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Mother gagged to conceal children’s abuse in Foster Care

Mother tells daughter to fight for herself to save hergagged from starving to death, and never sees her kids again! 

Kayla Diegel was medically kidnapped from Phoenix Children’s Hospital on April 10, 2014, two days after her sister was kidnapped by the same hospital.  Both suffer a rare genetic disorder, and have a history of medical issues from paralyzed stomachs to brain tumors. By August 20th, less that 5 months into being a “ward of the state”, Kayla had lost 25 % of her body weight and was in danger of losing her life.  (Hannah had lost 20%!)  At that point the mother had exhausted every avenue possible to try and save her daughters.  She had used every spare cent of savings, cashed in the girls’ college fund from grandma, hired a private attorney, filed a formal complaint against the hospital, filed multiple complaints against Dr. Siaw with the Medical Board (which she was told could take a year).  The mother, like so many in these situations, rarely slept, and worked every waking moment to try and save her daughters, not just to get them back from being unjustly taken, but because they were medically fragile children, and she feared for her daughter’s lives.

K afterUnder duress parents are often forced to sign contracts at visitation centers. Their rules are strict, repressive, and by many standards, disgusting and an Kayla in custodyabuse of your, and your children’s most basic rights and wellbeing. You are not allowed to talk about school, home, their health, their feeling, etc., and because of what the mother said on this audio, (though they did not know the mother was recording at the time), they proceeded to say she crossed the line, because she discussed things outside of what was allowed. Because of this, she was not allowed to see her daughters anymore, and HAS NOT SEEN HER DAUGHTERS SINCE LAST AUGUST!

In fictitious reports of the visits, (written that same day), and in filings to the court to remove the parental visits, (written the day after), DCS, and those they employ to carry out their agenda, claimed the mother had “abused” her daughters, and that now she had crossed the line. They said her daughters were crying hysterically, that she did emotional damage to them, and in fact, within 24 hours of the “incident” the judge had signed off on a motion to cease all future visits, and move towards permanently severing the parents rights!   [Hear recording below]  Two witnesses, psych doctors paid by the state, who had NEVER met Melissa, (the mother), NOR so much as ever talked to her children, NOR had known of, or heard this audio tape, testified in court (through affidavits only, accepted by the judge), against Melissa for her to loose her rights to see her children anymore.

*****Not to be lost here is the fact that Melissa helped save Kayla’s LIFE, at the loss of her rights to even see her daughters since, and, (it was learned much later), Kayla’s feeding tube nutrition was ordered to be resumed the very SAME WEEK Melissa raised these issues about the grave danger her daughters were in, i.e., being starved to death.  Thus her visits were revoked as punishment!*****

Sadly, it was later learned that the attorney Melissaskinny girls implored the courts to assign to Kayla, (the one she encouraged her daughter to speak to), when finally assigned, did not visit Kayla once, for the next 2 months, and then was replaced with someone else.  Such is the urgency with which medical needs, and children’s best interests are met when in state custody, even when it is abundantly clear the children are malnourished and could die.  The primary concern was to keep the mother/parents from seeing, and knowing just how bad these girls were suffering and wasting away!

K before and afterAT THE VERY SAME TIME, the CASA worker for these two girls, who was assigned to them for the prior 5 months, spoke up over concerns of starvation, abuse, and neglect.  She was threatened, and retaliated against, and subsequently quit because she felt her advocacy and efforts to help the girls was ineffective.

Within a day of losing their visitation rights, CPS filed to sever parental rights PERMANENTLY.  This without so much as a trial, which is scheduled for AFTER the hearing to sever parental rights. The fathers rights were ignored altogether, as too was the interstate compact that had been filed on behalf of the grandparents. CPS ASKED THE COURTS FOR FULL CUSTODY OF BOTH OF THE DIEGEL SISTERS WITHOUT EVER PRODUCING ONE SHRED OF EVIDENCE, when the evidence would set the girls FREE!


The Diegel girls need the public’s help.   They need an army to stand up and be their voice until Flanagan picks up the torch and leads the way to save the Diegel girls, and thereby helps all children of Arizona unjustly taken.  Please visit and “LIKE” A Miracle for Two Sisters, join the Advocates group if you can become hands on, donate to the legal fund if possible, http://www.gofundme.com/MiracleNeeded.  And if you can do nothing else, please SHARE, share and share, and keep on sharing THIS STORY!

SIGN the Parental Rights Petition HERE

turquoiseNo human beings in the United States of America can stand by idle while these atrocities are committed against families, especially when the truth OR a 10 minute phone call can get these girls home where they belong.

What Can YOU Do to HELP?Lions


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10 comments on “Mother gagged to conceal children’s abuse in Foster Care

  1. Michelle Semak-Bunge
    December 2, 2014

    We Were ALL CHILDREN ONCE….Do the right thing.

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    • Thanks for your support Michelle. Won’t you consider joining over 7000 supporters at A Miracle for Two Sisters on FB where we post new articles, updates etc. about this case?


  2. Lena Buhr
    December 3, 2014

    Love how the fighitng spirits are growing…the Children and their families have had enough and a roar is heading its way towards all of the state approved abusers alike….their end of times is here – all over the World. Smile and keep ypur heads up because the time of their end of abusive rule is finally here…

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  3. Randi
    December 3, 2014

    When the worker speaks up saying they are being abused and neglected (which is very rare to have a whistle blower) and still nothing is done. What is it going to take to stop these monsters?

