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Flanagan Being Deceived by Kidnappers – Diegel Mother Breaks Gag to Prove LIES

(UPDATE:  FLANAGAN has been FIRED.  He did NOTHING to Save the Sisters!  He is no longer relevant, but everything else about DCS is.  READ MORE here: make-way-for-mckay-thank-you-governor/)

When a child goes missing or gets kidnapped,run home the story immediately gets local to national attention, and the public rallies behind the family with heartfelt compassion and resources to help find that child, and bring them home.  When the state kidnaps a child, and in Arizona it is being done to the tune of 35 children a day, it is done behind a veil of secrecy, and all resources of the state, funded by your tax dollars, are used to perpetuate and facilitate the kidnapping, and to conceal, gag, malign and discredit the parents.  They, just like any other parents of a kidnapped child, have just experienced the most heart wrenching, traumatic , and devastating event of their lives, yet no one even knows it has happened, because the media so wrongfully shuns them.                        

FlanaganCharles Flanagan, the Director of the Department of Child Safety DCS/CPS in Arizona, is in charge of the agency that medically kidnapped Kayla and Hannah Diegel, as well as hundreds, if not thousands, more children in the state of Arizona.  His state ranks 3rd in the country for removing children from their homes. SEE  children-sleeping-overnight-in-arizona-dcs-offices Flanagan promises to “… prevent abuse and neglect of children where possible and intervene to protect children when necessary, as well as to hold those who harm children accountable.”  Instead, he turns to the kidnappers themselves to defend the actions of his agency, an agency so rooted in dysfunction, incompetence and evil, it was abolished by Governor Brewer.  Flanagan was brought in to start a new agency under the guise of change and reform, but it appears the only change was to put lipstick on a pig, and change its name only.  Flanagan is relying on, and being deceived by, the very people charged to protect kids, that have increased the number of children ripped from loving homes by 50% over the last four years!  
The people of Arizona are calling on Flanagan to stop this carnage of families, and start with investigating the Diegel case.  “Intervene and protect” these girls from the harm, (that can be proved), that Kayla and Hannah suffer in state custody, including being starved, and “hold those that harm children accountable”. 
       Flanagan goes on to state on his webpage: “It is through public service, transparency, integrity, moral and ethical behavior that we will find success in providing safety for the vulnerable children of Arizona.”   The problem with this statement, and Flanagan knows it, is that when it comes to DCS, absolutely nothing is transparent, which is precisely why the moral and ethical behavior of those kidnapping kids can never be scrutinized or come into question.  Add to that the UNconstitutional gag orders so commonly put on all parents of kidnapped children, and there is no possible way to bring transparency to any aspect of DCS unless Flanagan is prepared to lift that veil of secrecy.  Every passing day children and families are suffering in untold ways, and this needs to be addressed expeditiously if there is any sincerity in stopping the draconian destruction of families by the department Flanagan oversees.

       Kayla and Hannah Diegel were kidnapped by Phoenix Children’s Hospital, (PCH), like so many others, over a medical dispute, though there is evidence to suggest the real motive was to be used as guinea pigs for a drug trial that opened 3 weeks before their kidnapping.  Whatever the circumstances this situation should be investigated by Flanagan immediately, and not by seeking answers and information from the kidnappers themselves!  The number of children similarly kidnapped from PCH, and other children’s hospitals in the state should be a matter of serious public concern and interest, and the transparency needs start here and now.  Very many more children, however, are kidnapped separate from medical kidnap, with only the most spurious of hearsay accusations.  They too, are often permanently removed from their parents to make them wards of the state, where they either languish in foster care for years, sometimes their whole childhood, or get adopted out to strangers, while their loving families are forever decimated.

These increasing removals seem to be the first reaction by agencies when blamed for the high risk kids falling through the cracks, i.e., take more kids so there is less chance of facing the bad press for missing the severely abused or murdered children.  This response only serves to produce the opposite effect as it destroys more families, overwhelms the system, and puts more kids at risk of abuse and neglect, because foster care is proven to expose children to substantially higher risks of abuse and neglect than children kept in their own home.  What kind of society have we become, and how does it speak to our future when these taxpayer-funded agencies designed to protect children, are the very agencies destroying their lives?  Yet this very scenario provides great rationale that even more money is needed to support these agencies, so it has become a self-perpetuating money machine that continues to grow and grow with no transparency or accountability.  And while this is happening to even the best of families, nobody’s family is safe, but most of the population is oblivious to this phenomenon until it happens to them.

Part of the blame is because a multi-billion-dollar-per-year industry has sprung up around the incentives to permanently separate children from their parents, as each child adopted out of state custody to a new foster family gets bonuses of thousands of dollars for CPS agencies. They get even more if they can claim a disability, so children are routinely diagnosed with mental problems and given dangerous mind-altering medication.  SEE Psychotropic Drugs: What Are They?  Flanagan can stop his state from participating in such a destructive campaign against families and children, and focus on the lack of transparency and integrity of the agency he is in charge of by taking on the Diegel case as a graphic example of the kind of moral and unethical patterns and practices that permeate his agency.  The evidence is there, if only he would LOOK instead of relying on the kidnappers to control the narrative and agenda.

