Hospital, (BCH), for 16 months until public outrage and outcry finally lead to her release back to her parents care.  During that time BCH had admitted that 14 year old child into a locked down psych ward for 10 months on the premise that the experts who diagnosed her mitochondrial disease at Tuft’s Medical Center, were wrong.  They claimed Justina’s problems were all in her head.  Justina was denied all her treatments, and important vitamin cocktails that had successfully allowed her older sister to overcome the same disease.  Under BCH’s care and oversight, Justina is bound to a wheel chair, when she had formerly been a competitive ice skater.  She now remains FREE, and back in her parents’ care, but has been hospitalized for months, (and is currently), from what is suspected to be the results of her mistreatment under BCH, and possibly irreversible damage.

today 468      The Diegel sisters are suffering a similar fate and diagnosis, the older sister losing alarming weight, and recently turning into a teenager , (13), in DCS custody – no parents or presents allowed for her birthday!  The mother hasn’t seen her children since last August when her concern over their drastic weight loss and bruising was at its height, and three independent sources indicate their concerntoday 452 for the children’s health and safety, and recommend various things be done to safeguard them, all ignored by DCS.  WHO are the real LIARS, ABUSERS, and KIDNAPPERS?!?!?

This is Hannah about 6 months before she was kidnapped by PCH.  At the time, she was creating artwork to be used for PCH’s fundraising.  Above is one of her masterpieces she was creating when Fox News did their story, and the picture BELOW pch is her creation used by PCH for Christmas cards to their shareholders.

Ordinarily, you can’t put a face on most of the children PCH has medically kidnapped,  as so many remain in the shadows, unconstitutionally gagged from speaking of thetoday 471 horrors they endure at the hands of PCH.  Even more are simply too afraid to come forward out of fear that they will never get their kids back, or see them again if they speak out.  Who really can take on the Goliath of the well funded PCH, as well as the unlimited taxpayer funds of the courts and DCS.  for profitThe odds are all stacked against these parents the moment the kidnapping agenda is put in motion, and absolutely no regard is given to the financial, emotional, medical, or physical damage done to all the children and families this happening to, all across America.  Worst of all, the vast majority of the population doesn’t even know it is happening, and most that do, think it could never happen to them!

There is a morbid irony here when the mother was forced to remove all pictures of her children from the internet, and take down her FB page “Justice for the Sisters”, and is now facing contempt charges, and jail for violating this order while being blamed for everything and anything on the internet that relates to her daughters for which she has no control.  Yet, PCH can use the same children to promote their fundraising, and this Fox news report still remains available on the internet on their website.  The Diegel sisters have not seen their mother since last August.  They are currently trying to sever her parental rights, permanently, with no trial, on allegations promulgated by Dr. Siaw, the fired PCH doctor, and yet PCH aggressively raises money on statements like “Donations from caring people like you make it possible for us to offer the very best medical specialists, cutting-edge technology, and family-friendly services without regard to the family’s ability to pay.” [SEE below].  The Diegel family’s non-ability to pay for private attorneys to get their children back is not covered by any insurance, as the hundreds of thousands PCH is billing their private insurance company is while the Diegels have no access to their children or medical records!.

Foundation Blog | Phoenix Childrens Hospital Foundation       It’s not too late to send your loved ones a holiday card this season. Visit your neighborhood Safeway to pick up a pack of the latest and greatest cards designed by the patients at Phoenix Children’s Hospital benefiting the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders. Assortment packs can be purchased for $10.00, which includes 10 cards and 5 designs. New to this year, Safeway will also offer Phoenix Children’s Hospital ornaments for $20.00. . . Every contribution to Phoenix Children’s Hospital has a direct impact on our young patients. Donations from caring people like you make it possible for us to offer the very best medical specialists, cutting-edge technology, and family-friendly services without regard to the family’s ability to pay. Thank you for investing in our life-saving work!


ALL these girls want for Christmas is to go home!!!

Legal fees have already wiped out their college funds, and they desperately need your help:  www.gofundme.com/MiracleNeeded

Urgent - Help

PCS says:  “To determine the type of items to collect please refer to the Child Life Wish List. These are items that are most desired by patients in the Hospital. The list can be viewed on the Phoenix Children’s Hospital web site here.”

