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Are the Legislators hearing you? LLS3


he who acceptsThis is the THIRD in a series of letters Legislators have been receiving to alert them to issues that should be of utmost concern, and to get them to support bills critical to the safety of the children of Arizona, and the sanctity of family. The first letter can be viewed here: Gagged mother breaks gag to save children kidnapped from Phoenix Hospital.

bill of rightsand the second one here: 

While Melissa Diegel, the mother of The Sisters, is being aggressively prosecuted, (at tax-payer expense) for breaking an UNconstitutional GAG ORDER to save her daughters’ lives, nothing is being done about the suffering and abuse of her medically fragile children in State Custody.  She is but one of many who cannot speak to the injustices happening in Arizona with an out of control Department of Children’s Services that is ripping children out of loving homes, literally severing parental rights FOREVER … and succeeding in terminating parental rights at a rate of 99.7% in Maricopa County! 

PLEASE help us stop these atrocities!  PLEASE CONTACT THE LEGISLATORS WITH YOUR OUTRAGE BEFORE IT HAPPENS TO YOU!  EVERYONE of our letter series provides coverage of any number of serious issues that Legislators need to hear about from YOU.  Click on any of the links above and take your pick of which issue most resonates with you.  Use that letter, tweak it, or start from scratch and write your own, but we made it super easy for you to reach all the legislators if you can spare 5 minutes.  Their email addresses HERE.WHERE IS THE RESPONSE?  WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE?

*** Legislator Letter Series ~ Letter 3 ***

Sample Letter Regarding Untrained, Overzealous DCS Agents, and Supervisor Approval

Dear Legislator:

The Arizona Department of Child Safety is out of control. Director Charles Flanagan recently stated that there are over 25,000 current open investigations. Yet, many parents and families are testifying that DCS agents take children who are neither abused nor neglected. A simple solution to both problems is to define exactly when DCS may take children out of homes and away from families. Right now, agents are taking children from safe homes and fit parents without any evidence of abuse or neglect. It has been reported that many of the 1400 DCS agents are not fully trained. Charles Flanagan himself stated that “One of the biggest problems is they don’t have the supervision, mentorship and leadership they need.” Are these untrained agents the ones we want making life-altering decisions for children? Are these unsupervised agents the ones we want removing children from safe homes and loving parents unnecessarily or by mistake? Many families are reporting overzealous and even vindictive actions by DCS agents.

It is time for DCS to slow down taking children and start evaluating which ones are truly in need of intervention. Specific definitions and guidelines for abuse and neglect are essential. These definitions and guidelines along with more time during the evaluation process, more accountability, and a greater respect for parental rights will make a necessary and remarkable difference in a much needed restoration of civil rights, as well as reducing the workload of this overreaching agency. Without these guidelines for evidence and due process, Family Court Judges rubber-stamp the subjective conclusions of untrained case workers. The agency has had an entire year to change their culture of ‘take first, question later’. It is time for the legislators to define guidelines and set limits on DCS.

Your constituents are being abused and denied their constitutional rights. Listen to Arizona residents by offering to meet one-on-one with the affected families, and making sure to hold hearings so their voices can be heard and their ideas for change can be implemented. Those in charge of this agency have proven themselves incapable of managing it properly and justly.


p.s. PLEASE visit this site to learn of things going on with, and happening to, all too many families in Arizona: CPS: Problem, meet Solution


One comment on “Are the Legislators hearing you? LLS3

  1. Angela
    March 7, 2015

    The acts inflicted by cps in my state are
    In humane and needs to come to a stop
    I pray and ask for help stand against destroying
    Families but building the nation.For I was a
    Target befor I was even born,and having been
    Harrassed,violated, and Emdured emotionally
    Physically, mental years of pain and suffering
    I can’t do it alone,


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