         Recently Fields Moseley of Channel 3 AZ covered the Tonya Brown story which relates to the kidnapping of her son, also from PCH, over a medical dispute.  Little Christopher was taken into state custody and had a painful bone marrow transplant without so much as the comfort of his mother, who has not seen him in almost a year.  If just that alone isn’t some of the worst child abuse any child could endure, then what by Flanagan’s standards is?  Flanagan should investigate that case thoroughly, and investigate and abolish the unethical contractual relationship between PCH and DCS that compensates PCH for each child turned over to DCS.  Also investigated should be the ongoing violations by DCS of the law, and their own rules, like not forming an oversight committee for complex cases before removing children, and not implementing any “reunification plan” before moving to sever parental rights – permanently.
          In both cases referred to herein DCS has moved to permanently sever these parents’ rights and make the children available for adoption, in violation of Arizona’s own laws, and DCS’s own rules.  Yet Flanagan claims in the interview with Fields Moseley that only one side of the story is presented in social media, and it is false.  In response, Melissa Diegel breaks her UNconstitutional Gag Order and provides videos, (included here) to refute that allegation.  Flanagan’s questioning of employees of an agency he was sent in to overhaul because of its turmoil and ill repute, to ascertain that the information coming from social media, easily verifiable, is false, is a far cry from getting to the truth.  There are many documents to substantiate the claims of Melissa Diegel that should be of interest to Flanagan if he is sincere in interjecting himself to protect children.  The Diegel girls would have been home for Thanksgiving had he taken this situation more seriously.  The reality of taking kids from their families and putting them up for adoption like puppies from a puppy mill demands the most serious of concern and investigation. Miracle page
         A Miracle for Two Sisters, the social media site Flanagan is no doubt referring to, has offered to provide him what ever information he desires to substantiate their claims.  He has never returned the phone call, or made any attempt to contact the advocates for the Diegels, or the Diegels themselves, despite offers to do so.  The Miracle Team is committed to first, bringing the Diegel sisters home, and then, bringing awareness of, and fixing the very system that Flanagan oversees.  There is a plethora of information on the site that relates both to the sisters situation specifically, as well as other information and resources in support of claims that something is terribly wrong in an agency that instead of protecting and helping families and children, is destroying them in droves.  
         Like Flanagan stated, The Miracle Team believes “…it is only through transparency, integrity, moral and ethical behavior” that this system can ever get fixed, and protect our most vulnerable.  To do so requires that he “… completely transform this new agency into an efficient, effective, professional and responsive one that is respectful and supportive of the children, families and staff involved in this important work”.  Flanagan said this, and now it is time for action.  Start with an independent forensic audit of the last 10 years, and in the interim, let the Diegel sisters be the watershed case that provides insight into the systemic problems in DCS destroying families and lives all too routinely.  Subjecting children to this trauma, and parents to the horror of removing them, often permanently, should be done in only the most extreme of circumstances.  Gagging any parent from speaking of their children is obscene on it’s face, but doing so while allowing hospitals to set the agenda, and DCS to control the narrative insures no transparency, due process or justice will ever come to these families.  
UPDATE – the following videos were recently removed from youtube by UNCONSTITUTIONAL and ILLEGAL Court Order.  They were, however, available for almost two months for Flanagan’s review.  The evidence can be concealed, but it still EXISTS!!!!!!!!
      The time to stop this destructive practice against our children, society, and America’s future is NOW.  The person who could lead the way, and set the precedent is FLANAGAN.  A Miracle for Two Sisters, as well as the 200 plus Advocates for the Sisters is committed to help Flanagan in any and every way possible, beginning with getting the girls home and showing him the abuse being done to them while in state custody.  There has been no other options for parents to save their children and families except to break UNcontitutional gag orders, and try to rally public outrage and support to get their children back from the vice grip of this evil empire that steals kids under “cover of law”, and behind closed doors.  This was first successfully done with Justina Pelletier, but where is she now?  It took 16 months to free her, and incredible damage was done to her while in state custody under the skinny girlscare of Boston Children’s Hospital.  Now she has been hospitalized for weeks on end, likely with permanent damage, and this is happening, and has happened to many more children no where near as famous, or known as JUSTINA.
         The Diegel girls need the public’s help.   They need an army to stand up and be their voice until Flanagan picks up the torch and leads the way to save the Diegel girls, and thereby helps all children of Arizona unjustly taken.  Please visit and “LIKE” A Miracle for Two Sisters, join the Advocates group if you can become hands on, donate to the legal fund if possible, http://www.gofundme.com/MiracleNeeded.  And if you can do nothing else, please SHARE, share and share, and keep on sharing THIS STORY!
turquoiseNo human beings in the United States of America can stand by idle while these atrocities are committed against families, especially when the truth OR a 10 minute phone call can get these girls home where they belong.

