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Why aren’t ALL Legislators OUTRAGED? LLS2


bill of rightsThis is the SECOND in a series of letters Legislators have been receiving to alert them to issues that should be of utmost concern, and to get them to support bills critical to the safety of the children of Arizona, and the sanctity of family. 

From April 1 – Sept. 2014, DCS petitioned to terminate parental rights for 2,749 children. They withdrew the petitions for 5 children.

!!! THE PARENTAL RIGHTS WERE TERMINATED FOR 2,730 CHILDREN – FOREVER !!! (We cannot account for what became of 14 children.)

That is in a SIX month period. Annualized that is 5,460 per year THAT WILL NEVER SEE THEIR PARENTS AGAIN BECAUSE OF DCS !!!

In light of the above, AND that the Feds CONFIRMED that states are needlessly taking custody of our children, and that ARIZONA is off the charts in terms of children taken relative to national averages that are decreasing every year, there needs to be a moratorium on removing children from their homes except in the most extreme cases, and a moratorium on SEVERING PARENTAL RIGHTS until investigations have been conducted on what has been, and is going on in DCS! This is too important an issue to let continue another day under the known premise that MANY of these kids should never have been taken by DCS, never mind have PARENTAL RIGHTS SEVERED – – – FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PLEASE help us stop these atrocities!  PLEASE CONTACT THE LEGISLATORS WITH YOUR OUTRAGE BEFORE IT HAPPENS TO YOU!  If you can spare 5 minutes to send this letter to Legislators, there are easy instructions and their email addresses HERE.


**Legislator Letter Series ~ Letter 2**

********************* Letter Series – Bill Support **********************

Information on the bills: HB 2047 – requires supervisor approval before a DCS agent can remove children

HB 2049 – prohibits experimentation on state wards,
HB 2283 – requires a warrant for a DCS agent to enter a home without consent, eliminates prayer or leaving for 2nd opinions on medical treatments as grounds for abuse, neglect, or dependency; requires the corroboration of three licensed physicians before DCS can remove a child for medical neglect

– – – –

Dear Legislator :

The Arizona Department of Child Safety is out of control, unregulated and unsupervised, and removing over 32 children a day, everyday, from homes and families!

It is overburdened, NOT because they are understaffed and need more funding. It is overburdened because they are kidnapping too many children from loving homes, traumatizing them, and shoving them into homes with strangers, or group homes, where they are at four times more risk of abuse and neglect than from where they were removed. This department needs to reduce the number of children that it is unnecessarily taking into custody.

By taking children who are not truly at risk or in abusive, neglectful or dangerous homes, the department is overburdening itself with work, overfilling an inadequate foster care system, and devoid of the resources necessary to focus on and save the very children that need their intervention. As a result, this agency is destroying Arizona families and causing permanent emotional damage to both the children and families for generations to come. NO LOVING PARENT EVER RECOVERS FROM THEIR CHILD BEING KIDNAPPED AND ADOPTED OUT TO ANOTHER FAMILY.

It is a fact that children who are taken into the foster care system are traumatized, and much more likely to be abused in foster care than in their own homes, even when those homes are less than ideal. DCS was designed to rescue children from situations where they are being mentally, physically, or sexually abused, not put them into these situations! DCS was, no doubt, intended to provide for children whose parents could not, or would not, provide them the basics of food, water, clothing, and shelter. Today, however, we see a much different DCS. Today Arizona families are terrorized by DCS agents who take children for the most trivial and frivolous reasons, make excessive demands upon the parents, threaten permanent separation of families, prolong cases for months, or even years, and care very little for the true welfare of the children they are assigned to represent. There is simply too much evidence out there for this fact to be ignored. DCS needs dramatic reform, and bills HB 2047, HB 2049, and HB 2283 are a good start. Please support these bills and promote further legislation to stop the terrorizing of Arizona families by DCS.


p.s. PLEASE visit this site to learn of things going on with, and happening to, all too many families in Arizona: Billion Dollar Children – Justina Pelletier Repeat


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