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A Response to Phoenix Children’s Hospital: Kidnapping is wrong!

The SHAME that is Phoenix Children’s Hospital


THEY are responsible for KIDNAPPING the SISTERS and very many other children whose families are too fearful to come forward.


WMBD 31 – posted this but is silent on what has happened to the Sisters, and ***WHERE IS CHRISTOPHER BROWN???***

“Good morning everyone! Lindsey Mills here. Have you heard about this? A young boy is getting some much needed encouragement from Facebook users all across the country. Anthony Lyons is at Phoenix Children’s Hospital undergoing chemotherapy for a rare type of leukemia. Some days, therapy dogs come to visit him and it always puts a smile on his face. SO, a family friend of Anthony’s decided to make a Facebook page where anyone can post photos of their dogs for Anthony. So far, hundreds of thousands of people have posted pictures. If you want to take part, search ‘Photo Doggies for Anthony’ – make sure to include where you are posting from! Let’s represent central IL strong!”


It doesn’t matter if Phoenix Children’s Hospital saves thousands of lives if they are going to remain silent while two little girls are being starved, abused, and tortured under their care, (as the Diegel Sisters can be proved to be, and we know full well they aren’t the only ones this has happened to!)  It is time for PCH to come clean, do what is right by ALL children, and hold people accountable for this despicable nightmare they have brought on this family, and others.  Save the Sisters!

PLUS, consider that this past CHRISTMAS, these sisters, and very many other children, woke up Christmas morning in homes of strangers, while their parents’ agony of not even seeing their children Christmas morning, let alone make it magical for them, was beyond indescribable.  THIS IS CHILD CRUELTY.  THIS IS CHILD ABUSE..  These children have done nothing wrong and are punished, and made to suffer in conditions worse than prisoners who get visitors more frequently than these families can see each other.  (The Diegel mother has not seen her daughters since LAST August, when they had lost up to 25% of their body weight and were covered in bruises!!!)  PHOENIX CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS, making bogus allegations against parents for medical abuse when parents don’t agree with their doctors, or request a second opinion.  SHAMEFUL.

pchPCH used THIS picture, (LEFT), that Hannah painted as a fundraiser for CHRISTMAS cards to their shareholders the year before this past Christmas.  This Christmas, little Hannah was not allowed to see her family for Christmas, or receive any presents from them, hasn’t seen her brother, pets, home and more since she was kidnapped last April, and hasn’t seen or spoken with her mother in over 4 months. Sweet adorable Hannah that PCH used to raise money.  PCH is now responsible for bleeding her parents dry financially as they fight to get their two daughters back home where they belong, and all the trauma, abuse and neglect that can be proved to have happened since they kidnapped her – think Justina Pelletier. Justina Pelletier’s legal nightmare should frighten all parents.  Shameful PCH! – SEND THE SISTERS HOME, and tell the TRUTH!!!

DON’T donate to today 471Phoenix Children’s Hospital until they return ALL kidnapped Children to their parents and STOP the practice of kidnapping them altogether!!!https://amiracle42sisters.wordpress.com/2014/12/22/phoenix-childrens-hospital-donate-now/

These girls’ mother had to make a video to wish her daughters a Merry Christmas, and it is guaranteed they still didn’t get to see even a video of their mother on Chirstmas!

“Merry Christmas my precious daughters. I am so sorry I can not celebrate with you today. Don’t think for a minute I have forgotten about you.

Just like I have always encouraged you tell the truth and stand up for what is right, I too will continue to do the same. I love you. May God’s angels hug you tight tonight.” Love, Momsend home

A Response to Phoenix Children’s Hospital: Kidnapping is wrong!
(The following was said by the hospital, (PCH), surrounding the kidnapping of the Diegel sisters).

PCH claims: “While federal privacy laws prevent us from sharing details about any of our patients without their specific authorization, we must set the record straight: the accusations against us in social media are completely false.”

