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Is putting children in Foster Care REALLY helping them?

Is putting children in Foster Care REALLY helping them?

Look at these statistics!!!   Can you believe this???

At the time of this chart …
There are 408,425 children in foster care.
Girls in Foster Care pregnant by the age of 19 …. 50%
Former Foster Kids in U.S. Prison … 74%
Carcerated Within 2 Years of “Age Out” … 50%
Former Foster Youth on the Death Row … 80%

What are we doing to our children???


Does this sound normal to you?  Please take another look at these statistics.  These numbers are unbelievable and outrageous!

So, is putting children in Foster Care REALLY helping them?
Obviously not!  Then, who is really benefiting from this system?

There are so many things wrong in this system. From the above statistics, it seems quite obvious that keeping children OUT of the foster care system should be a HUGE TOP priority. S o, how do children get put into the system? Well, calls in to the DCS Abuse Hot Line are categorized by priority.  Maybe we need to take a serious look at how these calls are handled and prioritized.  In that effort, please read the Legislator Letter Series Letter 6 to better understand what is happening … and then send those letters to the legislators so that they can see for themselves and then hopefully everyone can work together to … Stop the reign of terror by DCS on families and children in Arizona!

Let’s get these girls home!   Diegel-sisters

We at the Miracle team are well aware that there are many good families in our country who foster for the right reasons which is to genuinely open their hearts and homes to a child in need.  There is a small percentage of the total children in care who do need and would benefit from good foster parenting. However, by studying reports and scanning charts, the percentage of children with good outcomes is not inspiring.   Maybe by leaving children who are not in danger with their families, we can reduce the number of children in the foster care system so that the truly good and generous foster families can take in all of them — giving safe, secure homes to those who need them.  A resounding ‘thank you’ to all the good foster families out there!  Our goal is all the same … safe, secure homes for all children.





A Miracle For Two Sisters


4 comments on “Is putting children in Foster Care REALLY helping them?

  1. Amanda Morales
    February 16, 2015

    I lost my 4 children to cps 4 years ago and i lost my rights to them a year ago and this is just so sad that these children have to live without the parents because cps is to heartless to even care what the best interest is for these children there more concerned about the $4,000 to $6,000 they get per child and then these children end up getting abused and sexualy abused and its just sad i will do anything to get my four beautiful children back i do not deserve this my kids dont deserve this they deserve to be loved and protected by me i am there mother i am the one who gave life to them not complete strangers i hope for for my childrens sake and all these other childrens sake that they get to come home where they belong with us the parents we are the only ones that can give them love, nurishment, protection and the best life they deserve


  2. Patricia Sandlin
    February 22, 2015

    We need help I’m Florida too. My grandson is 4.5 and DCF denies every family member to have placement..a stupid senator gaetz is trying to resurrect a plan that PAYS state employees $5000 to adopt a child…what the heck?? Please we need help..referrals to Atty in fla that will pro bono would be helpful..not enough income for Atty. Thanks for help and your prayers.. Pat Sandlin

    On Sunday, February 15, 2015, A Miracle for Two Sisters wrote:

    > Land of the FREE, Home of the BRAVE posted: “Is putting children in > Foster Care REALLY helping them? Look at these statistics!!! Can you > believe this??? At the time of this chart … There are 408,425 children in > foster care. Girls in Foster Care pregnant by the age of 19 …. 50% Former > “


    • Angel
      July 18, 2016

      So sad your not alone with the fight of your grandkids. I’m in the same boat. Court don’t see families anymore. I’m in kentucky. Everyone closes you out when your asking for help to get your family. You can pass everything and still get denied. Prayers for the children losing their families also. 😇😢😢😧


  3. Angel
    July 18, 2016

    It’s sad when you want your grandchild and the courts are biased in their feelings. The gal attorney said in court he was a foster child and my grandson would be better off with foster family. Judge said I don’t think you want him anyway. I am denied. Social worker was for me which from what I’m reading hard to believe. But with the good people their is the bad in people. It’s crazy how neither one of the good people are there anymore. Social worker and his boss left. Wonder why? Cause they are seeing it first hand. But so far no go. Just waiting on court of appeals decision. Twisted sad system.


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