A Miracle for Two Sisters

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Why Should Our Military Care About CPS and Parental Rights?


Those risking their lives, and fighting for U.S. freedoms right now learned the shocking and horrific details of the families of Veterans back at home, who were desperately fighting, often alone, for medical treatment and help for their loved ones, against a huge, and corrupted system designed specifically to support all Veterans.  Rights were violated, Veterans suffered, struggled, and even died, families anguished while the very agency charged with helping these Veterans, scrambled and covered up their crimes.  The military should take a hard look at their own homeland, because while fraud and scandals are taking the headlines, freedoms are being destroyed and lives ruined by the U.S. government more than any foreign enemy.  Many military are appalled and disgusted — and want to know — why the “freedoms” they are fighting for overseas are becoming more and more worthless in the homeland.  The U.S. Constitution, and Bill of Rights are being ignored and disregarded, or more accurately described, literally trampled, in so many ways, none the least of which is in what CPS/government is doing to children, families, parental rights, due process rights, free speech rights, medical rights, and so much more, specifically, the future of children and families in America. What good does it do to fight for your country only to lose your own children to the state with no recourse. If rights are not enforceable, they are not rights at all.

The military needs to take note, and get involved, and see what’s happening at home, often enough, to their own homes, or there is little hope left of regaining any freedoms that have been lost … and none will be preserved.  Is it time to invoke the phrase “Protect against enemies foreign, but most especially domestic”?  Here’s some compelling reasons we would like to get our Military, and other Freedom Fighters behind our cause:

The stories of abuses by CPS/DCS that are happening NOW are just the tip of the iceberg. Children taken from their parents when bringing their children to emergency rooms, or parents asking for second opinions is fueling an already broken and disaster of a system that could be likened to how the government did exactly the opposite when it came to Veterans, and now families in an America more focused more on the Kardashians than any of the newsworthy issues of the day.

Forced home visits are included in the Affordable Healthcare Act which indicates that parents under 21, smokers, military and ex military, and families of kids with disabilities will be targeted for “early intervention”.  Discretion will be given to various government agencies to determine the who and how, much like Veterans were treated by the VA.  So, Americans will now have, but another agency and vehicle through which to strip them of further rights.  In this instance it is a department that is already infamous for its inadequacies, and even criminal behavior, unlike the Veterans Administration where the scandal broke only after the evidence was produced.  After, misusing federal funds in cash for kids schemes across the nation, and misusing and abusing the 4th Amendment, the 4th Amendment, along with many others, is no longer a factor as “FORCED” HOME INSPECTIONS will become the new rule of law.

Is everyone OK with home visits in which a young, inexperienced person has total discretion to tell you what to do with your kids and has the ability to take them with a wink of an eye?  If so don’t do anything about what we are screaming from the rooftops about State Sanctioned Kidnapping, CPS, DCF, DCS, DYS or whatever new name or initials being promoted as protecting children and families.  But if you want to stand up for the Fourth Amendment, First Amendment, and let’s not even talk about the Second Amendment, because what good are guns to protect your home and family if, in losing all your other rights, your family has already been ripped apart.   but if you think b.s.!!! Not on America then start speaking up now. Start with the active cases, tell your legislators you won’t stand for this crap and do what we elected you to do. Read the stories I’ve shared. No proof is needed!!!!

The Diegel girls need the public’s help.   They need an army to stand up and be their voice until Flanagan picks up the torch and leads the way to save the Diegel girls, and thereby helps all children of Arizona unjustly taken.  These young girls are but two of thousands across the country that this is happening to.  State Sanctioned Kidnapping is becoming an epidemic, and it needs to be stopped.  This is a movement, starting and focusing on these two sisters, and it won’t be stopped until all children UNJUSTLY taken are returned home, to the families that love them – – – BEFORE they are adopted out to strangers for profit!

What Can YOU Do to HELP?Lions


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2. Tweet:  JOIN our Twitter Storms.


3.  Email DCSDirector@azdes.gov these articles (to FLANAGAN), and everyone else you can!


4.  HELP us raise the legal fees for an attorney:  http://www.gofundme.com/MiracleNeeded

SIGN the Parental Rights Petition HERE

turquoiseNo human beings in the United States of America can stand by idle while these atrocities are committed against families, especially when the truth OR a 10 minute phone call can get these girls home where they belong.

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