The Miracle Team running the Facebook page, A Miracle For Two Sisters responds: We believe the mother of the Diegel children would be happy to authorize you sharing every last detail if it were not that she was UNconstitutionally gagged to protect the criminals. We do not promote false information. If there is anything on that page that PCH feels is inaccurate, and can be shown to be so, we invite them to bring it to our attention and it will be addressed, and remedied forthwith.

PCH: “Hospitals do not have authority to remove children from their parents, nor to enroll children in clinical trials without the consent of an adult authorized by law to give such consent.”

Miracle Team: While you may not have the “authority to remove children from their parents”, you are doing it none the less, and at an alarming rate, SEE http://medicalkidnap.com/2014/10/14/a-history-of-medical-kidnapping-at-phoenix-childrens-hospital/ . With as little as a phone call from a doctor making claims with no evidence, accountability, or second opinion allowed, this is being done while you are concurrently financially rewarded for every child you turn over to the state. This is a concerning conflict of interest from any perspective. On top of that, Federal law, and funding, allow you to conduct research on “wards of the state” (CFR 46.116.) This is but another conflict of interest that rises to the level of frightening concern when considering the number of children you have ripped from loving homes and families. As to your claim that you do not have authority to “enroll children in clinical trials without the consent of an adult …”, it is duly noted that you specified “consent of an adult authorized by law”, NOT the parent(s) of the child(ren). It is assumed that the “adult” is readily procured after the hospital has successfully had their research subject removed by CPS on any doctors say so, with no oversight or accountability, and what social worker, court or other is going to question the wisdom of PCH? You are truly the Goliath against the David, say nothing of the fact that then the parents must also take on the unlimited resources of taxpayer-funded CPS and the Courts. This is a disgrace to the medical profession, and an affront to all patients. Moreover, every child and family that comes to your hospital is at risk because of these barbaric practices.

PCH: “All hospitals and healthcare providers are required by Arizona law to report suspected cases of child abuse to the Arizona Department of Child Safety. A multidisciplinary team conducts a thorough evaluation before concluding that a report to DCS is required.”

Miracle Team: Why then, was no abuse reported by any of the over 30 healthcare providers and specialists of years past, (all ALSO mandated reporters), and instead, the medical abuse was reported by a doctor fired by the mother a week earlier because of his neglect and failure to return phone calls when his young patient was in severe pain with a bowel impaction? As to the multidisciplinary team conducting a thorough evaluation before reporting to DCS, this is something PCH should be able to detail publicly, procedure wise only, as to the by who, and how this is conducted, and any oversight thereof, before any child is ripped from any parent. Please advise where we can obtain this information and we shall publish and share it so all can be fully informed.

PCH: “In the case of the Diegel sisters, our staff of experts had reasons to suspect a potentially dangerous environment existed in the home, and thus contacted DCS, as required by law. At that time, DCS took temporary custody of the children.”

Miracle Team: This is a LIE. The sisters were taken from the hospital, not the home, by a doctor who had been terminated by the mother a week earlier for his failure to return phone calls, and his neglect of a young child in severe pain. He happened to come on rotation the day after the child was brought to the Emergency Room. Things had gotten so severe for a ten-year old child who only a year earlier had undergone brain surgery, that the attending home nurse and the mother decided to wait no longer for a doctor’s input because food was backing out of the child’s g-tube as a result of the severe impaction that gave it no other place to go. Dr. Siaw, who reported the mother for ‘Medical Abuse’ should never have been let near the child after the mother requested another doctor, or second opinion, because it was precisely his abuse and neglect that lead to the Emergency Room visit. If these experts were so concerned for this child, why was she ignored for almost two weeks before Dr. Siaw decided to make his phone call to DCS? Wasn’t that the more “dangerous environment” your “staff of experts” were concerned with, as opposed to being in YOUR hospital, under YOUR care??? Most significantly, there were two nurses in the home for 7 hours a day, 7 days a week for months and months prior to the children being taken. As mandated reporters, any one of them would be brought up on charges had they failed to report any abuse that they were far more in a position to see and discern than the doctor who ignored his sick patient in the weeks prior to making her a ‘ward of the state’.

