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Dear Mr. McKay – YOU NEED TO KNOW!

Dear Mr. McKay,

It is impossible to understand the pain imposed on children and families and the destruction of the lives of all involved at the hands of the Department of Child Safety and the Family Court system unless you hear about the individual experiences that these people suffer. What do you know about what really happens in this system from those it is supposed to serve?

Please read and consider the effects of the following occurrences:  (all of these incidents can be documented):

– After a mother and father express concern over great weight loss and bruises in their children, DCS terminates parental visits
– The very next day, after terminating visits for baseless reasons, and outright lies, DCS files to sever parental rights – permanently.

– A judge makes a mother “not a party” to the proceedings that will terminate her parental rights.
– A relative is told by a DCS worker “You will never see that child again because you [******] me off!”
– A court-appointed attorney tells a mother to voluntarily sign a form relinquishing her parental rights and says that she can get her children back later.
– A judge abruptly and without warning changes a case plan from reunification to termination of parental rights and adoption. When the mother asks “Based on what evidence?”, the judge replies, “Evidence doesn’t matter.”
– A CASA worker informs a mother that she quit because she was concerned for the health of the mother’s child and the lack of proper medical attention the child was receiving, and cites incidents of foster home abuse and neglect to DCS who does nothing about it.
– A court-appointed attorney fails or refuses to file a motion critical to the mother’s defense, provided by the mother to the attorney.
– A judge refuses to let a mother speak at the hearing for her children.
– A gofundme account for legal fees for a family is frozen … repeatedly.
– A child taken by DCS is told that her parents are dead. They are not.
– A judge tells a mother she is being difficult because her third court-appointed attorney refuses to defend her in an effort to regain her children.
– A parent is denied visitation because the foster family took their child out of state.
– Parents are ordered to take down a web site soliciting support for their family.
– A judge refuses to even look at exculpatory or exonerating evidence by a mother.
– An Arizona citizen witnesses a DCS case manager with confidential files everywhere making confidential phone calls and checking on cases in a public eating establishment without any privacy.
– An Arizona physician states publicly on the internet to parents “… if you will not vaccinate [on time] then you will leave my practice, and I will file a CPS report … for medical neglect, too.”
– A mother works with an attorney willing to fight for her rights to her children, until one day the attorney abruptly refuses to act in a legal manner to that end, and literally works for the other side to sabotage the mother’s case.
– A judge postpones a hearing on a case until one year after the children have been taken into custody … despite regulations requiring that it occur within 90 days.
– A non-elected government employee threatens U.S. citizens across the country for speaking about cases and abuses committed by Arizona DCS and family courts.
– A judge protects government agencies and actors by ordering parents to not speak publicly about their case when the parents’ only goal is to defend their children and speak against government abuses.

– DCS, AGAs, and Judges completely ignore hard evidence of abuse and neglect of children in foster care, and sever parental rights, permanently, with no evidence of either abuse or neglect by the parent.

– AGAs in collusion with DCS promulgate blatant, obvious, and documented lies as fact with no repercussions, and parents lose their children forever as a result when these lies are readily proved as false.

– Public defenders who know nothing of a case are pulled from hallways and the parents are forced to use them despite repeatedly stating in open court they choose to represent themselves.  (These are on critical and serious issues for which the PD has no knowledge.

– Public defenders routinely do not return phone calls, file any motions on behalf of the clients they represent, and do nothing in the way of preparing any defense for parents whose children’s lives are on the line.

– Supervised visits are imposing ruthless, draconian, unconstitutional, unreasonable, and mentally harmful restrictions and perimeters on both parents and children, and dramatically affecting and interfering with the parent child relationship and the child’s well being.

– Reunification plans are nothing more than words on paper by DCS, with absolutely no effort or intent to attempt moving toward.

Stories and experiences like these listed above are not isolated events. They are happening repeatedly to parents, families, and children all over the state. It is essential for legislators to discover what is happening to their constituents, and to consider what it is like for these children delivered to strangers with no explanation why, and restricted in what they can ask or know, sometimes punished for merely saying their parents’ names or referring to them.  They are often taken and not seeing their family days to weeks, wake up every morning wondering what has happened to their lives, family, pets, home, friends, and more.  Are deprived of their families on not just their birthdays, but their parents and other family members birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and so many special holidays and events – – – for months, years, and sometimes forever, all too often for NO LEGITIMATE REASON.  The mind control and mental abuse needs to be investigated urgently, as there are studies that reveal it can take as little as 3 days to brainwash even adults.

Surveys from and interviews with those exiting the system including parents, DCS agents, CASA workers, court-appointed attorneys, and children would be invaluable in assessing the truth and exposing the fraud regarding DCS and Family Courts.  There are too many testimonials, backed up with evidence, to ignore what is going on by DCS and in these courtrooms to allow this to continue, uninterrupted.  You need to know what’s really happening to these children and families so YOU can effect laws and change to protect them.


The Devastated Families

PS  Mr. McKay, we are rooting for you.  Please investigate the improprieties, not of your making, but prominent within your agency.  Please take note of this:  https://amiracle42sisters.wordpress.com/2014/12/01/cps-problem-meet-solution/


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