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    • Unfortunately the system is getting worse rather than improving and laws need to be changed to stop these horrific practices. Please consider following this story on A Miracle for Two Sisters on FB.


  4. nia1110
    December 7, 2014

    I too have been gagged and have been speaking out asking for help! We need to come together. I would like to meet with you

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    • Nia this is happening all over the United States and we agree we need to come together. Please visit us at A Miracle for Two Sisters where 7000 supporters are trying to initiate change.


  5. nia1110
    December 7, 2014

    ATTENTION!!! Good Mother, Legal MMJ Patient and Fellow Cannabis Activist is in the battle of her life to save her kids from the clutches of CPS! YOUR HELP IS NEEDED!
    Every day, even in legal states, good parents have their children stolen from them by Child Protective services, for the legal use of medical marijuana.
    The National and The Arizona Chapters of The International Women’s Cannabis Coalition (The IWCC) and other pro Cannabis Activist Groups, are coordinating a Call to Action to rally the public for the court and other support of legal medical marijuana patient, Karen Ross Glaser and her children David (16) and Elizabeth (17).
    CPS is at it again and this time in Arizona. This family’s story reads like something straight out of a prime time movie, but we assure you, this is true! This is happening NOW and this family NEEDS OUR HELP!
    The story:
    Karen Ross-Glaser is a disabled 44 year-old, single mother and cannabis activist. She is The National Project Coordinator of and sits on the Board of Directors of The Human Solution International. She works hard every day in support of victims of the war on cannabis. Now Karen needs YOUR help!
    Karen relocated to Arizona 3 years ago, trying to make a better life for her children. They were escaping a a domestic violence situation in Michigan. The family was doing very well in their new home. Recovering from PTSD and other medical problems, getting necessary medical care and family counseling. and getting their lives back together.
    Then suddenly and with no warning, Karen was ARRESTED! (And this is where it starts to sound like a prime time movie) Karen’s sister had stolen her identity and Karen was being arrested for crimes her sister had committed in her name!
    Read the mainstream news story of THAT story here from NBC news in Tuscon Arizona here: (http://www.kvoa.com/…/identity-theft-plagues-southern-ariz…/).
    Here is more of the story in Karen’s words.
    “Upon returning home a CPS investigator told myself and witnesses that they had taken my children into custody and I needed to sign a form giving CPS temporary three day custody of Elizabeth (17) and David (16). In shock and breaking down, my friend CarrieAnn holding me from collapsing, I could barely see through my tears and I signed the paper without reading it.
    Later I realized that the form I signed was giving custody to CPS and that they are charging me with neglect and failure to protect; (due to my being incarcerated overnight, and the children being left unattended) Once CPS realized they were in the wrong and the children did have supervision, (even though they are old enough to be on their own.) CPS then charged me with Substance abuse of marijuana (I am a legal Medical Marijuana card holder). CPS then ordered my oldest son and wife to not allow me contact with my newborn grandson.
    The children have been in custody since January 28th. Our counseling has been stopped and they haven’t arranged any visits for us. The courts ordered our counseling to continue and weekly visits to be given, yet CPS hasn’t complied. Since the children were placed in foster care they have been missing twice, skipped school a few times, been in a fight which resulted in a suspension from school and CPS has even allowed my son David, who has a closed head injury, to join a boxing group. Since the children have been gone, my disability has been cut and assessed child support. I am now at risk of losing our home. I am doing everything I can to raise the funds to hire the attorneys needed to handle this case. I have had to take in renters to help cover expenses and stay afloat. Yet, I am still struggling and haven’t been able to retain an attorney. While time is running out!”
    Karen’s name still has not been completely cleared of the crimes her sister committed in her name. Not only that but, CPS is using her activism against her. They say it is not safe for her children to come home because she uses and promotes the use of medical marijuana. Would they say the same if she was usisng and promoting the use of pharmaceuticals? OF COURSE NOT!!!!
    If you are in Arizona, please commit to stand as court support for this family. Karen has court again on Wednesday, December 10th at 10 a.m. at the Pinal County Superior Courthouse, 971 Jason Lopez Circle, Florence Arizona.
    We can not continue to let CPS use LEGAL cannabis as a reason for stealing children ANY longer. THIS has to stop. Take a stand with Karen and her family. Please sign their petition here:
    Karen’s children are suffering in the foster care system. Her son recently wrote a letter, a cry for HELP, you can read it here: https://www.change.org/p/joshua-larsen-free-david…/u/8772636
    NO child should be taken from a LOVING and caring parents for a plant. And placed in a syatem where NO ONE cares about him and where he is mistreated.
    The family is also asking for letters to be written to the courthouse demanding the identity thief be prosecuted, Karen’s good name restored, and her children freed from the system.
    Letters can be sent to:
    Attn: Pinal County Superior Courthouse
    751 N. Sonora St. Coolidge, AZ. 85128
    And PLEASE. If you can, help Karen raise funds for a legal team to fight this complicated case, by clicking on their fundraiser link here: http://www.youcaring.com/…/please-help-to-save-my-fa…/161606
    It is TIME for CPS to change the way they deal with legal medical marijuana patients. And don’t think it can’t happen to you. It happens to good parents EVERY day. Even in legal states. If you, or anyone you know ever has to deal with CPS, here are some things to keep in mind: https://www.facebook.com/notes/the-international-womens-cannabis-coalition/if-cps-knocks-at-your-door/783800348303483

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    • Arizona takes the most children in all of the 50 states than any other. Please visit us at A Miracle for Two Sisters where 7000 supporters are as outraged as you.


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