hFor PCH to say that “DCS took temporary custody of the children” is perhaps the most disingenuous statement of all time. PCH is quite familiar with how this all works, and has far more experience at this horror show than any unsuspecting family that comes along and suddenly finds their family ripped apart. PCH knew there would be nothing temporary about this, and that most often these families would be financially, emotionally, and physically destroyed as they are doing to the Diegels and many more families that first get their children ripped away. Then get denied their once a week, supervised visits. Then their parental rights are severed permanently, and then their beloved children are put out for adoption. There is nothing false about this narrative. It is happening right now to the Diegels, and many more families, and PCH full well knows when they turn these kids over to DCS, for profit, that this is how it will go down.

Due to the parents’ concern when they saw their children slipping away, losing dramatic weight, and covered with bruising, visitation was stopped.Don't let this child with a family that loves, wants and misses her, turn 13 in state custody/Foster Care!  Send the sisters HOME!  Put Governor Brewers # in your phone and call it 6 times a day until these girls are HOME!  Phone:  1-602-542-4331 (hit #1 to connect to human)

This was last August and the mother hasn’t seen her children since. This was done to conceal from her the children’s deteriorating health under state care. THIS is child abuse, and THIS is not temporary as a trial date has been set to sever her parental rights permanently. THIS is what PCH has done to their patients, Hannah and Kayla Diegel, children with a proven history of being medically fragile, and classified as “failure to thrive”. They were thriving under their mother’s care, and it can be proved that they were abused under Dr. Siaw’s care (see below), and under state care.

These children need to be returned to their loving family immediately, and without massive public outrage and outcry against what is going on, the truth will be covered up with lies, gag orders, and adopting these children out like has happened to so many others. In the meantime, we are seriously concerned for these children’s lives under state care, in a Foster Home with no prior experience, no medical experience, and a doctor overseeing their care that should not be allowed near these children. Please help us to get these beautiful girls home to their loving family by Christmas, and STOP this abuse NOW.

The Miracle Team of A Miracle For Two Sisterscropped-diegel-family.jpg


Note: Dr. Emmanuel Siaw (Hannah’s GI doctor) oddly sent her to Cook’s Children’s Hospital for out of state motility testing instead of using technology he is already familiar with to help diagnose and treat her. Hannah who struggled with approximately 30 bowel impactions, which affected both her small and large intestine, often required frequent hospital stays to clean out her bowels. This eventually required her to have a special port placed into her abdomen (called a cecostomy) so that her in home health nurses could flush out her colon.

According to a quote from an article citing Dr. Siaw, he said “about 40% to 50% of patients with intestinal problems are affected in areas doctors are only able to see with the capsule.” This test was never preformed on Hannah. Instead the family was told to fly out of the state at their expense, (insurance would not pay for the flight), and from there Hannah was subjected to multiple painful and invasive procedures. As a result, Hannah was unable to finish the testing due to the bleeding and severity of the pain which was similar to labor for a 9-year-old. The mother states: “I have never heard a worse scream in all my life.” Later the mother found out that the motility test should never have been performed like that, and that the withheld x-rays, showed that Hannah had another bowel impaction at that time.

A Miracle for Two Sisters asks, “Who are the real child abusers?”

I want to go home*****http://www.gofundme.com/MiracleNeeded*****

 The President said, “We are not a Country that snatches children from parents arms!” That, unfortunately related to his amnesty plan/speech, not the legal citizens and families of America.  The Diegel sisters were snatched from their parents arms, or more precisely, their hearts, home and family, (since they were actually taken from their hospital beds at PCH: http://medicalkidnap.com/2014/10/14/a-history-of-medical-kidnapping-at-phoenix-childrens-hospital/ )

 “We were all children once. And we all share the desire for the well-being of our children, which has always been and will continue to be the most universally cherished aspiration of humankind.” -We the Children: End-decade review of the follow-up to the World Summit for Children Report of the Secretary-General (2001)


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turquoiseNo human beings in the United States of America can stand by idle while these atrocities are committed against families, especially when the truth OR a 10 minute phone call can get these girls home where they belong.

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