The Diegels SISTERS would prefer to be with their families rather than get toys from strangers.  After all, most children would prefer their families and receiving toys at home, or at least be with their own things, pets, siblings – – – except for what PCH has done.  Please consider giving anything you would give to PCH, to giving to SAVE THE SISTERS at www.gofundme.com/MiracleNeeded, and help us reach all their Board of Directors (below), and all their shareholders to do the same.  We need a big donor, or lots of small donations to get even close to what this is going to cost in legal fees to get A Miracle for Two Sisters while your tax dollars, and PCH have unlimited resources and abilities to gag the mother, and keep the truth from being known!

While they promote their fundraising and that their “Critical Needs” are Molecular Medicine, we need to get the girls HOME to their families where they are LOVED AND MISSED!

03-07-14-Molecular-Medicine-is-a-Game-ChangerThe Ronald A. Matricaria Institute of Molecular Medicine at Phoenix Children’s marks a critical turning point … For the first time in the history of medicine, treatment decisions can be made based on the findings of what has changed within an individual’s own DNA. The patients of Phoenix Children’s Hospital will be at the center of this medical revolution. [Read More]


ALL these girls want for Christmas is to go home!!!


YOung-Child-PCHThe Hope Fund is the most flexible and valuable way donors can support Phoenix Children’s Hospital, allowing us to meet new challenges and take advantage of opportunities as they arise. The Hope Fund helps us launch critical new programs, purchase essential equipment, conduct cutting-edge research, provide charitable care, and much more. Many donors choose to support specific programs and services that meet their areas of interest and personal goals, and these gifts are valuable and essential to our mission.  (Notice PCH can use pictures of children on the internet, but the mother of kidnapped Kayla and Hannah CAN NOT!)


ALL these girls want for Christmas is to go home!!!


Board of Directors of PCH

Jon Hulburd
Chairman of the Board
Community Volunteer

Mark Bonsall
Immediate Past Chairman of the Board
General Manager, Salt River Project

Jacque Sokolov, MD
Vice Chairman
Chairman & Senior Partner, SSB Solutions

Robert Meyer
President and Chief Executive Officer
Phoenix Children’s Hospital
Bob’s bio

Randal Christensen, MD
President, Phoenix Children’s Medical Staff
Dr. Christensen’s bio

Robert M. Delgado
President and CEO, Hensley Beverage Company

Michael Ebert
Managing Partner, Development

George F. Getz, III
Director, President and Co-CEO
Globe Corporation/Globe Foundation

Ken Kendrick
Managing General Partner, Arizona Diamondbacks

David Lenhardt
CEO, PetSmart

Connie Mariano, MD, FACP
President, Center for Executive Medicine

Ronald A. Matricaria
Community Volunteer
Founder of the Ronald A. Matricaria Institute of Molecular Medicine
Ron’s bio

Jeffrey P. Morray, MD
Immediate Past President, Phoenix Children’s Medical Staff
Phoenix Children’s Hospital
Dr. Morray’s bio

Brian Swartz
Chairman,  Phoenix Children’s Hospital Foundation Board of Directors

Phoenix Children’s Hospital Foundation Board of Directors

Brian Swartz
Chairman of the Foundation Board

Sheila Zuieback
Board Secretary
Trustee, Halle Family Foundation

Robert Meyer
President and Chief Executive Officer
Phoenix Children’s Hospital
Bob’s bio

Steven S. Schnall
Senior Vice President and Chief Development Officer, Phoenix Children’s Hospital Foundation
Steve’s Bio

Taylor Burke
President, Rainy Partners

Larry Clemmensen
Community Volunteer

Kevin Czerwinski
Principal, President Merit Partners, Inc.

Jeffry King
President, Pete King Construction

Herbert J. Louis, M.D.
Director Emeriti

Mark Love
President/CEO, LKL Partners, LLC

Jonathan Pinkus
President and CEO, Arizona Nutritional Supplements

Dave Ralston
Chairman and CEO of Bank of Arizona

Scott Rehorn
Partner, Red Development, LLC

Chris Stamets
Principal, Western Retail Advisors

David Watson
President, Revolution Tea


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