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9 comments on “Flanagan Being Deceived by Kidnappers – Diegel Mother Breaks Gag to Prove LIES

  1. TonyaRBotsford
    November 30, 2014

    How can you gag order anyone. That violates your constitutional rights. Not only that, I would run my mouth loud and proud and do so in hiding so they could not shut me up. I would also in hiding follow the worker that took my child/ren and find out where they are and take them back and leave state! In the interim I would reach out to any and all who would listen. Because we all know they only take children and encourage doctors to do so who are mostly power trippers to begin with for money and they use these kids to test their new treatments and chemicals on then you the parent cant say anything. Whatever happened to the right to religious beliefs by saying no it’s against our beliefs to have this treatment? That is supposed to be our right by law. Yes the child protective services needs to be prosecuted and so do the Doctors and the courts system that upholds any decision against anyone’s rights And certain laws need to be revised ,revisited and or changed back to the original premise which actually protected parents and their children and instead of taking and ripping lives apart for a dollar, they should be helping mend or repair families that was the reasoning for c.p.s to begin with was not to tear families even more apart then our forced slave labor system already does by keeping us apart to keep our children feed and sheltered. Which it seems to me they have violated a majority of the parents in question’s rights. j/s.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for your input and we feel the same way however taking the children and leaving the state isn’t an option as it’s illegal to kidnap the children once they are in state’s custody. DCS also has a registry where families are tagged throughout the country which would make medical care impossible for the girls. We value your opinions and would like to invite you to A Miracle for Two Sisters FB page to join other advocates who are as outraged as we are.


  2. Steve
    November 30, 2014

    Flannagan knows these Mothers are innocent. He knows everything about all these cases. Do not kid yourself or believe what he says in the hearings. Everyone there knows he is just stating what the State of Arizona needs him to say.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for your comment Steve, we value your opinion. Can we interest you in visiting our page at A Miracle for Two Sisters where we have over 7000 supporters all as outraged with this travesty of justice.


  3. Sandra tafoya
    December 1, 2014

    My son was taken by CP’s in calif and while we sat in the visitation area we watched in horror as the CP’s worker and her boy friend got into a physical altercation while holding another CP’s child under the the boyfriend’s arm like a rag doll. When we complained the supervisor told us to mind our own business and proceeded to send our child home with the two of them

    Liked by 1 person

    • I wish there was a dislike button because hitting like on your comment doesn’t really hold true. I’m sorry to hear this happened to you as there are hundreds of stories like this throughout FB groups. Please consider joining us at A Miracle for Two Sisters on FB where there are over 7000 advocates outraged by the medical kidnapping of the Diegel sisters and are just as outraged by the practices of DCS.


  4. Sunny
    December 1, 2014

    Stop taking medically fragile children. So wrong. From Canada because the world is watching this case.


  5. Thank you Sunny. These cases seem to be gaining traction within the US where medical kidnapping is becoming prevalent. Won’t you consider visiting, liking and becoming part of A Miracle for Two Sisters page where over 7000 advocates are fighting for the girls release?


  6. Shelley
    February 11, 2015

    The agency cannot be reformed, no matter who you put at the top, unless they fire all those that worked for the agency. Otherwise you never change the mindset of those working in the agency – they go about business as usual.

    Nine of my grandchildren were removed by CPS and I can tell you this article expresses the frustration and trauma the entire family goes through. The children DO suffer abuse in foster care, and we have proof. My youngest grandchild contracted MRSA from his foster father – a disease he must now live with for life! He was only 5 months old at the time.

    We too have become involved in trying to reform and expose the system. We submitted our own detailed report to CPS/DCS reporting the problems and issues we experienced, and this was only a start. The report is over 50 pages and is posted on our website. Unfortunately families who haven’t experienced CPS abuse still don’t get it. They believe “something must be wrong” if CPS got involved. They have no idea! Legislators don’t want to tackle this issue.

    When the Gov’s CARE Team was established we wanted to speak with them. We were DENIED by our very own legislator – Kate Brophy-McGee! She refused to speak with us and we could not speak with the CARE Team. Brophy-McGee was a lead on this time but apparently didn’t want to hear the truth from families who have lived through it. To give others an idea of what it is like, here is a quote from another family:
    “It’s like dealing with a hostage taking situation where you are trying to negotiate the safe release of your children from the hostage takers – CPS”

    Imagine if this was your children? Imagine how you would feel? If this bothers you then get involved! Help those of us trying to bring this abuse to the public. Help us bring meaningful reform to an agency out of control. Our website is: http://familyrights.azproject.org/


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